Carson Defends Trump And Cruz Against Shady Establishment Tactics In Cleveland

AP photo

Dr. Ben Carson is speaking out against establishment Republicans who want to create problems in Cleveland.

According to The Hill:

“Ben Carson on Monday predicted “major” problems if either Donald Trump or Ted Cruz do not emerge as the Republican presidential nominee in a contested convention.

“If it’s not Sen. Cruz or Mr. Trump … you’re going to create so much friction,” Carson said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

“And, of course, that’ll be a wonderful thing for the Democrats, there’s no question about that, they will absolutely love, they’ll be dancing in the street.”

He said the scenario would be a “disaster for the Republicans.”

Carson said he would support the nominee if the process is fair.

“If we end up with a contested convention and things work out in a different way and it seems fair, then of course you’re going to support whoever the nominee is,” Carson noted.”