Watch: ISIS Threatens New York City As Next Attack Site In Chilling...

Watch: ISIS Threatens New York City As Next Attack Site In Chilling New Video

The group known as the “Islamic State” already mentioned Washington D.C. as a possible target for the terror group earlier this week, and now ISIS is singling out another American icon: New York City.

In a chilling new video the group posted today, they say New York City may be the next site under attack.

>>>Watch the ISIS video about NYC below:



  1. We are not the worlds caretakers. We have homeless in every state

    already, we don’t need to import more. Obama has not taken care of the
    problems we already have in this country. Obama is content with
    extremist behavior. The far left is responsible for extremist behavior.
    The Establishment, the whole administration has done nothing but
    preserve Chaos, he is willing to invite more… put our citizens in
    danger… this is a violation of his oath of office. The number one responsibility is the safety of our citizens.

    I wish the left would stop bleeding internally for these people. The
    POTUS is the most divisive president this country has ever had. He is
    purposely so. Just follow the laws, and his first priory is safety and
    welfare of the Citizens, not illegals and refugees.

    Liberals be like… ISIS is not Islam. (ISLAMIC STATE)

    Liberals be like…then go back to the country your parents came from… THIS IS NOT IMMIGRATION.

    Liberals be like…Bush is to blame for ISIS, no… ISIS was created by
    Obama/Clinton when Obama pulled out, and the rebels we armed fighting
    Assad in Syria, became ISIS…

    Liberals be like…we killed
    Jihadi John, etc. Obama doing his job… we’ve done 6500 air raids to
    kill 30,000 people… and we are barely making a dent. That’s alot of
    wasted time, money.. what the hell is he bombing?

    Liberals be
    like…global warming is more important than ISIS… Some even say ISIS
    is caused by Global Warming… Yet some even say we need to be
    compassionate and give these people money and jobs. What planet are you

    Liberals be like…Republicans are evil, the blame of all..
    No, that is what Liberal media and elected liberals have taught you for
    50 years.. completely untrue.

    Liberals be like….Republicans
    full of hate…not the way it looks…Seems, unless you side with
    liberals on their issues, they HATE you, which is half this country.

    Liberals be like…President isn’t muslim… well he may not be, but he
    was born it, his name is muslim, he’s spent many years in muslim
    schools with Muslim mentors. His chief adviser is muslim (iranian). He
    constantly praises Muslim countries, especially Iran.. and he’s making
    deals with Iran.

    Liberals be like… these refugees are
    children and Christians… Truth… 96% of the refugees are young
    muslim men at fighting age.

    Liberals be like Muslim is the
    religion of peace………. really? It’s the ONLY religion in this day
    an age that is practicing barbarism. Summarily killing people, gays,
    women, non-muslim.

    So why are liberals so off base? because they were taught it… and facts don’t matter.

    You are all putting us in danger…..

  2. We should make it very clear we will turn the desserts into glass beneath any anti-U.S. militant entity starting with the state of ISIS should a single U.S. citizen dies abroad or within our borders starting immediately until the Islamic calls for the destruction of Israel and the United States are apologized for and struck by all Islamist Religious, Government and Military Leaders. Every country – every Leader – every religious and governmental document. As ordered as a demand of the U.S. citizens to our military commanders all.
    Obama, his Cabinet and Administration and Appointees militarily removed from office as a whole and incarcerated as “Enemies of the State” for Treasonous Behaviors and Corruption to our U.S. Constitution and our Country as a Sovereign State based on Judeo/Christian Belief Standards.

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