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GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump invaded Michigan for two YUGE rallies yesterday as “The Donald” destroyed Hillary Clinton’s horrendous record.

Appearing in the more conservative enclave of West Michigan, Trump spoke in Grand Rapids in front of a crowd of nearly 7,000 people for a noon rally.

Trump then headed to Warren in Macomb County, home of the “Reagan Democrats” that were so critical in electing President Ronald Reagan. Trump spoke to a sold out crowd of around 5,000 people at Macomb Community College.

In his speeches, Trump ripped Hillary for WikiLeaks revelations, supporting failed trade deals, and  abandoning Michigan workers, as well as working families across America. He also says he will win Michigan.

According to Kathy Gray of the Detroit Free Press:

“Buoyed by tightening polls and large crowds in Grand Rapids and Warren, the Trump campaign swept into Michigan on Monday and promised to make the reliably blue state competitive on election day next week.

“No Republican has won Michigan since like Reagan and I say, I love Michigan and I see numbers and I’m up,” Trump told a crowd of several thousand people at Macomb Community College in Warren Monday afternoon, adding his staff tells him that he’s even in the polls. “And I get this poll and it says we’re doing well in Michigan. And for all the geniuses who work for me, they said ‘You’re doing well in Michigan’ and I say let’s go win it.”

Lon Johnson and Obamacare are under fire in the 1st congressional district of Michigan for the $716 Billion in cuts to Medicare that Obamacare caused.

Meanwhile, Bill Clinton shredded President Obama’s signature piece of legislation Monday in Flint, calling it “crazy” and saying it “doesn’t work.”

According to CNN:

“Bill Clinton criticized President Barack Obama’s signature policy reform while on the stump for his wife, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, calling Obamacare “the craziest thing in the world.”

Speaking Monday at a Democratic rally in Flint, Michigan, the former president ripped into the Affordable Care Act (ACA) for flooding the health care insurance market and causing premiums to rise for middle-class Americans who do not qualify for subsidies.

“So you’ve got this crazy system where all of a sudden 25 million more people have health care and then the people who are out there busting it, sometimes 60 hours a week, wind up with their premiums doubled and their coverage cut in half. It’s the craziest thing in the world,” Clinton said.

Clinton, whose efforts with his wife to overhaul health care in the 1990s were stymied by a recalcitrant Congress and the insurance lobby, told the crowd the insurance model “doesn’t make sense” and “doesn’t work here.”
Meanwhile, in the 1st District, Lon Johnson says he’s “proud” of all that Obamacare has done… Johnson is running against retired 3 star Lt. General Jack Bergman…

Republicans haven’t won the Great Lakes State since 1988, but Donald Trump, along with Michigan State Director Scott Hagerstrom and Deputy State Director CJ Galdes-as well as the Trump team across Michigan- hope to change that.

Here are 10 signs things could be on track to flip Michigan:
  • Trump has just sent State Directors from Utah and Oregon to Michigan
  • Over 7,000 people have attended 2 Trump flash mobs in Michigan in the last month
  • Hillary hasn’t visited Michigan in nearly 60 days
  • In that same time, 2 Trump rallies have drawn at least 13,000 people with thousands more turned away
  • Trump has purchased ads in the state
  • Trump has the support of an Imam from Dearborn as Hillary continues to struggle with the Middle East American community…
  • Polls show a statistical dead heat
  • The campaign continues to add staff, campaign chairs, and other advisers
  • Bill Clinton could only draw 300 people this week while saying Michigan workers are paid too much…
  • Look outside! Trump signs EVERYWHERE, Hillary signs nowhere to be found…

    Dearborn Imam Hassan with Trump Michigan Deputy State Director CJ Galdes

Ryan, with Lt. Gen. Jack Bergman

Speaker of the House  Paul Ryan is backing Jack Bergman for Congress in Michigan’s highly competitive 1st District.

According to reports:

“We are on the other side of Lake Michigan — you guys get the cool, sandy beaches, we get the rocky bluffs — but we share the same values,” said Ryan, a Wisconsin republican… “We want men and women to come to congress to fight for us, to fight for what we believe in. That is why we are so excited about having Jack Bergman come to congress.”

Bergman thanked Ryan for making the trip to northern Michigan and spoke briefly on issues he said his campaign concentrates on, including national security, the economy and Social Security.

“It is critically important that we elect a congressman who is able to work with our leaders in Washington D.C. to help people of the First Congressional District,” Bergman said. “I will work with anyone of any party to do the right thing for our district and our country.”

A representative who can work on state and national issues like poverty and the welfare system, security, and even regulations affecting Michigan cherry farmers and other growers around the country, remains a high priority for congress, Ryan said.”

Ryan also praised Donald Trump while advocating cfor Bergman.

According to the Detroit News:

“Ryan…repeatedly jabbed the Obama administration as he touted the “Better Way” agenda he is pushing in Congress. The policy platform includes proposals for addressing poverty, the economy, health care and more.

Businesses, including northern Michigan cherry growers, are facing “stifling” regulations under the Democratic president, Ryan said. He said the Obama administration is “trying to claim jurisdiction over regulation of our farmers” through the Environmental Protection Agency’s rule the redefines what bodies of water can be regulated.

While Ryan has disagreed with Donald Trump on various fronts, he has also said electing the party’s presidential nominee will help Republicans get more of their proposals through Congress, an argument he echoed while making the case for Bergman.

“Please help us get this country back on track by helping us win this election, so we can get this agenda put into place, so we can meet the moment the way it needs to be met, by confronting our country’s challenges and not kicking the can down the road,” the speaker said.”


Ryan with Bergman and supporter Tom Stillings

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan visited Northern Michigan Monday as he hit the campaign trail for retired Lt. General Jack Bergman in the most-watched Congressional battle in the state.

Bergman was proud to welcome Ryan to Michigan.

“I am proud to welcome Speaker Paul Ryan to Northern Michigan and…discussing the importance of keeping our country safe, supporting our veterans, and strengthening our economy to help job creation,” Bergman said. “We need a Congressman who can bring an outsider’s perspective to Washington DC while working with our country’s leaders to help the people of the 1st Congressional District.”

According to Interlochen Public Radio:

“Ryan spoke briefly at the headquarters of the Grand Traverse County Republican Party in Traverse City. He endorsed Bergman in the 1st District race and touted the Republican agenda in the U.S. House before a crowd of party members and elected officials, including state Rep. Larry Inman and state Sen. Wayne Schmidt.

During his remarks, Ryan lambasted President Obama’s foreign policy and said the president was “basically phoning it in.”

“We need experts. We need expertise. We need men and women who are dedicated to securing our homeland and to keeping us safe by going on offense,” Ryan said. “I can’t think of a better person than Lt. Gen. Jack Bergman to help us do this.”

Ryan greets supporters at the Bergman eventRyan greets supporters at the Bergman event

The article also notes “Bergman is a retired Marine Corps general running in a hotly contested district that spans the northern third of the Lower Peninsula and the entire Upper Peninsula. His Democratic opponent, Lon Johnson, is the former chair of the Michigan Democratic Party.”


Even fellow Democrats like Macomb County Executive Mark Hackel know Public Works Director Anthony Marrocco is corrupt.

Hackel blasted Marrocco in a radio interview this summer, spotlighting his corrupt “pay to play politics.”

Marrocco is in a heated race with Rep. Candice Miller to save his seat…

According to Politics Central:

“Without any nuance, Hackel declared that fellow Democrat Tony Marrocco, the Macomb County Public Works Commissioner who’s facing a tough election challenge from retiring Republican Congresswoman Candice Miller, is corrupt.

The executive said Marrocco has flexed his political muscles by engaging in a “pay to play” system for years in which those business owners who do not make generous campaign contributions to Marrocco are punished. These developers, contractors and construction company executives, Hackel said, are denied government contracts and permits. In contrast, those who play the game are rewarded.

“With my current public works director in Macomb County … (the political protocol) seems to be more a ‘pay to play.’ If you’re going to be part of this process where you come to these (Marrocco) fundraisers, then you’re going to benefit from these contracts. If you don’t, your permits and contracts are going to sit on the backburner,” said the Macomb Township Democrat.”

Marrocco also previously tried to snag a secret raise on the backs of taxpayers of around $25,000….

>>>Watch Marrocco lie about his financial interests below:

An Imam from Dearborn is backing Donald Trump for President.

Sheikh Mohamad Al Hajj Hassan-an Imam from Dearborn-sat behind Trump in Novi, enthusiastically supporting the Republican nominee.

The Muslim leader’s support has already drawn the eye of Middle Eastern news outlets as well as Dearborn area social media.

In another report, he called on “all Muslims to vote for Donald Trump.”

Dearborn residents say many in the area are backing Trump.

Afaf H Ahmad writes in the “Dearborn Area Community Members” Facebook group that “Many Muslims from the Dearborn community are voting for Trump… The Sheikh (does) live in Dearborn and been active in many occasions.”

Some disagreed, calling his actions “UnIslamic,” and much worse.

Husseen Roomy said “Now every one says he has his own opinion and freedom that is true if he represents him self but by putting the Islamic turban and dress he isn’t representing him self he is representing Islam and we have a right to question him and address it. Idk this Shikh so I’m not going to disrespect him but what he did is unislamic if he met with him to discuss issues I can respect that but to stand behind him is just working after trump advocates killing Muslims with bullets dipped in pigs blood, and Muslim ban.”

Some started attacking the Imam regarding differences over various Muslim sects and countries, causing Abu Jayzon to write:

 “As I read all this garbage it comes to me to say I grew up in the south end of Dearborn and never knew what a Sunni from a Shia was .I stay that way till this day and teach my kids the same to never look at people based on the religious beliefs but to show the same respect they get .Its mind boggling to even read and think where the Arab American community is heading you all should be ashamed of yourselves.”

Hassan with Trump Deputy State Director CJ Galdes Friday in Novi

Ismail Bachir defended Hassan. 

“What seems the be the issue with him making a personal choice? Look at Dearborns own elections and see the hypocrisy, the backbiting, the name calling, the inflammatory remarks and the defamations made against each other within the community and what you’ll find is that it isn’t about this man choosing to support Trump, it’s about an arrogance of yourselves that can’t rise above a point of respecting each other except at a funeral. It seems people care when you die but humiliate you behind your back when you’re alive. This newspaper is no different.”

Hillary is struggling with Arab Americans in the Dearborn area, and across Southeast Michigan…

According to The Arab American News:

“It’s no secret that Arab and Muslim Americans have not rallied behind Hillary Clinton with the same enthusiasm as other presidential candidates.

In fact, Arab Americans were credited with tilting the scales in Senator Bernie Sanders’ favor during the state’s primary election in March, when he surprisingly claimed a victory here.

But now, the Clinton campaign is focused on assembling an Arab American movement for the Democratic candidate just months ahead of the general election, when she squares off against Republican nominee Donald Trump.

In recent months, Clinton’s Michigan campaign has staffed Arab American leaders in prominent positions to assist with community outreach.”

Stay tuned…

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 2.22.49 PMConservative Intel conducted a detailed analysis of races for State Board of Education dating back to 2004 and found that female candidates vastly outperformed mail candidates for State Board of Education.

The Republican and Democrat parties are holding their conventions this weekend and will nominate their candidates for State Board of Education, University of Michigan Regent, Michigan State University, and Wayne State University Board of Governors.

Females have an electoral advantage on the Michigan Statewide ballot. Over the past the 6 elections female nominees for the State Board of Education have a 4.2% advantage over male nominees from either party.

Largest Female Advantages

2014 – 4.5% Female Advantage (Mid-Term Election)

2012 – 6.1% Female Advantage (Presidential Election)

2008 – 11.7% Female Advantage (Presidential Election)

2004 – 4.0% Female Advantage (Presidential Election)

Both political parties would be wise to nominate female candidates for these important positions.

Former Congressman Pete Hoekstra didn’t quite get the date he was dreaming of in the 2016 dance for the Republican Presidential nomination, but when it comes to the battle against Hillary Clinton in November, the ex-House Intelligence Committee Chairman is no wallflower, he’s hitting the campaign trail hard, determined to help beat her.

Hoekstra, previously one of Ohio Governor John Kasich’s biggest supporters after they served together in Congress, says he’s committed to electing Donald Trump as the next President.

Hoekstra believes Kasich should back Trump, pointing to his speech in Wisconsin earlier in the week as a reason why.

“Kasich ought to be standing up and cheering that speech,” Hoekstra said. “That could have been a John Kasich speech. I’m proud we have a leader in Donald Trump who says we will fight for every vote. It’s long overdue for a Republican to talk to the African American community and say, how’s Dem leadership working for you? Are your kids educated? Are your streets safe? Is your economy growing? Trump is saying, not only can we have the conversation, we have solutions to offer,” Hoekstra said.

Hoekstra was invited to Trump’s major national security roundtable in New York City earlier this week. He says Trump impressed him.

“He had good a pretty great cross section of people-law enforcement, military, political” Hoekstra said. “Trump was exactly like a President or CEO would be in a meeting, listened, asked questions, gets feedback, tells jokes…There was no chaos, it was flawless-Trump has all the characteristics of a leader.”

Hoekstra believes Trump is strong on ISIS.

“He doesn’t pontificate,” Hoekstra said. “He knows what we need to do overall to defeat ISIS, now he’s asking, what specifically can we do? When and how will we do it? What are our limitations? He’s turning Monday’s speech and turning it into a sound security strategy,” Hoekstra said. “Hillary doesn’t talk about her foreign policy experience because it’s all turned out so badly.”

Hoekstra believes Michigan is in play in November largely because of frustrated union workers.

“I have always had a great relationship with the Teamsters, and a lot of their members are excited about Trump,” Hoekstra said. “They like his trade policies. And after 25 years of NAFTA, shouldn’t we at least take a look? Where Ford or Chevy makes a car might not make a difference to the CEO of Ford or Chevy, but it means everything to the workers on the line and the American people. Trump gets that, Hillary never has. Trump can win Michigan and she knows it-she’s failed us again and again.”

The big meeting invite, along with Hoekstra’s credentials and advocacy for Trump across national and Michigan media outlets, has created buzz that Hoekstra may serve in some capacity as a part of the Trump administration.

Hoekstra tells CI his focus is on beating Hillary Clinton in November, but would give any such offer immense consideration.

“I’d love to have the responsibility of being the White House groundskeeper” Hoekstra said. “Cut the grass, water the flowers…In all seriousness, my focus is on November and beating Hillary Clinton. Obviously, if Donald Trump asks you to serve, you take a major look, but that’s not why I am in this, I love the private sector.

Faith Steketee is the popular former Ottawa GOP Executive Director who was also involved with Paul Mitchell’s fight against Prop 1. She says Hoekstra is the politician she trusts the most and she’d love to see him serve in some capacity.

“Pete isn’t driven by an agenda, he’s driven by doing what is right,” Steketee tells CI. “Of all the politicians I’ve known (and it adds up to be quite a few), I have the very highest respect for Pete Hoekstra. He’s a straight shooter and honest.”

It was long thought to be a two-man race between State Senator Tom Casperson and former lawmaker Jason Allen in Michigan’s competitive 1st Congressional District Republican primary, but in the end, retired 3 star General Jack Bergman prevailed in a stunning late-night finish.

As of press time, Bergman received 38% of the vote to Casperson’s 34% and Allen’s 28%.

In a sign that campaigns were responding to Bergman’s numbers, Casperson released a hit piece on Bergman late last week, but the move proved to be too little, too late-Bergman already had command of the race.

The 3 star General benefitted from Casperson and Allen attacking each other while he was concurrently able to get his message out unscathed, until the very end… 

“Establishment liberals like Casperson have no problem throwing a great veteran like Bergman under the bus,” said Matt Maddock, a leader of the Michigan Conservative Coalition, the leading GOP grassroots organization in the Great Lakes state. “They’ll do anything to try to keep their power.”

Maddock was pleased with the results.

“Good voters in the 1st saw right through this cowardly hit from behind,” Maddock said. “Bergman will be a great candidate to beat Lon Johnson in November.”

Allen never could catch on in the race, and Casperson was haunted from the beginning by his controversial voting record.

Casperson was consistently labeled the most liberal Republican in Michigan’s Senate by American Conservative Union’s well respected rankings, and was also known as the “most liberal Republican Congressional candidate in the country.”

Bergman faces Lon Johnson in November in what will be one of the most closely watched and well funded Hosue races in the country…

Stay tuned!