Ben Carson Blasts Obama’s Failure To Stop California Terror Mom From Entering...

Ben Carson Blasts Obama’s Failure To Stop California Terror Mom From Entering The United States

2016 GOP Presidential hopeful Dr. Ben Carson blasted the failure of President Obama’s administration to prevent Tashfeen Malik from entering America and subsequently killing 14 in the biggest terror attack on American soil since 9/11.

According to his Facebook:

“Today we learned that the female shooting suspect in California was apparently approved for a Visa from the Department of Homeland Security — using a fake address on her application,” Carson said. “If this does not cause an immediate stop to the President’s Syrian Refugee Program, I am not sure what will. The fact is that ISIS has promised to try and infiltrate our country by attempting to disguise their members as refugees. This shooting not only confirms that ISIS’s mission has been brought to our shore, but also confirms my greatest fear — they have been able to get a radicalized Islamic terrorist through our vetting system.



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          • So what nation’s toilet did you sneak in here from? Syria? Afghanistan? Oh wait! Mexico?

  1. 100% Agree! We’re not as dumb as evidently Obamination thinks the U.S. citizens are. Either see to our security or LEAVE.

  2. Dr. Carson is for the American people, Obama is for the Muslims….period. He proves it more and more everyday.

  3. I also wonder what Obama’s motives are for wanting to take in the Syrian refugees. I know it’s not for humanitarian reasons.

  4. people are making the Mistake that Obama is just peace loving and caring person..and that he is bringing in this Trojan horse on the basis they need help..When in fact it’s Obama’s Agenda to bring in the terrorist he has funded and created since 2008 and now is their time since Obama;s term is ending he plans on completing that Agenda of destroying America…The only thing Obama does not understand About America is that it’s Strength lives within the American People not The Government nor Our Economy and Military that he has depleted ..The real Giant is US Our Faith of a Christian Nation that will not offer our heads to Isis but instead give them our Lead !..

    • This is NOT a Christian nation, It is a secular nation! If it were Christian, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights would have said so. Do you really want to live in a theocracy like Iran or Saudi Arabia? Hundreds of years ago, most of the world ‘s population lived in theocracies. It was called the Dark Ages. That is why Islamic terrorists want the world to go back to their golden era of the 7th century. Better think again, or you may get what you wish for (god forbid)

      • Our country was based on Judeo-Christian values. No one is advocating for the U.S. to become a theocracy. Also, 80% of the U.S. population consider themselves Christians.

          • It wasn’t about what I think, it was just the truth – your comment was inaccurate. You have a computer, all this is easily researched if you care about the truth.

        • Your comment referred to a “Christian Nation”. By definition, that would be a theocracy. That is not what the founding fathers intended because they knew how divisive that would be based on their experience with their old countries. It makes little difference what religion we are talking about. They are all exclusive and divisive.

          • No it didn’t. You read more into it than what it is. I said we are BASED on Judeo-Christian values. We have never been or ever will be close to a theocracy.

          • Where did this come from??

            ..”The real Giant is US Our Faith of a Christian Nation”

            You see? I am not making this up!

    • the strength maybe in a lot of the American people who don’t side with Obama but we also have a lot of the the Obama Trojan horses that side with him and that is what is so bad that they side with a terrorist,dictator who wants his legacy left behind like Hitler,many still defend the moron just like some of the comments people post—–it is sickening

  5. Keep in Mind they have been finding the families in California that have come in as refugee’s are now missing family members from their household and cannot explain their whereabouts …I would expect they are preparing for mass attacks and Cali better buckle us since they have chased out the Gun Shops and made it timely to buy a weapon to protect themselves…They who offer to give up their guns have already offered up their heads !! Hell is about to be unleashed upon the Liberal States !!

  6. May God continue to bless and guide Dr.Ben Carson through the next 13 months and then through his presidency… Please God. AMEN

    • I remember when I was a kid and every Shabbat we said a prayer calling for blessings and guidance for our president and his advisors. I’m now an atheist, but I liked the recognition by a religion that Americans should have these kinds of feelings toward their elected officials.

      I’m now an atheist, and I still have the same empathy for your prayers for Dr Carson, Carol. But I ask you please to remember – a lot of good Christians either actually do sound exclusionary when talking about their faith and certain candidates, whether seeing a natural support for someone like Dr Carson, or seeing a natural but most unfortunate lack thereof, as what happened with a substantial number of evangelicals and their active opposition to Mitt Romney because they despise the LDS Church. You certainly don’t sound exclusionary, you sound most sincere and while Dr Carson isn’t my first choice (leaning Cruz at the moment), I hope that there are a lot of Americans who think and pray as you do in regard to their candidates.

      The problem, at the heart, with “religious” endorsements or calls for prayer for a candidate, is that the implication is that if you disagree or don’t join in, you are offending God in the eyes of those offering the prayer. I also believe we have to be selective, as I am sure you are. Meaning I am more than confortable with someone praying for Dr Carson or most of the other GOP candidates – I’m afraid that praying for Trump sounds more like a bid to be on a TV reality show than a genuine prayer – but I find the idea of praying for Obama to be utterly repulsive. After all, Muslims don’t pray for Obama; he doesn’t support Sharia law or the destruction of Israel – well, not openly, anyway. I cannot get my head around the idea that if Muslims wouldn’t pray for the traitorous SOB that anyone else of any faith would want to. Yikes!

  7. Thanks for this, it’s been a long time since I laughed hard enough to spit coffee on my computer screen! How about this for an idea: Maybe, just maybe, instead of this malarkey we could find ONE SINGLE CANDIDATE who actually has a chance at winning this election? I’m fairly certain that Trump AND Carson are secret Democrat plants to insure their victory and it’s going to work because we are so damn stupid as to think ANY of them are actually electable.

      • We have become the party for stupidity and hate, I’m going to reregister as an Independent voter and I feel pretty good about that decision.

          • Allrighty but here’s your problem: I live in Republican Valhalla oilfield land and even here, the reddest state in the nation, the general opinion is that our party has taken the hatefulness and willful ignorance to brand new lows and while, as a whole, we wont vote Democrat and cant vote Republican in good conscience with the current crop of awful candidates SO we just wont vote at all. Do you understand what that means? Do you understand the likely consequences of an enormous block of voters (because I understand this apathy is happening all over America) that no longer feel their party represents their political or social beliefs? We have been hijacked by lunatics and the fact that we allowed that to happen will not bode well for ANYBODY in the end. Have a nice day.

          • If you are so jaded with republicans, go independent. You want to stay home? Stay home and don’t bitch about what the results are. I was an independent and switched to republican so I could vote in the republican primary because I sure as hell don’t want Hillary Clinton as the next POTUS. Btw, you certainly do not sound like a conservative….more like a RINO. Do you understand what that means?

          • That would be an acceptable attitude for you to have if it were just me you’re talking to BUT it’s NOT just me. There are many millions -MILLIONS- of potential GOP voters who feel just like I do. WAKE UP because the way it’s going, the best you can hope for is that Bernie beats Hillary. And later, when you’re bitching about ‘President Sanders/ President Clinton’, you’ll have no one to blame but the teanuts for it and people like you who’s scorched Earth attitudes drove reasonable people away so CONGRATS on all that.

          • Well, MILLIONS of evangelicals stayed home last time because the RNC put up Mitt Romney, so you can call people in YOUR party teanuts all you want. Wow, your crystal ball must be bigger than your head because you certainly know it all, you condescending twit.

          • I’m an old lady who has seen many cycles of this play out so no crystal ball necessary as human nature doesn’t change. Evangelicals made a lot of noise in the last election but they DID indeed show up to vote, in unheard of masses. How do you not know that?

    • you are the one who sounds so stupid–my guess you would vote for the killer of the four Americans who died,with no remorse no respect and with Obama’s flood gates from hell being open maybe when ISIS start mowing down all the Americans maybe stupid morons like will be the first in line being it is for sure sounds like you hate people who don’t agree with you

          • Well you got one thing right, you do indeed speak your damaged mind. I won’t be reading anything else you vomit onto your keyboard, have a nice evening.


  9. How does the Syrian refugee issue relate to this person’s VISA request?
    Refugee status is a 2 year process sanctioned by the UN. VISA status
    is a ten minute paper workout so long as you’re sponsored by a US
    citizen or US entity.
    Additionally, this woman came from Pakistan, not Syria. If you were to have stopped the humanitarian (and christ-like) acceptance of refugees from war-torn Syria and Iraq, you would have done nothing to stop this woman entering the USA.

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