Iowa Newspaper Questions Cruz’s Christian Values After Caucus Controversy

Iowa Newspaper Questions Cruz’s Christian Values After Caucus Controversy

The Des Moines Register, Iowa’s largest newspaper, is questioning GOP Presidential hopeful Ted Cruz’s Christian values after controversial campaign tactics ahead of Monday’s caucus.

The paper spotlighted the “voter violation” mailers Cruz sent out.

According to The Hill:

“The Des Moines Register is accusing Ted Cruz of carrying out a “campaign of deceit,” and calling his actions troubling for Iowa Republican voters.

The state’s paper-of-record charged the Cruz campaign with peddling “pure, unadulterated fiction” when it sent voting mailers that appeared to be from the government.

The mailers told voters they had received a “voting violation” because of poor caucus participation in the past and for sharing information about other voters.

“This was simply a politically motivated attempt to shame certain people into caucusing by assigning them “grades” and “scores” that had absolutely no legitimacy,” the paper wrote. “In essence, the mailer was a complete lie, from start to finish.”

Cruz won the Monday caucuses by a margin of 3 percent, ahead of Donald Trump and Marco Rubio. But Trump has bashed Cruz’s conduct, calling for the results to be voided and threatening a lawsuit.



  1. This is based on the premise that the Iowa voters are naive rubes that can’t recognize a get out the vote flyer when they see it. That is thinking like a democrat.

    • Cruz is a politician–he is crooked just like the rest–if you listen to him he crosses himself on the way from one lie to the next. HE IS NO DIFFERENT THAN THE REST–we need a president that is NOT a POLITICIAN–either Carson or Trump–then THEY can be corrupted but they will get some honest things done before that happens.

  2. It’s the tactics and the purposeful disenfranchisement of Carson voters that put Cruz’s Christian values into question. To win at any cost/ends justify the means is not in our handbook.

    • Putting out a media LIE to win the caucus in Iowa should tell people how he would be as a president–just as dishonest as Clinton or Obama!! In western lingo; “He crapped his saddle”.

  3. All of this Iowa thing stinks. What the heck – isn’t it 2016 and can’t they figure out a better way to vote than this. The whole process is ripe for fraud and deceit. Iowans need to join this century..

  4. At this point , Cruz is the only Republican candidate left that is a real born again Christian and has a chance to win.

      • Dr. Carson seems to be but he still belongs to a religious cult that has some very strange and even false doctrines. Look up and study the 7th Day Adventist organization. Google Ellen G. White and what her religious organization believes.

  5. Professed Christians that have a devotion to Jesus as their Savior do not Cheat, Connive and Lie as Ted Cruz and his still unfired Staffers did in the Iowa Caucus Voting process! A totally inexcusable act of a defined Voters Fraud and Party Incumbent Ethics! Ben Carson is the Forerunning Incumbent that was targeted to benefit the Cruz vote numbers! Which obviously worked by his Staffers unethical fraudulent lies to the Iowan Voters that Ben Carson was dropping out of the Republican Incumbency Race!

    Ted Cruz needs to be immediately excused from the Republican Incumbency Forum if the RNC expects to save any face and not damage nor affect their chances of defeating the Demacratic Runner.

    Ted Cruz now thinks he is a God of sorts, so let him run as a Independent and lets see how fast his supporters abandon him to ruin!

    So Be It

  6. How many times has the Des Moines register registered their outrage against Mr Obama’s actions in the past six and a half years? Could they assize have a slight bias ad see evil in everyone who is to o their side?

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