Watch: Must See Video Of #BlackLivesMatter Confronting Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton was confronted by #BlackLivesMatter recently, and of course, the media is silent…

According to The Hill:

“Former president Bill Clinton clashed with a heckler over his 1994 crime bill during a campaign speech for his wife in Paterson, N.J., on Friday.

Clinton was interrupted from his speech when the heckler shouted, “Why would you put more people in prison?”

The former president responded, “The crime bill, 1994, which you must be talking about, also contained a provision — which no one ever mentions — which forbade first-time drug offenders from being covered by the excessive sentencing laws. Did you know that? I bet you didn’t.”

Clinton added that there were provisions in the bill, which became law in 1994, that increased the number of police officers on the street and toughened gun safety laws.”

>>>Watch The Video Below: