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Sometimes it takes eight years of liberalism to turn even the bluest states red.

While two terms under President Obama is a steep price to pay, they have shown Americans the very real and very ugly consequences of big, fat government. Republicans now control 70% of state legislatures, and over 60% of governorships nationwide. States like Maryland, Michigan and Massachusetts-hardly beacons of conservatism-are now headed by the Grand Old Party.

And now, tried and true conservatives from blue states cannot only run for national office, they can win there too.

Enter Maryland’s Chrys Kefalas, 36, an attorney and entrepreneur hoping to secure his state’s Republican nomination for U.S. Senate in Tuesday’s upcoming election. So often in blue states, conservatives must face the choice of either voting for the most conservative candidate, or the one who has the best shot at winning. Chrys Kefalas just so happens to be both.

Kefalas is a principled, unabashed conservative whose small business experience inspires him to fight for free enterprise, equal opportunity and fiscal responsibility.

These ideals are ones bred into him at a young age; born in East Baltimore to first-generation Americans, Chrys learned the struggles of Maryland’s small business owners firsthand. His family built Dundalk’s Costas Inn in 1971, and under Chrys’ guidance, slowly but surely built a lasting institution still open to this day. The main lesson Kefalas took from this experience? The middle class can thrive when government gets out of the way.

It’s this belief in the ingenuity and perseverance of the everyday American that has made Chrys the patriot he is. At a time when President Obama and Hillary Clinton fly around the world apologizing for this country, Kefalas refuses to see America as anything less than the global leader of thought, production and security.

And it starts in Maryland. As a leader of the National Association of Manufacturers, Chrys doesn’t accept that the state’s declining manufacturing sector is the new normal. He will put Maryland workers back on the job by fighting for policies that enable businesses to grow and an entire economic sector to be revitalized. With a Senator Kefalas, manufacturing’s best days are ahead, meaning more jobs, more opportunity and a stronger voice to the middle class.

This is a guy used to breaking boundaries. He was the youngest attorney ever to serve as Deputy Legal Counsel to the Governor of Maryland, and if elected Senator, will also be the youngest member of our nation’s upper chamber. In an age of elitism, arrogance and old-boys club politics, adding a conservative young gun to the mix is exactly what the doctor ordered.

As the Baltimore Sun stated in their endorsement of Kefalas, “the retirement of Sen. Barbara Mikulski…gives the state’s minority party the best chance it has had in a generation to capture one of the state’s two U.S. Senate seats.” When Maryland Republicans head to the polls next Tuesday, let’s hope they seize this opportunity and vote Chrys Kefalas.

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