Michigan Trump Republicans Endorse Joel Langlois for Congress

The top grassroots organization for President Trump in Michigan endorsed Joel Langlois for Congress in Michigan’s 3rd Congressional District. They are asking Trump supporters to unite behind Langlois, who they believe is the best candidate in the race because of his strong support for President Trump.

Winning over Trump supporters is important in Republican Primaries across the country and Michigan’s 3rd District is no exception.

Justin Amash is the sitting congressman in MI-3. Earlier this year Amash became the only Republican in Congress to call for President Trump’s impeachment, then decided to quit the Republican Party and become an Independent.

Voters will want to be sure they’re supporting someone who will be an ally to the president in Congress, and it looks like Langlois is positioning himself as that candidate.

The endorsement was made official at an event Monday night in Grand Rapids. Michigan Trump Republicans Co-Founder Diane Schindlbeck spoke at the event, as well as 2016 Michigan Trump State Director Scott Hagerstrom.

“Replacing Justin Amash with yet another ‘Never-Trump’ congressman is simply not an option. It’s time we unite behind the best candidate in this race to ensure that doesn’t happen,” Schindlbeck said.  

“There is only one candidate we’re confident will be a strong ally to the president in Congress, and that’s Joel Langlois. We will mobilize our network of Trump supporters in West Michigan and across the state to fight for Joel and do our part to help Make Congress Great Again.”

Schindlbeck spoke on how Langlois is the only candidate in the race who has stood behind Trump since the beginning. As the owner of The DeltaPlex Arena in Grand Rapids, he hosted multiple rallies for Trump on his way to victory in Michigan in 2016.

The Michigan Trump Republicans don’t endorse in all primaries, but considering one of the top critics of President Trump in the nation currently represents the district, they felt it was important.

They also warned of other Republican candidates in the race only supporting President Trump now because it’s politically convenient and specifically called out Peter Meijer for his attacks on him. They asked that Meijer apologize for these attacks including:

1.    His personal contribution to Common Defense just weeks prior to the 2016 General Election. Common Defense is an organization that was formed to stop President Trump. Their website states: “Common Defense was born out of the 2016 U.S. presidential election when military veterans recognized Donald Trump as a real threat. We knew that he could win and we mobilized to stop him.”
2.    His attacks on President Trump’s White House in an opinion piece he wrote where he accused the White House of “half-truths and outright lies.”
3.    His maximum allowable contribution to Justin Amash in 2017, after Amash had been attacking President Trump.
4.   His now-deleted Twitter account which had anti-Trump tweets, including a retweet of Justin Amash where Amash stated President Trump had engaged in impeachable conduct.
5.  Serving on the board of a Jeff Bezos and Michael Bloomberg funded PAC that helped the Democrats take control of Congress in 2018. With Honor PAC helped 30 Democrats across the country and has also made contributions to Nancy Pelosi and pro-abortion group Emily’s List.

The attacks they refer to were originally reported in a Breitbart story.

Meijer has yet to comment on his history of working against President Trump. In meetings and events, he’s attempted to make people believe he’s a Trump supporter. It will be difficult to continue to do so with the Michigan Trump Republicans now educating voters on his past.

The endorsement is a major blow to all of Langlois’ opponents since he now has the support of both the 2016 Michigan Trump State Director and the top organization of grassroots Trump supporters in the state.

In response to the endorsement, Langlois said, “I was with President Trump from the beginning and will have his back in Congress.  We need to unite pro-Trump Republicans behind our strongest candidate so that we don’t replace one Never-Trump congressman with another.  It’s an honor to receive the support of the Michigan Trump Republicans and I look forward to working with them to defeat Justin Amash and elect a strong supporter of our president.”