Trump Grassroots Republicans Unite Behind Langlois to Take Out Amash

Michigan’s Third Congressional District is currently represented by Justin Amash, the congressman who left the Republican Party in 2019 and teamed up with Nancy Pelosi to lead the Trump impeachment effort.

There are several candidates running in the 3rd District race, but Langlois has become the favorite among Trump supporters. Langlois has picked up a number of critical Trump endorsements in the state.

Over the weekend, Langlois hosted a campaign event with Sheriff David Clarke and received an endorsement from “America’s Sheriff.”

“When I get involved in a race, I want to make sure the candidate will support our Constitution, freedom, and liberty. So, when I had the opportunity to vet Joel Langlois, I asked him tough questions, and when I looked him in the eye, he never wavered,” Clarke said.

He continued, “Joel is a true conservative who cares about our rights and the future of our country. He’s also a strong supporter of our President. President Trump needs more fighters in Washington, and it’s clear to me that Joel has been standing by him since the beginning and will continue to have his back in Congress.”

Sheriff Clarke is not the first national Trump figure to make an appearance at a Langlois event. In December, Langlois made an appearance 2016 Trump Campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski.

Lewandowski called Langlois “The American Dream” and talked to the crowd about the business experience he would bring to Washington, D.C.

“He (Langlois) wants to give back because of what he’s been able to build for his family and community. He’s a problem solver. He’s been able to take businesses that weren’t successful and make them successful. He saw opportunities where others didn’t and created jobs, hundreds, thousands of jobs. And he wants to bring that skill set to Washington, D.C.”

Langlois has received many notable endorsements from Trump leaders and organizations in Michigan, including:

Scott Hagerstrom: 2016 Michigan Trump State Director

Kathy Berden: Republican National Committeewoman and 2016 Women for Trump Co-Chair

Diane Schindlbeck: Founder of West Michigan Republicans

Anna Timmer: received national attention for challenging Justin Amash at his town hall

The Michigan Trump Republicans: the largest organization of Trump supporters in the state of Michigan

Support for President Trump will be critical in many Republican primaries across the country, but Amash’s antics in Michigan’s Third District has elevated the importance even more.

Langlois is the only candidate in the race able to say he supported Trump since the 2016 Republican Primary. He hosted Trump three times at The DeltaPlex Arena, a venue that he owns and Mike Pence twice, the first Trump rally dating back to December of 2015.

Several of Langlois’ Republican opponents were actually criticizing and working against Trump during the 2016 General Election. They’ll have an uphill battle trying to convince voters that they are now with the president, and not just saying what’s necessary to win a race. 

Trump grassroots leaders understand the importance of uniting behind the strongest supporter of the president and helping him defeat Justin Amash.