Wikileaks Founder Assange Targeted After Speaking Up About Hillary?

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange may have been targeted in a recent break-in that has many concerned.

Assange has been in the news prominently the last few weeks for comments regarding information he has on Hillary Clinton… He has also implied leaked DNC emails came from a staffer who was murdered under shady circumstances…

According to reports:

“Security was scrambled at the London building sparking international concern Assange was the target of the intruder.

A statement was put out by WikiLeaks this morning.

It stated: “16 mins ago at 2:47am a “cat burgler” scaled the side wall+window of the Ecuadorian embassy in London; fled after being caught by security.”

Mr Assange has been living inside the embassy for more than four years and has been granted political asylum by Ecuador. “