Breaking: Kevin McCarthy DROPS OUT Of Speaker Race

Breaking: Kevin McCarthy DROPS OUT Of Speaker Race

Breaking news this afternoon as reports say House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy has dropped out of the Speaker race to replace John Boehner in the House’s top leadership spot.

Tonight’s scheduled Speaker election has now been canceled as the House GOP braces for possible chaos.

Current candidates include Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz and Daniel Webster of Florida…

Webster just picked up support from the House Freedom Caucus, but that could shift after this game changer…

This opens the door to someone like Trey Gowdy, Curt Clawson, or Justin Amash.

Clawson is a Congressman from Southwest Florida. He has strong outsider status as a former basketball standout at Purdue University-he also used to be a Fortune 500 CEO. Clawson beat Florida’s Senate Majority Leader to win his Congressional primary.

Amash is from Michigan, posting every vote he takes on Facebook and is often called “the next Ron Paul.”

Gowdy chairs the House Select Committee On Benghazi and recently took on McCarthy over his controversial Benghazi comments, certainly not doing the California Congressman any favors in his bid to replace Boehner and arguably a major factor in helping push him out of contention…



  1. I hope Gowdy is not elected as speaker. Someone from his home town who has known him all of his life says he is a lap dog bought and paid for. He supported Boehner and he talks a lot but I haven’t seen any results.

    • They could guarantee him the position just to get him off the Benghazi pane. That would throw a monkey wrench in that investigative process and delay it more.

    • someone in my home town says BO is a great president. what a dumb comment from an obvious troll. Gowdy fears no one and will get the job done.

    • Gowdy was for Paul Ryan and he is a Rino…I have lost my belief in Gowdy…He should have Hillary behind bars by now….

  2. Put Newt Gingrich back in…Obama won’t be able to stand against Newt…He has the experience. He can get the votes needed…Gowdy does not want it…

  3. Gowdy is needed is to take down Hillary Clinton. We don’t want Ryan cause that is who Obama wants we should pick Duncan Hunter!

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