Breaking: Mastermind Of ISIS Paris Terror Attack DEAD After Police Raid

Breaking: Mastermind Of ISIS Paris Terror Attack DEAD After Police Raid

The man behind the horrendous terror attack last week in Paris is dead, sources say.

According to The Hill:

“The alleged mastermind of Friday evening’s terror campaign across Paris was reportedly killed in an early morning raid on an apartment in a northern suburb of the French capital on Wednesday.

François Molins, the Paris public prosecutor could not confirm The Washington Post report, instead claiming that the body of one of two people killed in the seven-hour siege has yet to be identified.

If confirmed, however, the death of Abdelhamid Abaaoud would be a major coup for French law enforcement officials, who have conducted a frantic manhunt in the days following Friday evening’s killings of 129 people across the French capital.

“The state of the body does not allow for identification,” Molins said at a Wednesday news conference, hours after the massive raid was conducted in the northern Paris suburb of St. Denis.

According to the Post, two senior intelligence officials had claimed that the dead man was Abaaoud, the Belgian man who had traveled to Syria and was said to be the architect of Friday evenings attacks across Paris.”



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