President Trump Defends Kavanaugh Over Shady Sexual Misconduct Allegations

President Trump defended his Supreme Court nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, in the midst of suspicions sexual misconduct allegations Tuesday afternoon.

The claim, raised by a liberal professor after nearly 40 years, is not backed by any evidence.

Liberals have pounced on the issue, hoping to derail Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

According to The Hill:

“President Trump on Tuesday¬†expressed sympathy for Brett Kavanaugh, saying the Supreme Court nominee does not “deserve” to face the political firestorm surrounding sexual assault allegations against him.

Trump suggested the accusations are politically motivated and criticized Democrats for not raising them earlier, but stopped short of directly questioning the credibility of Kavanaugh’s accuser, Christine Blasey Ford.

“I feel so badly for him that he is going through this, to be honest with you,” Trump said of Kavanaugh during a joint press conference at the White House with the Polish president. “This is not a man who deserves this.”

Trump called Kavanaugh a “great gentleman” and said his family should not have to see the judge have his reputation tarnished by the allegations.”