Guzman Under Attack: Liberal Students Smear Hispanic Trump Supporter+Michigan State Professor

Michigan State Professor Dr. Joseph Guzman was recently named as a member of Donald Trump’s National Hispanic Advisory Committee, as well as a statewide co-chair for Donald Trump’s Michigan campaign.

Guzman attended a recent rally outside of Lansing last month where he was able to sit behind Trump and subsequently meet the GOP Presidential candidate-that’s where his troubles escalated.

He’s used to taking hell for being a Hispanic Republican, but now Guzman is being harassed in the halls of Michigan State, online, and even while out with his family. Evidently, a picture of him behind Trump at the rally has irked some far-left students.

One attack being perpetrated on Guzman is a flyer making its way around campus full of personal attacks, insinuating Guzman is a sub-par professor despite high student approval ratings. The flyer, seen above, features the picture of Guzman behind Trump….

It also claims Guzman supports fascist policies and “unfair and unequal” treatment toward Hispanic migrant workers…

Guzman says he was disappointed by the tactics.

“The First Amendment protects freedom of expression and association, particularly in the civic realm,” Guzman said. “It’s unfortunate some think that civic activity involves suppressing other individuals right to free speech with lies, smears and disruption.”

Don’t you just love the “tolerant left?” :p :)

Guzman tells CI he’s excited to work with Trump.

“It is an honor to be a part of Mr. Trump’s National Hispanic Advisory Committee,” Guzman tells WMP. “Although I do not speak for the campaign, I can tell you that we enjoyed an open, earnest and constructive discussion this afternoon. I am energized and more convinced than ever that Donald Trump is the leader to move our nation and all our communities in the right direction.”

Guzman supports Donald Trump’s immigration plan announced last night in what may have been Trump’s best policy address ever.

“Mr. Trump’s plan to strengthen our border and stop illegal immigration is tough and fair for all,” Guzman said in a statement.

“It will enhance security, address unlawful trafficking and keep Americans safe,” Guzman continued. “Untold suffering is caused by human and drug trafficking stemming from our uncontrolled border, and it must be stopped.  Mr. Trump’s plan to immediately secure our borders, end sanctuary cities, protect us from violent offenders and enforce current immigration laws is the opposite of Hillary Clinton’s dishonest 100-day amnesty plan and the Democrats’ other hollow, unfulfilled promises to Latinos.  Voters have a clear choice in this election: address our border problems in a lasting way that is tough and fair for all, or continue with empty promises that compound human suffering and compromise our safety and security.”