Ron Paul Says Ted Cruz Is Owned By Big Banks

Ron Paul Says Ted Cruz Is Owned By Big Banks

(AP Photo/Eric Gay)

Former Congressman Ron Paul says supporters of his son Rand should not back Sen. Ted Cruz for President.

Paul says the Texas Senator is owned by big banking interests like Goldman Sachs.

According to Politico:

“Now that Rand Paul is out of the race for the White House his father Ron Paul, who ran in 2008 and 2012, isn’t impressed by Ted Cruz’s attempts to pick up the “free market” libertarian banner.

“You take a guy like Cruz, people are liking the Cruz — they think he’s for the free market, and [in reality] he’s owned by Goldman Sachs.”



  1. So Cruz went into Iowa and ALONE called for the end of ethanol subsides! The man PROVED that he cannot be owned. Paul, you are growing senile (and yeah, as a man from Texas, I know all about you).

    • Cruz is a senator from Texas. He has financial support from oil interests (look it up). While I happen to agree with his stance on ethanol, his support by big oil disqualifies him from being a profile in courage.

  2. ALL politicians owe their soul to big banks and military contractors. When you search it out, the military complex is what ultimately runs the business world in the USA and about every other government except mid east and oil runs that. Before y’all say I am crazy research it~~~~

  3. Even though he is not running I see nothing but fear from these posts. Ron Paul will always trump what you all say. No pun intended Mr. Trump. Does the Constitution have to be ripped up more and more by your fear? Or maybe you side with other so-called rhinos that promise you this or that. You want truth start listening!

    • The term ‘so called’ is used when something or someone presents as something that they are not. Using it the way you have is the equivalent of a double negative. If they are “so called” RINOs (yes, it’s RINO not rhino) then they are true Republicans. Also, what exactly are they promising? I think you are confused with Dem team’s clowns.
      And fear? Where? Give some examples because right now it seems like you have a reading comprehension problem. Maybe just a comprehension problem.

      • I wOndREd how long it would take an infamous spell chek wizard to come along and try to comprehend what I was stating. No these that have posted have the same comprehension as you. Do you fear Ron Paul? Maybe not. Or do you side with the RINO establishment itself? That might be the answer. Did not take long for the Ron Paul hater crowd to present its feelings. The next time you read something that you feel is below you ignore it. Move along nothing to see here. Bahhhh.

        • Okay, first, this has nothing to do with spell check. You spelled rhino perfectly fine, it’s just that it’s large animal with a horn on its face and what you meant was a Republican In Name Only. See the difference? Words have meaning…except your words. Your words are crazy. I don’t hate Ron Paul, in fact, I’ve always admired him and I have also always supported Rand. I also do not side with the establishment of anything. I don’t know what you’re trippin’ on buddy, but you need to push yourself away from the table. There is nothing of your rant to comprehend, don’t flatter yourself that I would try. BTW, you didn’t post any examples of fear. Is it just a psychic feeling or something?

          • No my words are not crazy. You brought yourself to this table missy without looking at all the posts. I read what the folks were quoting and most are afraid of what Ron says. Read their posts. Are we not here to debate if we have maybe just a pittance of some advice. I receive posts from Ron to this day and he knows along with a few other gentlemen what is going on in this country. Google his website if your looking to understand what he is saying. It’s not just Cruz, no matter who we vote for, try to vote for the establishment RINO’S, DEMS want and always will control D.C. Go to POGM.ORG start reading there if you dare. There is even a post about Ron Paul in the negative but I can glean from what I read. I will tell you one thing though if you do go to the website you will either call me an idiot and have no idea what this country is going to become if we all do not start believing what is right in front of our faces or I need help. That’s okay missy because it did not take a fake, false psychic as you refer to, to bring that to fruition. You want truth start reading. If I am the idiot then debate is over. Can’t please everyone even though I try. Now take a trip on that because your reference is out of date.

          • Well princess, you’re completely off topic and not saying anything remotely relative to what I said. You’re a retard.

          • You deride to name calling but what I gave you missy was all you needed. I said I see nothing but fear in all the comments. You must have gone to the websites and crashed because I showed you truth. Do not be afraid of those websites you might learn something but I digress I see fear from you also. One last thing that you can stick in your cap though is “sticks and stones”.

  4. Carson all the way…the one true conservative , and constitutionally knowledged candidate on the stage that IS NOT a politician nor pandering with them or the big money elites! He’s refused mill and bill money…and he was writing books on our Gov structure, foundation, constitution and bill of rights before Cruz or Rubio ever entered the Senate, lol, they only have two years experience…and no leadership or accountability job experience. Carson’s Curriculem Vitae blows them way out of the water with Leadership and accountability background…as well as Business background. Trump is a Soros puppet (among others)…no thanks.

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