Video: Ted Cruz DESTROYS Mitch McConnell, Calls Him A RINO From The...

Video: Ted Cruz DESTROYS Mitch McConnell, Calls Him A RINO From The Senate Floor!

Texas Senator Ted Cruz called Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell a Democrat in a recent speech on the Senate floor, essentially calling him a RINO while blasting McConnell for his support of the latest debt ceiling increase…

Cruz said McConnell was a “very effective Democrat leader.”

Watch Cruz here:



  1. This is the guy who should be our next President , he will stop all the BS in Washington , has integrity , honesty , has a photographic memory and doesn’t put up with the bullshit from McConnell . We have a RINO Senator from my State , who voted for this outrageous budget , at 100am in the morning so no citizens would be Watching . Our RINO Senator is Lyndsey Grahamm , also his buddy MCCain voted for this budget another RINO , where does Graham get off running for President on the Republican side , he has voted for every Obama Nominee , Holder AG, Elena Kagen the most liberal Judge on the Supreme Court Graham is the only Republican that voted for her , plus he. Also voted for Loretta Lynch the new AG , who told every one in Congress , she would rule the AG job just like Holder did , who had to leave office , because he was held in contempt for lying about running guns into Mexico , Fast and Furious.

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