Developing: New Hillary Clinton Scandals? More Emails JUST Released!

Developing: New Hillary Clinton Scandals? More Emails JUST Released!

More Hillary Clinton emails have just been released from her time as Secretary of State.

It’s the largest batch of emails yet as Clinton continues to face scrutiny over her controversial email practices.

According to The Hill:

“The State Department on Friday released more than 7,000 pages of Hillary Clinton’s emails, in the first tranche since her 11-hour, closely scrutinized testimony before the House Select Committee on Benghazi earlier this month.

The document dump is the sixth of its kind this year, following a lawsuit under the Freedom of Information Act that will force roughly 30,000 of Clinton’s emails into the light by late January.

It is the largest single release of Clinton’s emails, State Department spokesman John Kirby said Friday. As of Friday, 51 percent of the emails that Clinton has identified as work-related have now been released to the public.”

Each new batch has proven problematic for Clinton, and Conservative Intel is analyzing the emails along with news outlets nationwide, stay tuned…



  1. Can someone please explain how she is able to campaign for the highest most important job in our country while under investigation? I am furious over this! She is under investigation! Who the hell would even think she was presidential material after everything you have seen and heard from her.
    Only a dumb a** would think this was okay. Where are the other carsons and trumps? We need real people not career politicians! It’s all those politicians that are destroying our country. No more b.s.!

  2. I ask the same question as Gail. Have we become so treacherous in government that this can not only be allowed but accepted and even revered?

  3. We are a lawless nation..The only laws that apply are for the police doing their duty to protect us. No attorney general at all under Obama…Lawlessness prevails. Especially is there no law regarding any government employee or rep.

  4. Why is O still there and his records still sealed. Someone certainly has enough money to fight the lawyers sealing the records of our president..O is so totally crooked it is almost unbelievable for the America of today…Vetting???? I see a picture of the frad POS Pelosi grinning with her operated on face.

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