Breaking: 500 Syrian Refugees Headed To New Hampshire!

Breaking: 500 Syrian Refugees Headed To New Hampshire!

Despite significant concerns, 500 Syrian refugees are headed to the “live free or die” state according to the Police Chief in Manchester, New Hampshire.

According to the New Hampshire Union Leader:

“Members of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen voted Tuesday night against a motion supporting Gov. Maggie Hassan’s stance against accepting Syrian refugees in the state, following last week’s attacks in France.

Alderman Keith Hirschmann originally proposed the motion, saying the board would empower Mayor Ted Gatsas in any efforts to stop a potential influx of 500 refugees from Syria.

That figure came from Manchester Police Chief Nick Willard, who said he was told by members of the FBI that 500 Syrian refugees could be headed to New Hampshire.

“I was told during discussions with the FBI that 90,000 Syrian refugees are headed to the U.S., and 500 of them will be headed to New Hampshire,” said Willard.”



  1. Strange, the FBI says 90,000-figures the WH is putting out is 10,000. Liar, liar, pants on fire-we wish! Since Washington, DC is supposedly the #1 target of Isis, maybe we’ll get lucky & they’ll take the traitor out w/the capitol!

    • Gee, why are they telling us it will take 18 months to two years to vet these refugees who have absolutely have no verifiable identification?

      • Because—-by the time they can get them “vetted” they won’t even know WHERE THEY ARE!!! 1 in Baton Rouge had already disappeared before they even got through the paperwork! Wonder WHERE he went? Probably to the closest ISIS training camp!

    • No, he’ll have plenty of time to retreat to his luxury, underground, facilities. You can be sure ISIS will inform ‘their leader, Obama’ from any impending disaster to the American people.

      • Exactly. Get the word out, post on social media, get a bumper sticker, promote patriotism, faith, morals and stand tall.

        • You tell em’ Mary! I’ve been using Twitter a lot for zinging liberal politicians. Supposedly, they do get those “tweets” personally, so they have to see what you said, as opposed to emails and letters to our Cong. or Sen. that get screened by staff or just tossed into the round file. Plus a lot of other people see these “tweets” that you might otherwise never reach.

    • Unfortunately, it is not one man destroying our country. The destroyers are those who voted for him “twice”, the supporters, the liberals who continue to stand with him and the rest of the country who steps back and does nothing, afraid of being called racist. If Christians had vote in the last election instead of staying home because they don’t like Mormons, we would not be in this mess. I hope this will not be repeated in 2016. Our very existence depend upon informed voters coming to the polls.

      • And what about the rest of us who feel hopeless to do anything but call our Congressmen who are not in the least interested in what we think about this or anything other than getting reelected to their cushy, safe, and lucrative positions of power.

        • Keep calling, posting, talking and educating people on the problems that exist in our nation because of Obama and his henchmen and women.. We must keep plugging along.

          • I agree with you Mary. Now we need to get them off their rear ends and VOTE. I PRAY they will elect TRUMP and then help him clean our country up and get it back to the country it was PRIOR to Clinton. Things started going down from Billy boy, then we had Bushy and now Obummer. Granted Obummer was and is the worst. Bild the WALL and seal our boarders!!! We also need to PRAY that Obummer does NOT find a way or reason to enact his Martial Law plan. Then we would have LORD OBAMA and you know he is doing what ever he has to do so he can enact his plan. He will continue to bring this trash into our country so he can find or make his reason. Someone NEEDS to take his PEN and PHONE away from him. We need to get all of the STATES to STAND UP to him NOW like the 26 are. But again that should have been at least 45. We need to REMOVE him anyway we can.

        • Listen to Mary Mainer4!!! Until they physically put gags in our mouths, we need to keep on talkin’. I’ve been doing it for years and to my delight have actually brought some into the land of “oh, now I get it.” I realize your frustration, big time! We here in California, have the most liberals, environmental wackos, and just plain progressives of just about any state in the union. But…. they haven’t shut us up yet! We will keep on keepin’ on as long as we have breath to do so.

      • Why blame only non-Christians? Millions of American non Christians and Atheists are indeed very patriotic Americans and would never vote for an American hater like Obama.

        • Now, you read something that I did not say. I am talking about the Christians who stayed home in 2012 because they would not vote for a Mormon. I am not talking about those who voted for him as much as those who chose not to vote because Romney is a Mormon. I am not sure what non-Christians, Atheists and being patriotic has to do with my comment unless they did not vote for Romney because he is a Mormon and thus, the O won.

      • You are absolutely right on about the Christians staying home. I’ve been talking and talking to as many fellow Christians as I can since before 2008! It was said that 40% of evangelical Christians stayed home at that time, and again as you said in 2012. I think maybe now they are finally getting the picture. We need to realize we don’t have to be political, but we do have the responsibility to be good stewards of the government God gave us. If we put our head in the sand, the evil is not going to disappear. If we ignore it, it will not go away. If we allow it by our lack of involvement, then we are equally responsible for the outcome. I heard someone say once, “all it takes for evil to succeed, is for good men to do nothing.”

  2. New Hampshire had better get ready by purchasing a lot of barbed wire and placing the terrorist infested refugees into a camp surrounded by wire and armed guards.

  3. Your vote does not count. We need to take Washington back from these traitors. And put it in people hands where it belongs. You ever heard of the electoriail college? Ask Bush if he has heard of it. (please excuse my spelling I have had 2 strokes)

  4. Obama always by passes Congress, the Judicial System, and does not care about the security or welfare of the American Citizens..

    He considers himself the Supreme Leader of the United States of America. He seems to have a deep hate for American Citizens, is very protective of Muslim Terrorists, and cannot bring himself to actually say Muslim, or Islamic Terrorists…

    The Muslims he is sneaking into the United States are Islamic Muslims, where are the Christian Muslims ?

    They are the ones being murdered & beheaded !! I guess he prefers Islamic Muslims…

    May God Bless and Protect the American Citizens from their elected representatives !!

  5. As far as refugees is concerned this bothers me, refugees to
    the the US from Syria is 2098, of those 53 are Christians. They have beheaded
    more Christians than they have let leave.

    Also, we have more than 100,000 Muslims immigrate to the US
    every year.
    From Iraq, Afghanistan and other predominately Muslim nations. The goal of
    Muslims is convert or Kill the infidels. I really believe that this is the
    biggest threat to life as we know it.

  6. New Hampshire is a beautiful state devoid of crime and terror, please don’t send them there! It is one of the few bastions of a state from our glory days!


  8. New Hampshire, “The Live Free or Die” state needs to act quickly and decisively issuing President Obama and Congress that any refugee relocation to the State of New Hampshire will be met by the New Hampshire National Guard at the border and will be turned away and refused entrance and relocation. Should the New Hampshire National Guard refuse to follow the Governor’s orders as an entity New Hampshire’s Governor should call for a dissolution or simple an order to stand down and allow a state voluntary militia to be developed immediately under the U.S. Constitution’s Law of Governance and allow any off duty National Guard members coupled with New Hampshire citizens to build a chain of command to answer to and under New Hampshire State’s Governor’s final command authorization and notify President Obama and the U.S. Congress that refugee relocation will not be accepted today or any time in the future.
    Any relocation of refugees we be looked at as a unrepresented tax on the citizens of New Hampshire and will be deemed illegal under New Hampshire “Taxation without Representation” original Founders laws of intent.
    Then every state Governor within the United States should follow suit in an act of individual state support and of our country’s individual citizen’s rights to illegal taxation from and by a rogue federal government plan and executive enforcement against each state’s sovereignty and personal citizen’s rights.

    • Unfortunately Leon, while I totally agree with you, obummer will not allow this to happen. He has become so powerful, no one can stop him. All he has to do as so-called commander in chief, is send in UN troops to come against our own, and it’s a done deal. They are already trained and waiting in the wings for orders! Example of his power? He has already said the governors cannot legally stand by their individual states. So basically they are powerless. I wish it were not true. Personally I believe we are reaping what we have sown. By our lack of vigilance and involvement and also keeping ourselves abreast of what our legislators are actually doing, we have given up our freedoms! So sad.

  9. How come we do not see the refugees in other parts of the world that really hate America and other countries, refuse food and water and throw both away, etc? The media doesn’t show the refusal of sustenance and the throwing of rocks at people that want to help them and hate the police also.The reality of these people only shows the ” oppressed ” Muslims from other countries.

  10. Many men and young boys – where are all the women and girls? No teenage girls because they were sent to Muslims in the fields for sex. It gets lonely out there and men can only enjoy men for so long and besides, Aids and many other diseases are going rampant. Why bring the unknown diseases to other countries and the United States? Isn’t Welfare and Obamacare great?

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