Developing: 8 Syrian Refugees Arrested Trying To Enter America Through Texas

Developing: 8 Syrian Refugees Arrested Trying To Enter America Through Texas

Reports say 8 Syrian refugees have been arrested at the U.S./Mexico border trying to enter America via Texas.

According to Breitbart:

“Two federal agents operating under the umbrella of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) are claiming that eight Syrian illegal aliens attempted to enter Texas from Mexico in the Laredo Sector. The federal agents spoke with Breitbart Texas on the condition of anonymity, however, a local president of the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC) confirmed that Laredo Border Patrol agents have been officially contacting the organization with concerns over reports from other federal agents about Syrians illegally entering the country in the Laredo Sector. The reports have caused a stir among the sector’s Border Patrol agents.

The sources claimed that eight Syrians were apprehended on Monday, November 16, 2015. According to the sources, the Syrians were in two separate “family units” and were apprehended at the Juarez Lincoln Bridge in Laredo, Texas, also known officially as Port of Entry 1.

Border Patrol agent and NBPC Local 2455 President Hector Garza told Breitbart Texas, “Border Patrol agents who we represent have been contacting our organization to voice concerns about reports from other agents that Syrians crossed the U.S. border from Mexico in the Laredo Sector. Our agents have heard about Syrians being apprehended in the area from other federal agents.”

Garza  said he couldn’t confirm or deny reports because of security reasons….



  1. Illegal Syrian Refugees will continue to enter the U.S. Illegally and Obama will do nothing about it.

    Obama seems to have a deep hate for the United States of America and the U.S. Citizens as he continues to dismantle America’s economy & freedoms.

    May God Bless and Protect the American Citizens from their elected leaders.

    How many American Citizens will have to be murdered before Obama does the job he was elected to do, Represent & Protect the American Citizens, the U.S. Constitution..

    Right now, Obama seems completely out of control as he protects his Muslim Brothers and Islamic Beliefs….

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    Nuttin to see here–move along, peons! Probably just another couple of dreamers wanting to improve the lives of all American Citizens and Legal Immigrants. With their great new cooking recipes for tasty Syrian delights. And to spice up our celebrations a tad.
    That’s why they brought their pressure cookers and fireworks with them! Boston Marathon style “treats”. It would just be RACISS!! not to let them in, give them all the great U.S. welfare bennies, and watch them flower here.

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