Chelsea Clinton Snubs A 4th Grader As She Flees Press Scrutiny: When...

Chelsea Clinton Snubs A 4th Grader As She Flees Press Scrutiny: When Will It End?

Chelsea Clinton

Reports say Chelsea Clinton’s lack of press scrutiny and continued attempts to evade questions must come to an end.

It goes back many years:  in 2007, Chelsea even told a 4th grader to buzz off and refused to answer the elementary student’s question…

According to Politico:

“In 2007…she refused to talk to the press, famously brushing off a fourth-grader from Scholastic News at a campaign event who asked her an innocuous political question.

“I’m sorry,” Chelsea said. “I don’t talk to the press and that applies to you, unfortunately. Even though I think you’re cute.”

As Vanity Fair reported, in early 2008 the Clinton campaign placed “warning calls” to David Shuster, then at MSNBC, the day after he asked her a couple of questions (that went unanswered) at a campaign event. Chelsea, age 27, was off-limits, the campaign said.

As the Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign gathered steam, Chelsea agreed to sit for interviews with the press, but most of them were of the softball variety with Fusion, Ellen DeGeneres and Extra. But whenever the questions turn probing, Chelsea tends to shut down.”



  1. Like mother, like daughter. She is a user like her parents. How does her husband feel when Hillary keeps talking about going after Wall Street. Will that include him. Not.

  2. I just heard that Bill might not be her real father; who is? If that’s true, that would make her fair game for her lech stand-in.

    • I also heard that Bill is not Chelsea’s real father, I heard that Bill is sterile and can’t have children.

    • Dan, just ask your phones Mic. is Chelsea Clinton bills daughter, you can read all you want.But, as I understand it,The real father is Wes Hubble who had a long standing affair with the homo now at the firm in little Rock when bill was Attn. General of Ar. He does not give a damn what she does and she is the same with him, she had just as many women coming and going as he did. But, by the looks and actions of him on TV his health is going down hill and he my have aids.

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