Meet the 50 Sexiest Conservatives

As the election year runs full steam ahead, we at Conservative Intel want to provide our loyal readers a nice respite from all the mudslinging. So, we put together a list of the 50 Sexiest Conservatives on the political scene right now. Sure, such things have been done on other forums before, but this isn’t your typical list of establishment commentators and Fox News weather girls (not that we’re complaining). But in keeping with the grassroots insurgency we’ve seen in 2016 thus far, those chosen for this list are real-deal, dyed in the wool constitutionalists with the conservative bonafides to back it up. Enjoy.

Taya Kyle

Widow of American Sniper and U.S. Navy Seal Chris Kyle, this straight-talking Texan is an obvious choice for our list. A champion for second amendment protections and especially for families of fallen veterans, Kyle is now a conservative hero in her own right.

Rand Paul

Whoever said size matters was surely talking about the length of one’s filibuster. Say what you want about this 2016 GOP candidate, but the man’s got conviction. When it comes to matters of liberty and constitutionality, there is no fiercer advocate than the junior Senator from Kentucky. And if that legendary filibuster wasn’t proof enough, his recent call to audit the fed and proposed crackdown on immigration law is a conservative love letter to all. So thanks for the note, Senator, but we never doubted you for an instant. #StandwithRand

Catherine Engelbrecht

President of vote-monitoring organization True the Vote, this Texas tea partier blew the whistle on the IRS targeting of conservatives in 2013. After filing for tax-exempt status for her non-profit, Engelbrecht found herself harassed by numerous government agencies, including the FBI, and endured 15 different instances of audit or inquiry over the next several years. Fed up with such blatant politicization, she fought back, exposing the Obama administration in testimony before Congress. Taking on Lois Lerner and Elijah Cummings in one fell swoop? Nothing better than that.

Charles C.W. Cooke

Fueled by an “almost irrational love of America,” this British ex-pat pens many a can’t-miss article for National Review, mostly in defense of your second amendment rights. With his sharp intellect and cool demeanor, there is no better advocate for civil liberties, and no one we would rather see embarrass Bill Maher and crew when given the chance. Oh, and did we mention the British accent?

Katrina Pierson

You’ve seen this beauty all over TV, defending her boss (Donald Trump. Have you heard of him?) from the latest media-driven controversy. But before she hopped on the #TrumpTrain, Katrina was a Texas tea party activist who ran to unseat the establishment incumbent in her state’s 32nd District. Though her bid was unsuccessful, it’s clear she took that loss in stride, eventually becoming a national spokesman for Mr. Trump in November 2015. Her fearless attitude and forceful defense of her boss’s positions are sure to secure a bright future for this talented politico. And did we mention she wore a bullet necklace on TV while defending the Second Amendment? If that’s not sexy, we don’t know what is.