Here’s What Ben Carson Thinks About Trump’s Support For A Muslim Database

Here’s What Ben Carson Thinks About Trump’s Support For A Muslim Database

2016 GOP Presidential hopeful Ben Carson says he disagrees with Donald Trump after a reporter asked the real estate mogul if he supports a special database for Muslims.

According to The Hill:

“Ben Carson says creating a registry to track Muslims, an idea floated by GOP presidential rival Donald Trump, sets a “pretty dangerous precedent.”

“I think we should have a database on everybody who comes into this country,” Carson told reporters on Friday in New Hampshire, where he filed to be on the primary ballot.

Pressed by a reporter on whether he would denounce Trump’s call for a database focused specifically on registering Muslim Americans, Carson rejected the idea of filtering people based on their religion.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea to treat anybody differently. One of the hallmarks of America is that we treat everybody the same,” Carson said.

“So if we’re just going to pick out a particular group of people based on their religion, based on their race, based on some other thing — that’s setting a pretty dangerous precedent, I believe,” he added.”



  1. I can’t imagine the paper shuffling data crunching folks in D.C. Have not thought of that already. They most likely have a file on everyone, not just immigrants, from cradle to the grave. The problem is that they are not very good at using it. Their computers still do not talk to each other. Billions of dollars are spent but the illegals can still vanish not the woodwork even though we have their photo and fingerprints. We need sponsors for immigrants who are willing to pay steep fines if the immigrant vanishes.

  2. Here’s what we are up against … Martin Luther warned about appeasing Islam 500 years ago

    Martin Luther wrote: “The Turk ( Muslim ) is the rod of the wrath of
    the Lord our God. … If the Turk’s god, the devil, is not beaten first,
    there is reason to fear that the Turk will not be so easy to beat. …
    Christian weapons and power must do it…”

  3. I support Dr.Ben Carson in what he said. Trump made the comment and is now walking it back. And yes Dr. Ben Carson had a “Christian message” as Dennis Peliiccia said of Martin Luther’s message.

    • I think all Muslims should be monitored. They do not want to follow our laws and want to empliment Sharia Law. They should except our way of life or go back to the wonderful way of life in their country that they have devastated for 1000s of years. Vote for Trump to preserve our FREEDOM!!!!

  4. Good idea when that segment of the world has a history of murder and mayhem. Sure, the rank and file likely just like any sampling of population in Christian countries. However, there is a sharp contract to the behavior and tolerance of Muslims for Christian. The only status with them is temporary slavery until disposed as history reads it.

  5. I support Dr. Ben Carson’s suggestion… Keep info on all people entering our country. No one should be singled out for religion…. Reminds me of those in Europe required to wear Yellow Stars….

  6. If anyone thinks Trump will restore our freedoms better look again. Trump is all about himself and self destroying any candidate that disagrees with him “Mr. Know It All”. You don’t speak in Iowa last week like he did call any Iowa citizen that is going to vote for Dr. Carson “STUPID”. He is calling the citizens in the state he is speaking in “STUPID”. And now he’s shaking his head as to why his numbers in the Iowa poll dropped? I think a 2 year old could figure that out. He is attacking all the candidates and that just proves what a bully he really is. And if this is his personality how will he treat other foreign leaders? If they disagree with them call them STUPID??? His ego is his worst enemy.

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