Watch: Ben Carson BLASTS Moderators Of CNBC Presidential Debate

Watch: Ben Carson BLASTS Moderators Of CNBC Presidential Debate

Dr. Carson and his wife... (Reuters)

Dr. Ben Carson appeared on Fox News after last night’s GOP Presidential debate, blasting CNBC as an “obscure network” with a “preset agenda.”

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  1. Nobody had the courage to tell the moderators that they had bad questions except Cruz and Trump. Christy complained about talking about games and gambling. The moderators were out of control.

    • “HUMP” Trump…CRUZ & CARSON..2016 to BEGIN the “RESTORATION” Agenda..& 2020 to KEEP it on course !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Love him or loathe him, Donald Trump has lit a fire under ALL the GOP candidates…the proof is how they reacted to the sh*tstains from PMSNBC (as Rush loves to call it)and their questions that were designed to either embarrass the candidates or to destroy them (Even Chris Christie took them on over the stupid question regarding government oversight of Fantasy Football???) WTF???…FINALLY we see the GOP standing up to the schoolyard MSM bullies by calling them out on ‘national’ TV and by the crowd reaction, they LOVED it…it reminds me of what was said about Laurel & Hardy after critic snubbed them for their supposedly lowbrow comedy…”Only the PUBLIC loved them!!!” I predicted to my wife a number of weeks ago that this would happen!!! Americans are damn tired of the crap that’s going on (or not going on) in D.C. aka Dat Craphole!!!

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