Another Email Release, Another Controversy for Hillary

Monday marked the latest court-mandated release by the State Department of emails from Hillary Clinton’s 30,000-page cache.

As has been the trend so far in previous releases, this week’s tranche brought with it new controversy that promises to keep Servergate afresh in the minds of voters.

According to the Washington Post, at least a half dozen of the emails contained content specifically written by Hillary which included sensitive details that the State Department deemed worthy of redaction and classification.

The revelation appears to contradict claims by Hillary and her campaign that she merely forwarded emails from other people which were later labeled as sensitive.

Intelligence community experts have in numerous interviews in recent weeks indicated that federal officials with high levels of top secret access are trained on the ways in which sensitive information is to be handled.

That reality continues to dog Hillary’s campaign with a Catch-22 in that voters are being presented increasingly with the possibilities either that she is covering up potential illegal activity or that she simply was incompetent in her handling of highly classified information.