Does This Photo Prove Obama Lied When He Claimed To Have Quit...

Does This Photo Prove Obama Lied When He Claimed To Have Quit Smoking?

President Obama has again claimed he hasn’t smoked a cigarette since “Obamacare” passed. Obama even repeated the claim in a recent interview.

However, a picture of Obama with the Italian Prime Minister has many wondering if Obama was caught sneaking a cig despite his claims otherwise…

According to The Hill:

“President Obama says in a new interview that he has not smoked a cigarette since healthcare reform passed in 2010.

In an interview with GQ, Obama was asked how many cigarettes he has smoked since he became president.“Zero in the last five years,” Obama replied. “I made a promise that once health care passed, I would never have a cigarette again. And I have not.”

In June, there was a speculation about a photo of the president where he was holding something that could have been a pack of cigarettes while talking to Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.

The White House later said that he was not holding cigarettes.”

Judge for yourself:




  1. Let’s not make a mountain out of a mole hill. He has done much worse in the realm of lying for us to worry about whether he has smoked or not. This is trivial, we got bigger things to look at in regards to this POS In The WH. Let us NOT stoop to the liberal media’s lowest level. We are far better than that.

      • I’m not disputing anything you said. I just feel that we intelligent ones can do better than wasting our time on this piddly crap. We need to nail him on bigger, more serious things.

  2. Really? With all the serious problems we have and this deserves coverage? I mean we know he’s a liar anyway. Geez, I can’t believe I wasted 30 seconds of my life on ths.

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