Breaking: Carson Threatens To Leave GOP Over Republican Convention DRAMA

Breaking: Carson Threatens To Leave GOP Over Republican Convention DRAMA

Dr. Ben Carson says he will leave the Republican Party if the GOP doesn’t play fair when it comes to strategizing for the 2016 Republican Convention in Cleveland.

According to Politico:

“RNC Chairman Reince Priebus held a dinner in Washington, D.C., on Monday, and, according to five people who spoke with the Post, the possibility of Trump heading into the Cleveland convention with a substantial number of delegates was a topic of discussion. Some attendees suggested the establishment lay the groundwork for a floor fight that could lead the party’s mainstream wing to unite behind an alternative. Carson rejected this approach.

“If the leaders of the Republican Party want to destroy the party, they should continue to hold meetings like the one described in the Washington Post this morning,” Carson said in a statement released by his campaign.

Carson said he prays the Post’s report is incorrect and threatened to leave the GOP. “If it is correct, every voter who is standing for change must know they are being betrayed. I won’t stand for it,” said Carson, who added that if the plot is accurate, “I assure you Donald Trump won’t be the only one leaving the party.”

The retired neurosurgeon said that next summer’s Cleveland convention could be the last Republican National Convention if leaders try to manipulate it.

“I am prepared to lose fair and square, as I am sure is Donald,” Carson said. “But I will not sit by and watch a theft. I intend on being the nominee. If I am not, the winner will have my support. If the winner isn’t our nominee then we have a massive problem.”



  1. Wow. A person of character for a change. That is precisely what I would have expected from him. I also expect it of 2 other candidates, but will not name them yet. Of the others, like The Bushes, I expect just the opposite.

    • If they try that, I think a lot of Republicans will leave the party, which will probably throw the election to the Dems-and if the “establishment” is willing to do that, they need to be thrown out! THEY would then become the ruin of America! They have no right to “choose” the nominee! “Gov. of the people, by the people and for the people” To do otherwise, they should be tarred & feathered & “rode out of town on a rail”!!!!

      • Dear Danna,

        For years I have warned about the election of certain establishment/progressive/communist/fascist elitists. There is no significant difference in the parties whether Democrat or Republican. Both is run by groups who seek top-down, one-size-fits-all mandates. Why have all of the regulations that do nothing to protect human health or the environment? The reason goes to the undoing of free enterprise and competition. The big guys can comply and pass on the cost of regulation, so eventually the little guys are eliminated from the equation. Establishment types want unchecked immigration (Dems want votes and RINOS want low wages). These groups are part and parcel of the same objective. The only thing that objectively distinguishes them is “we can do it better.”

        We need to stop virtually everything that has contributed to big government since Bush I and begin the road to re turning America to Americans.

      • Actually, they DID manipulate the LAST GOP convention. Ron Paul had enough support according to the rules to have the right to speak, force a full vote, etc. “The party mechanism” disqualified his delegates from one state to prevent this.

        • Screw Ron Paul. No one wanted to hear him except for the delusional and those people already had Obama. Ron Paul has always been a Libertarian running as a Republican in other words a true RINO and therefore had no rights at all to speak at a Republican Convention.

          • My point was not in support of Ron Paul, but in support of fair treatment for all. If it is OK to block Ron Paul because he is believed to be RINO, then the same logic could be used to block any other candidate which the party leadership wants to block. In particular, Trump. Or even Cruz, who is felt by party leadership to be “too far right”. Do you actually believe that the unelected party leadership should select the presidential candidate, not representatives of GOP voters? Yes, the Democrat party is that way. Do we really want to follow their example?

            Free speech is the right of the hated minority to be heard, not the loved majority, which will always be heard.

          • Ron and Rand Paul are far more Liberal then they are Conservative (though they say the opposite). They are both Pro-gun Liberals and should be on stage with Hillary and Bernie (I know many pro gun Liberals who would vote for a Paul) They get most of their support from the Libertarian Party then they do from the Republican Party.

            Everything those 2 (Rand and Ron) say and do are far more in with Libertarian/Liberal ideology then Republican ideology which is why they are both RINO’s.

            As for the others they can easily say they are Republicans because Republican who have a lot of different ideas all believe that the U.S. needs to come first. That it’s better to be pro-active instead of Re-active. That it’s better to fight our enemies on their soil then our soil. That it’s better for 1 or 2 Americans to kill many of them then to have 1 or 2 of them come and kill many Americans.

            As for the GOP leadership. Most of this is dramatization of the media. 1 person tossed an idea out and since it was against Trump (I’m not a big Trump Supporter) the media ran with it. Carson being the realist/honorable person he is, took what he read and simply made a statement from it. It was all cleared up last night at the debate. The GOP isn’t going to do anything under handed. Trump isn’t going 3rd party and Carson is staying a Republican

    • The Bushes represent what the problem is with the Republican party ans politics in general. The GOP gas the Bushes and the Democrat Political Crime Syndicate has their Clintons.
      Collectively they represent the despicable political class.

  2. Obviously there are candidates that the party regulars would rather see than others. But it is absolutely essential that the process be run fairly. I’m supporting Rubio, and Cruz is my second choice. But Trump and Carson must not be railroaded out. They must be treated fairly.

  3. Dr.Carson I am sorry our country has turned into a nightmare. My support was always for you. If Trump get is I won’t vote and let Hilarity get it. There will be no difference anyway.

    • What on Earth are you smoking!? Trump and Hillary are polar opposites. Dr Carson got it right: we should all fall behind whoever wins…not who is chosen by the powers that be.

      • This is looking like 2012 and the guys name was Ron Paul instead of Trump or Carson or Cruz. I wish Cruz qualified under the Laws governing who is eligible to be POTUS but the truth is he doesn’t.

        • You need to read the Constitution, Jim. You are completely wrong about Cruz not being eligible to be POTUS. Yes, born in Canada, but his mother was an American citizen. That makes him an American citizen under our law!

    • YOU are the problem lady. I don’t care for Carson, but would back him if he’s the nominee. If you’re STUPID enough to get help get Hillary elected, then YOU are no better than HER.

    • Please rethink your logic, Pattie. Trump may be a ego inflated bully, but Hillary will finish what Obama has set in motion. The absolute destruction of the America we all once knew.

      She is incompetent! Don’t hand the 2016 election to that evil witch!

  4. Karl Rove and the RNC are up to their dirty tricks once again….Does anyone remember when Fox election central in 2012 had Bret, Megyn & Rove as contributors……….Megyn had to convince Rove that Obama carried Ohio and thus won the race….Karl looked confused and rattled as he had predicted Ohio would go to the establishment candidate, Mitt Romney….Rove is from one of the most liberal cities in all of America, Austin, TX. He was chief of staff to president Bush and gave him terrible advice….The GOP should excommunicate Rove from the GOP………

  5. Carson has finally, conclusively, demonstrated why he is not qualified to be president. Really, Dr Carson? Gonna quit because you’re not being “treated fairly”. Welcome to the REAL world, sir. You think GOP infighting is too much to deal with, wait till you have to deal with an international crisis with worldwide implications … oh, wait, you won’t ever have to deal with something like that because you won’t ever be president. As if the “prison turns people gay” and the “pyramids were for storing grain” comments weren’t sufficient to demonstrate your lack of qualifications, your spoiled little boy, “it’s not fair” attitude certainly puts aside all doubts. Just withdraw, go home, and let someone more qualified pick up your supporters. Thank you.

    • No. He just demonstrated why he IS fit to be president of the United Sates of American governed by We the People as it was intended to be. If the RNC wants to change the results of the election every Republican should leave the party. How can you stand for a rigged election? Is this now the Soviet Union?

  6. Very well said and those Rino assholes will blow everything…………..hard to imagine these morons thinking they are in control

    • What, exactly, are they thinking? Have they no idea at all of what the rank and file in the GOP want to see done in DC? Or is it that they simply don’t care who wins the White House in 2016? A brokered convention will destroy the GOP from the inside. Is that what they want or are they simply blind to what’s going on out here in flyover country?

  7. You have good and bad people no matter where you live, whether it be in the middle east or the United States, or any where for that matter. One bad group of people even in the U.S. does not mean that everyone in the U.S. is bad either.

  8. The GOP establishment is showing their true colors. Little wonder the voters are rejecting the “Good old boys choices.” After running Romney and McCain, do they really expect us to believe they want to represent we the people? They are only interested in power and money and they could well destroy the party with their juvenile attitude. They don’t have a clue why people are responding to being told the truth. Apparently RINOs are deaf as well as dumb.

  9. This is what we the American people find refreshing to hear. A man of integrity. We are fed up with the lieing and cheating backstabbing mentality of both parties actually. A presidential race should be won by the votes of we the people. No manipulation from the gop NOR corrupt government and media.

  10. Trump 2016!

    Obama the criminal traitor fraud is “The Trojan Horse of Islam”.

    The democrats seem to have short memories when ” Jimmy Carter” during the Iranian Hostage Crisis deported all Iranians from the United States and barred them from entering the United States.

    This was done in a time when our country actually vetted foreigners coming into the country legally and actually vetted presidents as well.

    We the people of the United States are at war with radicalized Islam that have over 22 terrorists training camps on American soil training to kill Americans.

    We have radicalized Muslims executing American citizens on our own soil and a criminal traitor fraud president who’s allegiance lays with the terrorists and this has clearly been demonstrated by his blatant acts of treason and human sacrifices during his illegitimate reign of terror.

    Obama the criminal traitor fraud has procured the presidency by connivances, frauds, perjuries, massive voter fraud that resulted in rigged elections.

    Our presidential electoral votes in the United States were counted in “Spain” by the billionaire Marxist George Soros to avoid a recount securing the rigged elections and in essence blatantly violating American Sovereignty , this in fact-caused the criminal coup d’e tat of the United States.

    Obama the criminal traitor fraud had been advised by his attorneys to seal his personal records to evade removal, criminal prosecution and conviction.

    There have been “one too many massacres, one too many stand down orders, one too many acts of treaso, one too many violation of our laws, constitution and borders during Obama traitorous reign of terror in the White House .

    Obama the criminal traitor fraud and Hillary Clinton’s allegiance has clearly layed with the same terrorist they arm, support and fund for payoffs and kick backs that are reciprocated in the billions of dollars funded by America.

    The numerous premeditated acts of treason have resulted in human sacrifices and these sacfices have gone without warrant, removal, prosecution or conviction.

    The Marxist-Socialist Media owned by democrats protects these criminally career corrupted democratic politicians because they “share” in the looting of our country’s fortune.

    The Clintons own major stock in NBC, CBS, ABC, CNBC, MSNBC and other subsidiaries.

    Chelsea Clinton and her husband are both employed by NBC and make an annual salary of 1.2 million a year not including bonuses.

    The career socialist-Marxist politicians and media have continued to engage in “smoke screening” in an attempt of protecting their premeditated acts of treason by and through the merit less claims of “racism” to evade removal, prosecution and conviction.

    The socialist-Marxist media continues to rely on “racism” as a ploy in order to evade any and all accountability or criminal culpabilty for their premeditated acts of treason against the United States.

    The Democratic Marxist socialist Party have come up with a devised scheme and ploy to smoke screen and evade the numerous acts of treason, embezzlements and the looting of our country’s fortune being perpetrated by their party and its called “racism” a ludicrous defense carried out by “anti-Americans., criminals, illegals, terrorists, race baiters, socialists and Marxists seeking to destroy our government from within.

    All protest in America involving illegals that violate our immigration laws and borders, criminals that violate our laws and fail to comply, terrorist radicals refugees seeking to annihilate Americans , career corrupted Marxist- socialist traitorous politicians that have perpetrated acts of treason in seeking to destroy the United States have become immune from warrant, removal and prosecution, the violations of “open borders” that risk the safety and security of Americans are being defended under the absurd notion of “racism” this totally undermines the publics perception of justice and clearly defines thr treacherous act of treason within.

    The “ploy of racism” has become a standard defense by the socialist-Marxist media and career corrupted politicians seeking to evade removal, prosecution and conviction as they deceptively mock and ridiculie the laws that govern our constitution and country.

    The socialist-Marxist criminal politicians are traitors without conscience as their criminal motives and objectives are so clearly demonstrated by the use of “racism” in an attempt to divide and conquer our country.

    We the people of the United States must unite in the interest of justice and national security in ousting these career corrupted socialist- Marxist politicians that rely on racism to defend their own premeditated acts of treasons against the United States.

    However, it should be known to the American people that “most” of the protesters in these protest being shown by the media are in fact made up of “Non-Americans , socialist, Marxists, illegals, terrorists, criminals in essence anyone anti-law, anti-constitution or anti-American.

    Joseph Chirstian Henry Ardito

    • You have it covered very well and I agree with you 100%. We’ve all got to contact our representative and senators and let them know what’s going to happen if they try to pull this crap, Thank you for your service my Marine brother!

  11. Carson is not my choice for president however he is head and shoulders above in character and integrity, over any establishment politicians in DC. I will take him in a hearth beat over them.

  12. I am not smoking anything. But the polls right now show that Dr. Carson is the only candidate that can BEAT Hilarity for president. What the GOP is doing to unthinkable. I have been a volunteer for Dr. Ben when we were still getting signatures for him to run for president. And like classic Dr. Ben he said “Only if the people want me to run”. So with this scheme the GOP is doing is handing the election over to whom ever they want. It won’t be a fair election. That is why Dr. Ben is considering a 3rd party. If what was posted was true. The GOP electing our next president which could be Hilarity if Dr. Ben isn’t nominated. So just chew on that for awhile before you humiliate me.

  13. OH I am the problem? Are you friggin crazy. So you don’t like Dr. Carson that is your choice not mine. So why are you mocking me? Dr. Ben is the only candidate right now that can beat Hilarity if the election was held today. THAT MY FRIEND is what I am looking at. I have been a volunteer for Dr. Ben since we were still getting signatures for him to run. He promised he would run if the PEOPLE wanted him to. So you go ahead and support whomever you chose. As long as it a Republican or Conservative I will be much more polite to you than you were to me. God gave your a brain use it.

    • Calm down Pattie. I’m a Carson supporter too. Latest polls have Cruz ahead of Hillary also. It’s a long way till the convention still. A lot may happen till then. Listen and watch how our candidate conducts himself and speaks. We should consider what he says about the Republican primary. I’ll will go back to Independent status if it goes to a brokered convention and the Rove Republicans put in Bush or Rubio!

  14. All that is evil does not discriminate, Republicans, Democrats, Independents, liberal, conservative and/or any individuals or groups are infiltrated with
    those who wish to destroy what is good. They will loe, cheat, steal, and kill to accomplish their mission. We all must do diligence in separating ourselves from the packs. Question every promise. Research the background of every individual, group, or organization, and.pray.for wisdom to discern what is evil.or what is good. And, may God have mercy on who he will.have Mercy

  15. Good for you, Dr. Carson, for standing up to principles! I am very disappointed in the media and the Republican Pary.

  16. Ben is totally right. If they try to manipulate the nominating process and push someone the people did not vote for ,the whole process is a sham and the Republican will disappear as a legitimate party. A new party will likely form as a result.

  17. I like Ben Carson, but, more as a potential vice pres, or the Surgeon General. I would like to see Trump as Pres w/Carson as Vice. Another idea, Trump President, Christie Vice Pres., Carson Surgeon General…Keep Cruz in a spot but more like a Secretary of something or another.., Rubio-make him Secretary of State…, yes, I know 99% of you will disagree with me…

  18. I have read all of the comments below and they are all true and valid, but still who will stand up and REALLY do something about it? Talk is cheap and America is going down the tubes unless we the people do something about it!

  19. Dr. Ben, hang in there please. Don’t leave the party. We need you to saved our country. I’m telling my Senators and Representative that we will not stand for them to pick the nominee. He will be picked by the people!

  20. Jason last nights debates were all about Rubio and Cruz. Even Dr.Carson jumped in said “Hey I am here and would like a question” not on those words but you get the drift. Then a class act when the commentator tried to pin Dr. Ben between Cruz and Rubio and Dr. Ben said he’d have nothing to do with that. Have we degraded to “child’s play” now at debates? The Republican party wants one of three for president, Cruz, Rubio but we all know The Donald will get it “all full of himself”. Jason thanks for your support as well.

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