Obama Just Made A Major Factual Mistake About California Terror Mom Tashfeen...

Obama Just Made A Major Factual Mistake About California Terror Mom Tashfeen Malik In Tonight’s Speech

President Obama incorrectly stated in his speech tonight that Cali terror Mom Tashfeen Malik did not enter the country on a visa.

She did.

According to Politico:

“In announcing one of the new steps his administration is taking to secure the U.S. from terrorists, President Barack Obama’s carefully scripted Sunday night address to the nation included at least one mistake.

Obama said he’d requested a review of the “visa waiver program” under which one of the San Bernardino attackers arrived in the United States. But that assailant, Tashfeen Malik, came under a fiancé visa; she didn’t arrive under the program that waives a visa requirement.

“I’ve ordered the departments of State and Homeland Security to review the visa waiver program under which the female terrorist in San Bernardino originally came to this country,” Obama said in the prime-time address.

White House officials confirmed after the speech that the president was supposed to say “visa program,” but apparently the word “waiver” also slipped through. The official transcript includes a correction.”



  1. We know what Obama is… A liar, cheating, stupid, man who can give a speech he can read ‘with feeling’….I believe firmly that someone else is pulling his strings and our government should. We must protest this weakling who continues to offend our friends and get him out of office now.

    • obola knows nothing, reads krap from teleprompters, has no idea what is on them. I fast forwarded through him on DVR and watched the style that made people faint in 2008: he bobbles to the right and then raises his left hand and then he bobbles to the left and raises his right hand and then he repeats the bobbles. I wonder how many years he took to learn that delivery.

      • Float like a fairy & lie like a rug. It is just doing what it is: nothing all dressed up as hope & change…albeit very badly if one is to just watch it without paying attention to “the little man on our shoulder”. We’ve got a monkey on our backs! However shall we KICK this bad habit?

  2. But the Syrians are STILL OK because they are just women and children!!!! I guess children blowing up bus stops in Israel do NOT count and I will not mention that the woman in question “radicalized” her husband???

    • No one knows that! He doesn’t look like the smartest jerk anyway, but he knew what radical terror was before he traveled into Pakistan and met with a few radicals. However the word “radicalized” is one if the dumbest words. Is just sounds as if he was “candied” or “covered in” or sprayed with that mist of RAD, that made him kill.
      The fact is he was in search of his own jihad and found a partner that felt as he did. I believe they made that choice together.


  3. So the dumbass can’t even read his own speech correctly? Tell me again – who voted for this unvetted guy??? Oh – you did???

  4. I am ashamed to say that some of my relatives voted for this idiot both times because they are democraps, no matter who runs as a Demoncrap they vote for him and I hope they realize what a terrible mistake that was.

  5. At first, I thought mr BH oblama was just an incompetent. Not anymore, he knows EXACTLY what he is doing. He hates the United States and, as he said, “We are going to Fundamentally Change America” Yep, he wants to turn America into a third world country. Hell, why else would he allow; Millions of Illegal Aliens into the United States? Ebola Infected patients Into the United States? 10s, if not 100s of thousands of Syrian, Islamic Terrorist Infested, Refugees into the United States.

    • William,

      I’m happy you have seen the Light !….Many of us have been telling our fellow Americans, for over 8 years now….Obama is a plant of the Marxist, Communist, Progressive, NWO, DNC….Obama was never vetted by Congress, each State’s Board of Elections, our Courts and the FBI.

      Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, Dick Durbin, Chuck Schumer and many other members of the Democrat party, as well as our INTELLIGENCE community, have known from the beginning….Obama’s a FRAUD and a LIAR….They are all guilty of TREASON.

    • AND where was our so called American Politicians that took an OATH to stop this very thing that Obama is doing??Wake up People we have been BETRAYED. Study the “TENTH AMENDMENT” this is our MOVE> NO MORE WAITING AROUND ON CONGRESS FOR SURE. WE NEED A DONALD TRUMP. Don’t listen to any Jeb Bushes running him down. they don’t know what fools there making of them selves.the Bushes are not what you think they are. Tired of all the career politicians??Time to tale the choice out of the secret society THE ILLUMINATI that have been choosing our Presidents for years.Please take time to know the truth don’t let them keep you in the dark. GO HERE http://rense.com/general58/suspre.htm

    • As well as putting himself in danger, as ISIS has declared their goal to attack the White House and burn it to the ground, beheading him and . . . whatever else to his family. As a true Post-modern, he lives in his own Self-constructed and Self-centered reality, where Muslims make joyous music through their calls to prayer (“the most beautiful sound on earth” he said), Christians are haters (he embraced Jeremiah Wright’s hate-filled sermon-rants for 20 years), and Socialism will make all things equal (tell that to the millions killed by Stalin and Mao). He is the quintessential liberal, where theory is Real and reality an inconvenience, where facts are valid only when they agree with ideology, where order is tyranny (“laws”) and destruction is productive (Ferguson, Baltimore, BLM).

      As in all else, he leads from behind into the liberal maelstrom, buoyed up by the passionate minority who find in him anything they want, the perfect non-descript personality, smiling while he produces perfectly meaningless, yet deeply balanced nuances in which all things coalesce. “On the one hand . . . and the other” — neither correct in themselves but virtuous in his mind as they coexist in some irrational melding of thought.

      The mainstream (90% Democrat) media defend Obama because he is (half) Black and therefore historical; Blacks support him because he is “one of them” (though he — having been raised in Hawaii and Indonesia as a Muslim, schooled in a Madrasa, mentored by Frank Marshall Davis, a communist, “educated” in some miraculous way at Occidental and Harvard — is nothing like most African-Americans (a point made clear by Bill Clinton, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton in 2008). Homosexuals support him because he is bi-sexual and their champion against the 90% of Americans who defend traditional marriage (along with all of human history, with only minor exceptions along the way).

      He gives every indication of being the child of his spiritual father, Lucifer, having been given power to rule the world in exchange for handing over his soul. Lucifer the father of lies. Lucifer the deceiver. Lucifer, the destroyer of man, leading us into temptation, sin, degradation, and death as quickly as possible, lest we find our way to the One Who made us and loves us. Lucifer, who relishes death and violence and destruction, and Obama, who arms jihadis in Syria, ignores “JV” ISIS in Iraq despite two years of warnings by his best intelligence officials, opens American borders in violation of American law, deems the massacre of 130 in Paris “a setback” and the 14 celebrating Christmas in California a “tragedy of gun violence,” and fears most of all a “disgusting backlash of Americans against peace-loving Muslims who are only here to share their wisdom with all of us.”

      JL, I went off the map replying to your post, but he IS putting us all in danger, the greatest nation under God known to man. While we have lost our way since the 1960s, we remain the one best hope for freedom lovers around the world. Just not under this sheep in wolves’ clothing.

  6. Headline as written:

    “Obama Just Made A Major Factual Mistake About California Terror Mom Tashfeen Malik In Tonight’s Speech”

    Headline as it should have been written:

    “Obama Just Made Yet Another Factual Mistake About California Terror Mom Tashfeen Malik In Tonight’s Speech”

    There, fixed it for ya.

  7. Just announced on FoxNews (Ed Henry)…..”Several ISIS members have applied to come into the U.S…..via the ‘Syrian Refugee Program’ “.

    ISIS is here already…They keep coming in…and Obama and his EVIL cabal does NOTHING about it….Hillary and every DemocRAT wants to continue this Traitorous practice….WILL Patriotic Americans finally STAND UP and BE COUNTED ?

    I see only one way out of this Progressive, Marxist, DemocRAT agenda….VOTE ~ TRUMP !!!

  8. And Hillary says …owning guns helps ISIS…Definitely the ignorant and stupid leading and wanting to lead our country. Ya know ya just can’t make this stuff up !

  9. Obama is doing a great job for what his cronies put him in there for, namely to tear down the USA. He is breaking us, turning us into hating one another, turning this country into a Muslim nation, trying to leave us defenseless against tyranny by trying to disarm us, and I could go on, but my point is that he is doing a great job for what his money people want him to do what they want to the USA.

  10. The ONLY things Obama is good at ,,, Deceiving the American people, shrinking our great military, entertaining our enemies & kissing the a** of Putin & CHINA who CAN’T WAIT TO BLOW US UP! He has made our nation look weak to the world & is a disgrace to America!!!

  11. How long are our SPINELESS Congress going to let this IDIOT EMBARRASS OUR COUNTRY. You all need your asses kicked out of our WHITE HOUSE.You have BETRAYED US AND IT WILL NOT GO UNRECOGNIZED the FACT YOU HAVE IGNORED THE OATH YOU TOOK IS A CRIME .WE HAVE LOST FAITH IN OUR GOVERNMENT , BUT FOR A few YOU ARE ALL traitors. punishment for that is to be hung untill YOU NO LONGER, WELL i THINK YOU HAVE THE PICTURE. HOPE YOU DON’T THINK WERE SETTING BACK DOING NOTHING, surprise some early morning when the news come on.

  12. Oblamer is the worst POTUS of all times. He lies, deceives, is a muslim himself, is a marxist, is a racist, is a narcissistic megalomaniac and has not one ounce of integrity. He is an America-hater is treasonous and so is Hillary… TIME TO IMPEACH THIS JERK and DO NOT VOTE FOR HILLARY.. IT’LL BE THE SAME.

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