You Won’t Believe What Ted Cruz Just Said About Mitch McConnell!

You Won’t Believe What Ted Cruz Just Said About Mitch McConnell!

On the heels of a powerful debate performance, Senator Ted Cruz pulled no punches talking about Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell recently, blasting him in a heated speech this week.

According to Politico:

“Ted Cruz on Thursday night accused Mitch McConnell of being “the most effective Democratic leader in modern times.”

Furious over the deal to raise the debt ceiling and strike a budget agreement, the Texas Republican and presidential candidate ticked off a set of statistics showing several high-profile votes that united Democrats and divided Republicans. The vote totals for the confirmation of Attorney General Loretta Lynch and backing off of a fight over President Barack Obama’s immigration actions led Cruz to a “shocking conclusion” — that the Senate majority leader is a Democrat in disguise.

“I’ve got to say, Leader McConnell has proven to be a very effective Democratic leader. With just 46 Democrats, the outcome is exactly what Harry Reid and the Democrats would want,” Cruz said of the budget accord. “Is this not a curious state of affairs? Why is a Republican majority leader fighting to accomplish the priorities of the Democratic minority.”



    • He is a turtle…I new he was a senile old fossil but since I read about the turtle he is I never get that picture out of my mind…Fresh blood please…Term limits and no more than two terms for any position.

  1. Fire his arse. It is time to abolish DC and start over. Our founding fathers would probably already dealt with these traitors to liberty. DC is broken.

  2. CRUZ IS RIGHT ABOUT MITCH McCONNELL! McConnell, Boehner & Ryan are all Democrats in disguise! Cruz seems to be fighting all of this alone in the Senate and if your Senator is not supporting Cruz then you need to vote your Senator OUT.

  3. Ted Cruz is exposing politics for its deranged intensions. I fear such honor, it carries a nakedness of shame no character can endure. Its not based on individual masturbation its based on rape imposed to millions of innocent victims under intentioned outcome. J.F.K. remember would have dealt this impotent, ( this ) in context with todays outcome. This modern expression of progressive communal collectiveness or liberalism ( perpetual ) poverty would have been solved denying the huge bureaucratic movement its perceived entitlement weaponry it targets the manufactured underclass by methodic mediaocrety compelling us into the abyss of dependency. Emotion triggers compromising bullet proof insecurity disguised as a promise to security, A lie based on hope, change, based on manufactured circumstances culminating a chance of losers hitting the jackpot but the containment holding the proceeds has no bottom, zero solidity therefore the fortune returns to the original holder. As government grows so does their pot of gold while we look for a bottom to hold our independent containment. Ted Cruz is in danger or will be when he separates from the others, those that sowed the present demolition of our Republic will resort to anarchy like America has never seen. This current pathetic representation is presently sowing the seeds of disaster by flooding our land with every diverse outlaw weaponized. Terrorists can wield hate when circumstances are interjected by monetary rewards, our crop sharers will be transformed from life supporting honor, to hate filled outcasts by desperate fascists. They were not satisfied infecting foreign nations of failures they need to conquer 300 million representing freedom. A simple Republic of civilized people able to defend ourselves and protect others yet we collapse under weak, immoral, politicians surrendering over 300 million for monetary excesses. Interesting concept.

    • I love Cruz too, but I must vote the Donald to remove the illegals…they simply have to go…there is no other way…they cannot assimilate as they do not have requirements to be citizens of America…Honesty, integrity, intelligence, cleanliness…ambition….

      • Yes that would be good however with the corruption and left wing federal judges and SCOTUS that will still be there when/if he takes office, it will take years and years. Plus there are so many and will be more, no one knows who they are.
        We must take away their free stuff and if the existing laws are enforced, which Cruz will do, there won’t be reason to stay. E-Verify must also be enforced which Cruz will do.
        The other issue I have with Trump is that I don’t think he can beat Hillary when it comes down to two. Cruz will mop the floor with her. Trump has a hard time staying on point, changes his policies and is not a very good speaker. Cruz has never wavered and knows a lot about everything. I truly believe that we have to look ahead at beating Hillary and that should be our focus. Cruz will enforce all the laws and prosecute those who don’t follow them…. Not so sure about Trump.

        • “HUMP” Trump!!! Go with Cruz & Carson , 2016-2020, “IF” you’re SERIOUS about what you’ve stated here..As a disabled Korean War Veteran I can share with y’all that THE HORSE CRAP of “Rules of Engagement” our Military are subjected to, HAD I followed them..I would NOT have survived..In MY BOOK.. I WAS TRAINED >>YOU KILL YOUR ENEMY BEFORE THEY KILL YOU..Today’s REALITY is that the Obama & HIS Administration’s AGENDA has DEPLETED ALL of our Military Forces to such DRASTIC LEVELS..FAR LESS THEN BEFORE PEARL HARBOR!!! & the Iran Nuclear “DEAL” Approval puts OUR NATIONAL SECURITY into APPACOLYPTIC JEPORDY (sp) & OUR National Debt in a FISCAL DEMISE just like SO MANY other earlier Nations before we came into being..That Cruz & tandem..are OUR IMMEDIATE Restoration
          “A-TEAM” to BEGIN OUR JOINED PROCESS IN LONG TERM SURVIVAL..for those who INHERIT what WE LEAVE for THEM…Like the WWII Generation did for US!!!!!

          • Barrack Obama is our biggest threat to national security and the budget deal congress just handed him gives him like Cruz said, a blank Amex card… Things are going to get far worse before/if he leaves. It has to be Cruz… We must get behind him Now to push him through the primaries and get him the win. Trump hopefully will be,out by then… Ben Carson is a wonderful man however, I see him being appointed to HHS or Surgeon general. Cruz will and has do what he says….My husband is a Vietnam Vet and a retired border patrol agent of 35 years and know all too well what this Tyrannical country hating Regime has/is doing. I am very concerned there won’t be an election(at least in the norm) I just can’t see these radicals letting all the destruction they have caused, be reversed and Hillary will do about anything to avoid prison…..I fear a revolution…. Very scary!

      • What Donald espouses is right from The Cruz playbook. He has been espousing all that Trump has been saying before Trump ever opened his mouth. As far as immigrants go Cruz would not allow illegals to stay here. The difference is Cruz says what Cruz says with authority!!

  4. We need a death penalty in our government leaders..McConnell is an old democrat fossil..Way to senile to have such a position. We must go for term limits immediately. Get the free loaders out that have been there 25 years or more…No free lunch in government…Size our government down..O has been building it since he first came as a senator and an interloper…Give our state the powers that be..Give our states the right to decide…Let Arizona deport all the illegals they have wrecking havoc on the citizens of that state…Has anyone been to Mexico…It is a stink hole, the very air is dirty. I was once in Mexico City for two weeks. Worst two weeks of my life…The place is nasty and the citizens learn nasty habits too…and you allow it all to infiltrate our clean, lovely, sanitary, disease free America….Madness. A knife fight there out the window of a car on the freeway…Give me a break…We have had Mexican rat packs in America since the 1940’s or before…It should not be…Mexican gangs here? Why? Take anti illegal action now. Get the Sanchez sisters out of our government…They do not have what it takes to represent America.

  5. Another Home Run for Cruz….Thank God someone says it like it is….McConnell needs to go now just as Boehner went…..Thank you Senator Cruz we need many more like you!!!

  6. McConnell is the classic example of the do nothing cowardly white bread Rino…. He makes me want to vomit

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