41% of Women Not Represented By Official Women’s March

The January 21st Women’s March on Washington made headlines over its decision to revoke the partnership of several pro-life organizations, citing its pro-abortion platform.

The women’s march issued a statement on Jan. 16th declaring it was an “error” that New Wave Feminists and other Pro-Life groups were permitted to partner with the official Women’s March. “The women’s March platform is pro-choice and has been from day one … We look forward to marching on behalf of individuals who share [our] view…”

Not to be deterred, New Wave Feminists, Students For Life, and other pro-life activists decided to still participate in the women’s march, leading the way through the streets of Washington.

Abby Johnson, a pro-life activist and a former clinic director at Planned Parenthood – whose
organization, And Then There Were None, also had its partnership in the march revoked – told TheBlaze that “it’s good to have some diversity of thought here.”

“And I think there’s more diversity of thought here than the Women’s March would like there to be,” Johnson said. “We have had people come up who were supportive.” Abby Johnson is scheduled to speak at the annual protest against Roe v. Wade, The March for Life, on January 27th. Kellyanne Conway, President Trump’s campaign manager, is also on the scheduled.

Other protesters and activists, who apparently were marching for only some women’s rights, took offense at a Pro-life presence at the march. Members of the pro-life group Students For Life claimed that a pro-abortion protester spit on them during their march, and also claim that another marcher attempted to burn through their “Abortion Betrays Women” banner with a lit cigarette.

Tina Whittington, the executive vice president of Students for Life, told TheBlaze that their effort was about “making sure the pro-life voice was heard.”

“Abortion betrays women, it hurts women and it ends the life of their child,” she said.

Whittington said most women support some restrictions on abortion. Her statement is backed up by polling: a May 2016 Gallup poll found 69% of U.S. adults support some restrictions on abortion. Further, a 2014 Gallup poll found 41% of Women identify as “Pro-Life” and 50% identify as “Pro-Choice.”