Watch: Senator Ben Sasse SCHOOLS Obama On Radical Islamic Terrorism

Sen. Ben Sasse

Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse is pulling no punches against President Obama in comments from the Senate floor about radical Islamic terrorism.

Sasse also traveled to California earlier in the week to discuss the terror attack in San Bernardino.

“You want to stop Islamaphobia? Stop lecturing Americans that they’re stupid to be frightened about jihadis who actually do want to bomb their sporting event,” Sasse said from the Senate floor. “And instead use your pen and phone as Commander-in-Chief to start telling us what your plan is to find and kill those who would do us harm. Start telling us what your actual plan is to have a Middle Eastern map that isn’t generating more failed states that become terrorist training camps.

This country INVENTED religious liberty–we’re the most tolerant nation the world has ever seen. Our people want a little less elite sermonizing about tolerance in our communities, and a little more articulation of our shared Constitutional principles – and a lot more articulating of an actual battle plan.”

Watch Senator Sasse:

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