Breaking: America First Conservative Perry Johnson Calls Out Joe Biden For Covering Up Toxic Train Derailment In Ohio

Perry Johnson

Perry Johnson, the “Quality Guru” and Constitutionally Conservative, Trump Republican who helped revolutionize America’s auto industry in the 80’s, wants to know what President Biden is covering up after the recent derailment of a train carrying toxic chemicals in Ohio.

The train derailment crisis in Ohio is not only a disaster impacting the country, but an abject failure of government,” Johnson said Friday. “As a toxic cloud mushrooms above the community, Joe Biden has claimed it’s not a disaster, even turning down a request for federal assistance! What is he trying to cover up?”

Watch Perry’s statement on the crisis in Ohio below:

Johnson, who recently announced he is considering running for President with a major Super Bowl ad campaign in Iowa, attended an Iowa State basketball game earlier this week.

Perry Johnson at the Iowa State Basketball game

Johnson says he will be doing a bus tour the Hawkeye State soon, and just opened an office there.