Breaking: Boehner Makes HORRENDOUS Last Minute Debt Deal With Obama!

Breaking: Boehner Makes HORRENDOUS Last Minute Debt Deal With Obama!

Looks like House Speaker John Boehner is going out with a raise-to the nation’s debt ceiling.

President Obama has struck a deal with Congressional leaders that will again increase America’s debt borrowing limit with no end to the spending in sight…

Boehner, working directly with Obama and his staffers, was vital to the agreement though other Congressional leaders were also involved.

The deal may be voted on Wednesday, which happens to be the same day Paul Ryan may be nominated by the House GOP conference to replace Boehner as Speaker.

According to CNN:

“Bipartisan congressional leaders and the White House struck a major fiscal deal in principle Monday that would raise the debt ceiling and lift budget caps on both defense and domestic programs, according to congressional sources familiar with the deal.

The final details are being ironed out and a bill could be introduced later Monday as negotiators draft the language to prepare for it for vote.

This deal would avoid a potential debt default on November 3, and it would reduce the chances of a government shutdown on December 11.”

Boehner and his office were vital in creating the framework for the debt ceiling increase.

“Boehner’s office negotiated many of the details directly with the White House, but House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid were also part of the discussions as the framework was developed, according to a source familiar with the talks.”

The article notes House Conservatives vehemently oppose the debt increase deal.

“Conservatives sharply panned the deal.

“It’s emblematic of five years of failed leadership,” said Rep. Justin Amash, R-Michigan.”




  1. you folks best start learning chinese, as well as arabic, because china has a huge debt the u.s owes them, just before islam takes over.

  2. He had to do it so that Boehner II aka Paul Ryan wouldn’t have to. I’m surprised he is going to leave amnesty for Ryan to handle.

  3. Why is our Government spending more money than we have. 18 trillion and they are going to raise the debt? Why have they not cut in the last 12 months instead of just ‘spending as usual”….

  4. What if we ran our household expenses like our government? Oh yea, we could go on welfare, I had forgot about that. Never mind!

    • It is almost impossible for good people to get on welfare…You need to be as crooked as the government….If you are white, sorry, you are the wrong color..

  5. John Boehner has shown his true colors, and they are brown on his nose and mouth from kissing obummer’s butt, and a wide black stripe up his back — no guts and no principles. He will NOT be missed. I feel sorry for his wife having to live with this sorry piee of flesh.

  6. Boehner has earned his own tar and feathering…Why would the Repubs let him do the traitorous act?…He is a big crybaby foolish man…sold out to Obama and death to America. We won the election and Boehner and McConnell surrender the war….

  7. I just wish we could have the Elections today. Boehner has bowed to every request made of him and I wonder why. It may get to the point that by the time it is time to elect a new President we may not have a Country to lead. It would take a miracle worker, like Donald Trump to pull us out of this mess. We cannot afford to have someone like Senator Marco Rubio who cannot balance his own finances which is $ 250,000 thousand dollars a year. Funny how he states he worked his way through College , but his Children have to go to an expensive Private school, which he cannot afford. We got a leader now that does not know how to pull back on his HIGH STANDARDS that we have to pay for.

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