Breaking: Paul Ryan Elected New Speaker Of The House

Breaking: Paul Ryan Elected New Speaker Of The House

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) at the 2012 Republican National Convention Harry E. Walker/MCT/

Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan has officially been elected Speaker Of The House, replacing John Boehner in the House’s top leadership position.

All but 9 of the 247 Republicans voted for Ryan…

According to The Hill:

“Lawmakers on Thursday elected Rep. Paul Ryan as the 54th Speaker of the House, putting an end to weeks of uncertainty over who would lead the raucous 247-member GOP conference after John Boehner’s surprise resignation.

Ryan’s election gives House Republicans a chance to hit the reset button. Throughout Boehner’s nearly five years as Speaker, centrist members and Tea Party conservatives were at war with each other over policy and tactics. Now, it’s all Ryan’s problem.”



  1. Many questionable rumors about his commitment to the party. Hope he clears them up before he starts making changes we do not need or want.

  2. Boehner, un-anointed McCarthy, feigned disarray putting forth newly-anointed Ryan all a ruse. Nothing will change, they will continue to pretend to oppose Barrack and yet do his bidding. All whilst saying they are and will not. We, the people, are screwed. Why would Harry Reid give Ryan his blessing. Wake up America!

    • A compelling argument, Dennis, and one that has occurred to me as well. I find it disturbing that we the people have no say in this process until the next election cycle when we vote for or against the puppets that hand picked Paul Ryan in the first place.

      Did Pelosi garner any votes? Hmmm…


  3. Just another phoney. He is an establihisment progressive. He’s another Obama girl. He likes Obama’s agendas includuding immigration. He likes to raise the debt limit and he likes keeping the size as it is and actually he will grow the government. He like power, and pretends he didn’t really want the position just like the vice pres. He wants to keep the rank and file members under his control and will operate just like Boehner. I look forward to his failure.
    David Jackson

  4. I thank God that my Congressman voted no on Ryan. I feel most blessed by that. Way to go Gosar….a real Republican for a change…

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