Law and Order for the Dakota Access Pipeline would Make America Great Again

The ridiculous protests blocking construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline are absurd.

The project is safe.

The oil is necessary.

The jobs are needed.

Yet, people continue to (quite literally) stand in the way of construction.

And they do so illegally. Yet somehow… they’re protected.

The Obama administration has been bending over backwards to accommodate obstructionist protesters on private property and stop the development of the much needed pipeline.

On the very same day that an Obama-appointed federal judge who reviewed the situation ordered protesters to back off and let construction continue on the Dakota Access Pipeline project, the administration countered the ruling by ordering three three federal agencies to halt work on most of the pipeline until further study.

On what grounds?

They have none.

Over the seven years and millions of dollars the company spent consulting with tribes and other stakeholders, and getting approval from environmental bureaucracies in four states. It took negotiating with local and federal officials, working painstakingly with the Army Corps of Engineers and the Department of the Interior to identify the safest, most environmentally friendly route available.

We know Dakota access jumped through the hoops and was proven worthy at every step.  They had overcome the regulatory nightmare. The project was approved.

Throwing red tape at construction now is not legal — it’s political.

The law suit is 100 percent bogus, and by continuing to favor the protesters over property owners, the Obama administration is endangering jobs, tax revenue, and our basic rights to a fair legal system.

We know Hillary Clinton will stand with Obama on this one, but with Trump claiming to be “the law and order candidate”, is there a chance he would he step in? Remind us which processes we can stand by? Which laws we can count on?

Because that would truly Make America Great Again.