Trump Claims Ben Carson Is Being “Controlled” (By Who?!)

Trump Claims Ben Carson Is Being “Controlled” (By Who?!)

2016 GOP Presidential hopeful Donald Trump had strong word for his fellow White House contenders this weekend, saying, among other things, that Dr. Ben Carson is being “controlled” by a Super PAC supporting the neurosurgeon’s candidacy.

Trump also blasted other candidates and the influence of money in politics.

According to CNN:

“Donald Trump on Saturday knocked his fellow presidential candidates for having super PACs backing their presidential bids, just two days after a super PAC backing him announced it was disbanding.

“A lot of PACs are crooked business,” Trump said Saturday at a rally here in Jacksonville. “Those PACs control the candidates. They totally control. (Ben) Carson is controlled by his PAC. (Jeb) Bush is controlled by his PAC. (Marco) Rubio is controlled by his PAC — and he needs a lot of water.”

Most notably, Trump knocked Carson — who overtook Trump as the front-runner in Iowa in two recent polls — for his campaign “in Iowa being run by a super PAC.”

Since launching his campaign, Trump has repeatedly slammed the influence big-moneyed interests hold over politicians”



  1. This calm demeanor is hiding a multitude of facts. As a friend of Sharpton, he said that he agrees with Sharptons goals and his are the same. What could that be? Sharpton is a trashy racist. Carsons TOP adviser is a supporter of Farrakhan…..a racist. As far as intelligence Trump is at 166, and I imagine Carson is at 135.,,,(my sons score).

    • If you really believe what you have written, then your IQ must be around 40. You have distorted Carson’s comments about Sharpton. Sounds like you might be a liberal media person …. their motto is “Don’t confuse me with the facts”.

      • Assuming for a minute that your IQ scores are correct, let’s look
        at someone else with a high measured IQ. Jimmy Carter had an IQ
        similar to the one you reported for Mr. Trump. Mr. Reagan’s IQ
        while not low, may have been below 135. Which was the better president ?
        IQ tests are only about a century old. But Thomas Jefferson, Herbert Hoover,
        Woodrow Wilson, and Richard Nixon probably would have scored higher on
        IQ tests than most presidents. Yet all were failures as presidents.
        Harry Truman and FDR and even Ike may all have had lower IQs than the
        presidents I mentioned above. Yet none of those three were failures as president. All had failures. All presidents have failures, but FDR, HST, and Ike
        were not failures, taken as a whole.

      • I believe what I have SEEN written. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to spot a phoney. I am a proud Republican… you are wrong again. Low IQ?

      • the writer is not just telling it like it is sorry if you don’t like it so guess you are a supporter of Carson Another want to be Obama

    • Al Sharpton may have a high IQ. It is not his intelligence that is the problem. It is his ethics. He may be a racist. What he is for sure is out for himself and nobody else.
      George Corey Wallace is widely seen as a racist. Maybe he was. What is certain is that
      he adopted the persona that he thought would work out for him. He started out less openly racist than an opponent who beat him, vowed never to be outn^%$ed again,
      and later after the voting rights act, changed his position again. Sharpton does talk in a causually racist way, but that may be by design

    • Al Sharpton, Dr. Carson, and the Donald: which doesn’t belong and why ?
      Dr. Carson, because the other two are always, first, last, and always
      self-promoters, out for their own good, screw anyone else.
      The Rev. Mr. Sharpton and the Donald don’t seem to care about their country, only themselves. Rev. Al makes his living as a racial arsonist. At least the Donald
      has another way of making a living than causing trouble for money, but he is
      seemingly not interested in thinking about policy questions and issues.

      • You haven’t paid attention. Trump is a guy that get s things done, and he is not taking one penny from the public for his campaign. He cares about how the country is heading. Everyone else has their hands out , asking for money daily. That’s all I get in my inbox. Carson said yesterday that people that don’t like his ideas because he is black. Here we go again……

        • probally true BUT very sad…. why can’t people accept any color if they prove themselves to be honest and intelligent?

          • Because Carson is wrong. He is playing the race card…poor me. A black was elected twice, so they need to quit saying that every time someone disagrees with them, it is because they are black..

      • We denigrate the title of “reverend” when it is applied to Sharpton! The man is a loony who has built his celebrity, or notoriety, by keeping blacks as “victims.” Neither he nor Jessie Jackson have enough character and concern for others. The simply want to us others to fund their organizations and their personal lives, and it seems that Whatever they say, their brainwashed followers go along with, A sad situation of the people who are following such insincere and narcissistic kleders who drag them down for their own benefit.

      • go check out his site everything is layed out on it and I don’t blame hs for not putting them out there look what happened when he started about illegals no one ever mentioned it util Trum brought it up now all have jumped on that plan except for Carson who wants to give all illegals amnesty and make them American Citizens regardles whether they are criminals ar enot we need to get the illegals and refugees out of Americ and also the Muslims are they will take over America
        If they want to come to America do it legally then they will be welcomed

    • I notice that you mention neither the name or the job title of this ‘ top adviser.’
      Why is that ? Tough to check out such a vague claim.

        • His top adviser is Mike Murry:

          Mike currently serves as Senior Advisor to Dr. Ben Carson’s Presidential Campaign. He has been hired to provide fundraising and marketing services by numerous US Presidential candidates including: Speaker Newt Gingrich, Governor Tim Pawlenty, Senator Fred Thompson, Mayor Rudy Giuliani, businessman Herman Cain, and Governor Mitt Romney. Mike also manages direct marketing efforts on behalf of the National Rifle Association of America, Citizens United, the College Republican National Committee, National Review and The Washington Times.

          • Thanks for the info. Are you sure it is Murry? I read that Carsons top adviser is a buddy of Farrakhan………the man that wants to kill whites and cops..

          • I looked up Armstrong Williams and did discover that Williams has known Carson for 22 years and is supposedly listed as an “outside adviser” for Carson’s campaign. Williams did suggest that the Nation of Islam (NOI) be hired by Chicago to help stop the violence in the black communities. Williams’ association with Carson could very well present problems for Carson since Farrakhan, the leader of the NOI, has called for the death of white people.

      • I don’t claim to be intelligent, but I know what I read and hear. Carson posts a lot on Facebook, and he said on his post, I think it was yesterday, that people that don’t like his ideas is because he is black.
        I don’t know why people have to be insulting to one another every time a statement is made. This page is for comments about the subject at hand. I read about 20 newsletters each day on my computer, and it is hard to remember who said what. I do remember what Carson says on his pages and videos most of the time..

        • so do I that is why I would not vote for him ever Sharpton is not a friend of America and Carson did say that him and Sharpton have the same dreams for America go back and check and listen to his own words

        • If Carson starts using the race card I will put him in the same category as Obama, Sharpton, Jackson and Wright. Don’t do it, Ben. You’re lowering your value as a candidate in your own eyes. How can anyone vote for you, then?? Not I.

          • I doubt that Carson will say too much about racism. Obama kept his feelings hidden until it was too late to get rid of him.

          • Shame on you. Senator Obama ran as a Democrat, so he was
            not pretending to be anything but an affirmative action kind of guy, which is the Democratic play book.

          • But if he doesn’t play that card, which I am pretty sure that he won’t, then maybe you can vote for him. Wen all the Democratic candidates were asked: Do all lives matter, or do black lives matter, only Secretary Webb, who has withdrawn from the race was willing to say that all lives matter.

        • I agree with you Laulau. During elections there are so many insults that are absolutely sinful! I don’t give credence to negative comments about a candidate, unless I know or discover that the assertions are true.
          I am most concerned with character, and I think it is people with flawed or plain evil character who make such negative statements about another candidate. At first I was sort of, but not completely, positive about Donald Trump. He seems to do nothing in his campaign but criticize other candidates. At first he was saying things that seemed to speak for so many people about issues important to us, which is why the polls showed him climbing in popularity. But I, personally, have had enough of his anger and attempts to win my insulting the others. I like Carson, Fiorina, Kasich, Cruz and Huckabee. I hope at least some of these are left at the end of the campaigns. We need people like those to lead us out of the dangerous quagmire that Obama and the democrats have put us in.

          • Trump never attacked anyone until after they said something negative about him. Even Carson said that Trumps religion is under question. Trump said he always fights back. He won’t let anyone get the better of him.








    • When a billionaire falls asleep at the switch, people loose money. When a surgeon falls asleep at the switch, people loose their lives.

      • What makes you think Dr, Carson has ever fallen asleep during an operation? The man is very intelligent, has great character, is clear and capable in what he does and is talking about the issues that trouble our society. Carson is especially under what might stress out most people.

      • Well, Walt..THIS disabled Korean War Veteran goes along with your PROGNOSTICATING analysis..WITH THE EXCEPTION that Trump is the BEGIN our RESTORATION of the America You, Me & a whole lot of other Americans took OUR “OATHS” !!
        This Korean War Veteran’s beginning “A TEAM” is CRUZ & CARSON
        2016 & 2020 then Carson & GOWDY 2024 & 2028..
        At 85 I may not see the WHOLE gammit take place..BUT..MY VOTES in those I’m still here for..WILL BE FOR THAT TO HAPPEN…Semper Fi

    • Critical thinkers were trained how to connect dots, but fifty years of steadily-declining SAT scores suggests critical thinkers may be America’s smallest minority. Flatt’s analysis is quite sharp! Americans of ALL stripes should Draft the legendary Tom Sowell to lead us “Now is the Time for all Good Men to Come to the Aid of their Country” Tom Sowell 2016! tom sowell – mix – YouTube

      • I admire Dr. Sowell more than I admire any current candidate.
        But I also respect Dr. Sowell enough to think that if he has
        never run for office before and is now probably past his prime, that
        he may know himself better than any of us on this discussion board know him, and that his service to this country as a scholar who can write in a way that a general audience can understand is probably greater than the service he might give as an elected official.

    • I am an old guy, born during the Korean War. I realize that I have lost a bit off my fast ball, and a few steps to my right. Since you are closer to my parents’ age than to mine, possibly you will admit that you may have lost a step or two
      yourself ?
      In any case, thank you for your service to our nation.
      I don’t yet use all caps, will I start doing that when I get a bit older ?


  3. I can almost assure Donald that Dr. Ben is NOT controlled by his PAC or anyone else. His supporters believe in Him and the God who guides him. Mr.Trump should be so lucky but since he only practices repentance prior to communion, I would think that God spends more time with Dr.Ben than Mr, Trump. I’ll trust God! He has led me to contribute to Dr. Ben’s campaign, to include Dr.Ben in my prayers, and to pray for my country. Mr. Trump is not (by any means) being taken to task here, in fact, I like his ideas and policies……..I just wish someone would occasionally tell him to shut up! He has no qualifitcatons to address women or religion, he should calmly and quietly bow out of those conversations.

    • Been There I think you have a big problem. If you read and stufy up o Carson he is Friends with Al Sharpton and have you noticed lately in all his speeches he has Sharpton right there with him. I hjope you know who Al Sharpton is if not I suggest you google him he is the bigest racist, socialist commie and tax evadeer in America anyone affiliated with Sharpton is a socialist and will be another Obama please go read up on him and Sharpton I don’t think God is leading you to Carson as Carson is evil and another want to beObama he can deny all he wants and sprew all his crap that you want to hear but he is another Obama. God Help us if he get in we will have another Obama and he will finish what Obama has started. I liked him until he befriended Sharpton and in his own words him and sharpton have the same dreams for America and any one who knows sharpton knows what those dreams are more illegals and being tiven amenesty taking jobs from Americans and briniging more Muslim into America if him and Obama have their way we will no longer be America we will be under sharia law. Hope you like that because none of us who are Christians will be alive and he is a seventh day Adventist no no no no no but you vte yor way and if and I doubt he will get in but if then when he starts remember you put him in office the same as you put Obama in ofice

      • true saints fan! so, you are a “fan.” Welll, as you know fans only move air and that’s what your post above does. Dr. Ben Carson is a true and honest “Statesman,” something Trump can never be. Dr. Ben reminds me of Abe Lincoln who couldn’t tell a lie and also of Teddy Roosevelt who said “speak softly and carry a big stick.” Ben does speak softly and the “big stick he carries is T R U T H and sticks can’t get any bigger than that. He is a man who can be trusted

        • you are definatel and liberal then yo must Love Sharpton hope so as he runs Carson and Tells Carson what to say and how to say it if you cannot see that I feel sorry for you your kind are the same kind that put Obama in office twice Carson will be Another Obama and he will be controlled by Sharpton and frankkenberg they are at alll hi speaches uness yo stupid you know what they are after and have suceded. You go ahead and vote for him and then when he continues to destroy America you can take responsibility for it I do not like millions of illegals running and stealing form Americans and this idiot wants to give them amnesty all the rapist musrders and pedophiles and thiees is that what yo want? I have to laugh you actually believe Carson is telling the truth OMG you are either blind are just don’t gie a damn about America Trump tells the truth all the time and that is why he is not liked people like you would rather hear a bunch of lies then the truth , This is alI am going to say as people like you and the ones who support Carson are both blind to the lies are just don’t give a damn about America. I love america and want to see it great again and Carson is whimpy and no guts and cannot even talk without Sharpton feeding him his speaches . Carsoon is a Big liar and racist also and wouldn’t surprise me is he supported Black Lives Matter you can bet he does good luck James you think your way and I mine I will win in the end because it will be proven on down the line everything I just said about Carson.

    • Been There, good post. I believe Trump would operate at the desired level as “court Jester” rather than Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the United States.

    • One good thing about being retired is that often one has no need to impress people, no ambitions to fulfill, no worries about earning a living or gaining more power. Trump’s motive for running is, one presumes, ambition and self-love. Dr. Ben – not so much.

  4. Republicans have a way of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, so if they’re dumb enough to choose Carson over Trump, then they will certainly ensure a Democratic win in November of 2016.

    • Let’s consider two groups of voters: those who would vote for Dr. Carson, but not for the Donald, and those who would vote for the Donald, but not for Dr. Carson. Those who would happily vote for either or who would never vote for either ( probably the latter two are larger groups) do not matter for the comparison. I don’t know, maybe nobody knows which of the first two groups is larger, but after voters get to know the two men better, my guess is that the first group is larger than the second group. Getting to know Dr. Carson may move people to be more in favor of him. With respect to the Donald, the more one gets to know him, the less the person is likely to vote for him, I suggest.

    • I am bruised, scared and torn to pieces by Obama, and I will not vote for a black man for a very long time……I cannot.

      • Ben Carson is eons above the intellectual scurvy and spider man now posing as president. Just because one wrong black man has you scared , bruised and torn to pieces we must keep those attributes confined to the one who brought them on. Ben Carson had nothing to do with them. The upcoming election is the most important one in the last 100 years and whim and frenzy can destroy what is left of our freedom. Unless fixed, your food will disappear along with a lot of other things.

    • Nate, the polls don’t show that. Carson is an intellectual of the first degree, He is thoughtful, considerate and contemplative in all his decisions. His answers to media questions are informed and to the point. The planks in his platform are clear and concise. His international understanding of military is also informed and to the point. There is some other reason you people are cutting him down. He is clearly the most informed, Statesman like individual in the mix.

  5. This is going to be unpopular but here goes….. Call me a racist , I say look what this last NEGRO has done to this country. O was a sweet talker just like sleepy eyes. Who is dumb enough to vote for a man that can’t hold his eyes open when to talk to him ? Go ahead readers vote for this clown and the race hatred will never heal. This guy knows zip about leadership, but neither does Trumpet. All seem to be for immigration except Trump. So, I would guess Trump would be the voice of all that are ready to ring some skinny little necks. Go friggin figure.

  6. It must be that Trump puts down any candidate who is not a billionaire as he is! He is not special because he has money, and it seem s actually that money has him! He negative comments only damage him, but not really the other candidates. He needs to let up before he has to give up!

    • you wrong about Trump he is rich right but that is not why he is running and he has the right to put down the other candidates as they do it to him constantlyand they are all trying to knock him out so who is knocking who? the republicn establishment does nt like anyone who is not backed by a super pac because then they cannot control him and HEY TO ME THAT IS THE GREATEST THING HE ANSWERS TO NO ONE EXCEPT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND HE LOVES AMERICA I don’t think Carson does if so he would get rid of his super pac and sharpton and that other guy

  7. Ben however is not controlled by our Christian God and Jesus. Seventh Day Adventists say that ARCHANGEL MICHAEL is JESUS; and they do NOT believe in the afterlife– totally against our biblical Christian knowledge and belief. I am a Jerusalem born Jew and a retired judge, for whom Jesus is Lord; and have ministered all over the USA and on tv and radio for over 20 years. Had been anointed as a prophet and seer and a spiritual warrior- and need to remind you all that SATAN COMES AS AN ANGEL OF LIGHT and is a LIAR AND FATHER OF LIES. Be careful in thinking which God is belng followed by the Adventists- it is NOT the Jesus nor God of the bible-. Trump will be shown to be the true believer in Jesus– and has the experience and background to succeed in restoring America to Greatness, as he had done in his own business. Be careful whom you follow, judge eve cohen ellingwood, ret.

        • Are you ever in doubt ? Have you ever changed your mind ? Are you open to learning new things? If you are always right or, at least, never in doubt,
          for how many years has this been true ?

          • As a trained lawyer and former judge and law professor ; and as a huge reader, I always open to learning new things and have done so all my life. However, certain basic things never change, such as God, who is the same today, yesterday and tomorrow; and His Word, as expressed in the bible , is never changed. I understand there are many interpretations of the bible, but I am fluent in Hebrew, and having been born in Jerusalem, learned the Old Testament in Hebrew- so KNOW the way it is interpreted in the KJV is correct. We must also acknowledge, that we do not all interpret nuances of words in the same way- but, again, God’s basic tenets never change.
            I hope that I have answered your questions, at least, in part, judge eve

    • Be careful what you say about SDA’s… God listens to all this and Jesus is coming back soon and you will have to face Him about the lies being told….wish I could sit down and go over all the misrepresentations being on here……If you will pray and ask God to open your mind and heart and be willing to do HIS will, then He will answer your prayers. marisa

      • Why can’t you go over at least some of the misrepresentations as you call them. You could have made better use of your time doing that. God has answers Judge eve’s prayers he sent Trump.

        • Thank you – Jesus is Lord of my life– and I have no life without Him I PRAY WITHOUT CEASING- always wanting to say and do ONLY what the Lord would have me say and do. I have given up everything in my life so as to be able to follow Jesus. I know and love archangel Michael l— and I can tell you with certainty that he is not Jesus– but a wonderful, powerful warrior angel– who will come ahead of Jesus , heralding Jesus’ return, which is at hand. I see into the spirit realm and as a watchman on the wall, I am to warn the people of falsehoods and of oncoming potential dangers. Interestingly, a prophet from Australia, who has no interest in our elections, was shown by the Lord that TRUMP will TRIUMPH. Praise God and with His great love, judge eve

          • I apologize, but I am reading your words and they are very troubling, more so than any questions we have for Ben Carson. So first you claim to have been anointed as a “PROPHET” (by who?), then you declare yourself as a “SEER”, then you claim to “KNOW” the archangel Michael, then you tell us that you “SEE” into the spiritual world and that its you’re duty as our “watchman”, sent to warn us from falsehoods and that a fellow “prophet” has been told that Trump will triumph, all the while you condemn a good main and his faith…Wow… Really, I don’t know what “Word of God” you’re reading, but mine calls claims of this nature by a man to be the practice of divination! In my Bible, The Lord Jesus warns His people that “many false prophets have gone out into the world to deceive the Elect if that were possible” (all paraphrased)! If somehow I’ve misinterpreted your words, please forgive me, but if not, you should be warning us of you…..

          • Probably all! I was hoping for a response, just in case I misinterpreted the “judge’s” words. It may well be that Gabriel and Elijah came and swept the prophet off for a few days SEEING into the spiritual realm…..

          • Your post is, perhaps unconsciously, quite revealing. Some may think that mental health frailties are a cause of much of the Donald’s support. Your post does nothing to lessen the likelihood that such a relationship holds often. Some amateur psychologists may suspect that the Donald himself is a bit of a narcissist.

      • I worked for years at an SDA hospital. I don’t know much about the
        beliefs of the SDA church, although my understanding was that
        the SDAs were not much, if at all, out of the mainstream of American Protestants. In any case, if someone, say Governor Romney believes some things which I consider not true, and, perhaps, silly, as far as I understand the teachings of the Mormons ( not very far), that does not in anyway prevent me from liking, respecting, and voting for Gov. Romney. I live in Massachusetts, so I know a bit about the MIttster,
        He would have been a better president than the current president, I am fairly sure.

        • Absolutely! I LOVE Mitt Romney and voted for him….His religion did not
          bother me. I believe he is a wonderful person as well as his entire family. I am SDA member.

      • The work of the SDA church in health care speaks for itself.
        I know little about their doctrine, and I am ok with that. But to
        condemn Dr. Carson for being a member of that church is un-American and the act of a bigot.

      • Thank you AND SDA”s do not put Ellen White equal with the Bible. She always
        pointed to the Holy Bible as our guide…she was only a messenger that was willing to be used by God.

    • I think you need to do more research about Seventh Day Adventist. I am a fourth generation SDA and have attended Seventh Day Adventist school up to and through college. SDAs most definitely believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and that Jesus is equal to God the Father and the Holy Spirit, and those who choose Jesus will have life after this sinful world is done. Sometimes things get confused when people say this or that and don’t check the facts. Seventh Day Adventist believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God. Many times Jesus stated His relationship with the Father in heaven and He talked about life after this sinful world is made new. “Truth never changes, however, our perception of Truth is in a constant state of change.” Hope this helps to shine some light on the subject, and may God bless you in your search for truth. I am still searching, and will be for a long time. There is so much to learn about God and His creation.

      • Do you use the same Bible as Christians do. We meet for worship on the first day of the week as the example set by the Apostles in the book of Acts. Wondering if Carson has always had religion? I fear he is in the middle of a war among candidates who are using him to hurt others—-namely Americans

        • Yes Barbara, Seventh Day Adventist use the King James Version, Revised Standard Version, New International Version, and several others. As long as the version supports the belief that Jesus is Lord and part of the Trinity, and that only through Jesus blood can an individual come to the Father. Personally I enjoy the New International Version because it depicts the translation from the original language to English most accurately. Concerning the day of worship: the SDA’s logic behind worshiping on the seventh day is that 4th commandment is one of the Ten Commandments; Jesus during His life on earth worshiped on the 7th day; Jesus expounded many times on the commandments and not once did He pronounce that we should worship on the 1st day. I believe that Jesus is the final authority. Also, none of the Ten commandments were considered ceremonial and fulfilled. The first historical evidence of Christians worshiping on Sunday was in 321 AD. Constantine, as possibly the first Christian Emperor, instructed that Christians and non-Christian should be united in observing the “venerable day of the sun” , or Sunday referring to the Sun-worship that Aurelian had established as an official cult. It goes to logic that if the Christians were already worshiping on the 1st (Sunday) day then Aurelian would not have needed to so decree. This was done for political as well as religious reasons to unite and make his rule stronger. I firmly believe that a person searching for truth should study for themselves letting the Holy Spirit guide and convict on what is truth. Don’t take my or anyone else’s word on truth, make up your own mind, it’s your eternal life. God bless you and guide you in your search for truth. God’s kingdom is based on two things Love and free will.

          • ” because it depicts the translation from the original language to English most accurately.” ????
            What can the word ‘depicts’ possibly mean here?
            You write “of the original language,” but the books of the Bible were originally written in at least two languages : Greek, Hebrew, and, possibly, Aramaic.
            If you mean that the New International Version is the most faithful to the original of all the English translations you have read, is this based on
            your knowledge of the original languages, Greek and Hebrew, and you having spent many, many hours closely comparing several translations
            with the original ? Is your knowledge of Hebrew and Greek extensive ?
            If not on what do you base your opinion of which translation is most faithful, most accurate ? Given that we are dealing here with the Word of God, might it not be that speaking carelessly and loosely is not a good idea? I used to know how to read classical Greek a bit, and I have forgotten most of it. I never thought that I knew Greek well enough
            to critique the accuracy of different translations. Are you sure that you know Greek and Hebrew well enough to compare various translations and discern which is the most accurate ?

          • I am not a linguist. However, I have vetted the translation methodology. It all began in 1956 with a small committee to produce an American Bible. The core translation group consisted of fifteen Biblical scholars using Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek texts whose goal was to produce a more modern English language text than the King James Version. The translation took ten years and involved a team of over 100 scholars from the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. The range of those participating included many different denominations such as Anglicans, Assemblies of God, Baptist, Christian Reformed, Lutheran and Presbyterian. The NIV is a balance between word-for-word and thought-for-thought or literal and phrase by phrase translations. The NIV New Testament was released in 1973 and the full NIV Bible in 1978.

            I believe in the power of God to preserve His word. Also, I trust the scholars and experts whose motive was to produce an American English Bible that was as accurate as possible. Thank you for your questions and statements, even though they were somewhat condescending. God bless in your search for truth. I also believe that God’s Kingdom is based on two things: LOVE AND FREE WILL. Steve

          • What then is the CLEAR WORD BIBLE which is reported to be the one used by SDA. Let me add, as a Jew, from a very orthodox background, my family followed all the Jewish laws and traditions, including celebrating the Sabbath. When I accepted Jesus in my life as my Lord and Savior, I felt FREED from the burden of RELIGIOUS laws. Once we have FAITH in the Lord Jesus Christ, we do not need to do WORKS, such as keeping the Sabbath, to be saved. SDA SAYS THE OPPOSITE– and is more in line with MORMONISM than with that of EVANGELICALs.
            One thing I heard on TV yesterday- and would invite a comment on is that allegedly SDA THINKS THAT EVANGELICALS GO TO HELL. I was really surprised to hear that.

            Let me add, that I see HAUGHTINESS and FALSE HUMILITY in CARSON— from stories in the paper about him, he never had time for his patients, and finally retired from medicine, when he kept making serious medical mistakes; had received $45,000 for promoting an herb which was later determined by the government to be represented falsely; and find it very revealing that he would promote his own book now, in the middle of a campaign, so as to make money for himself. Shows me he cares more about money than about people- and if he did not care for his patients– with whom he did NOT show PATIENCE, how would he treat the American People. Not well. judge eve cohen ellingwood, ret.

          • I have not experienced the SDA’s to endorse any one bible except for what I explained to Barbara Sullins. I agree with you that we cannot be saved by our works, but only through our belief and love for Jesus and accepting His blood. However, I find that in my journey with Jesus I delight in the laws of Lord, as David stated in Psalms. The Sabbath to me is not something I have to do, but it is one of my special times with the Lord to talk, study, and get to know Him better. As I get to know God and His character better and His perfect love for me I find myself delighting in doing good works. Good works is a product of our love and faith in Jesus not the other way around. Eve, I believe my mission, (I cannot speak for others) is to spread the good news about Jesus. Jesus gave us this mission, yet Jesus did not tell us to go forth and judge. It is not my job to say okay; your a Hindu, hell for you; or your Islamic, hell for you; or your a Baptist, heaven for you. The Lord will judge because He and only He knows the heart of each person. That has always amazed me that there are approximately 6.5 billion individuals on earth and God loves us all. I believe we have to make a conscious choice to be lost. We have to freely choose to reject God, His love and His plan, for us, to be lost. All I can say about Dr. Carson is that I have met him personally and had a short talk with him. I was in law enforcement for many years, and over those years I developed the skill to size people up as to whether they were basically honest or dishonest. I am not saying that I cannot be fooled, but Dr. Carson came across as a person whose foundation and character were honest. He is human and he has, I am sure, made mistakes. Two suggestions: if you want answers, go to the horse’s mouth so to speak. Go to the SDA website see what they believe, it’s all right there, also go to Ben Carson’s website or read his books to see what he stands for. I have read a couple and I think I have a clear picture of Ben Carson. God bless you in your search for truth. Steve

          • Thank you, Steve, for your comment and for explaining your understanding of the SDA. We are , however, told in the bible, to “judge a righteous judgment.” Also, there is a well known saying, that “actions speak louder than words.; and the bible tells us that”we should know them by their fruit.” Carson comes across as being nice- and I am glad you felt that way upon meeting him and upon reading a couple of his books. At first, I also thought he was nice- but as I started reading about what he has DONE, and listening to many of his answers in interviews, my judgment is as I have stated. In addition to having been a judge, and having to learn to discern witnesses’ credibility, the Lord has made me a prophet– and Has given me the confidence in over 20 years of ministry in churches and Christian groups all over the country, to know that he shows me THE THOUGHTS AND INTENTS OF PEOPLE. In Carson I see a person who has learned to put on a good show , as has Obama ( whom, I, a Reaganite, really liked at first, when he had stated he would go down the middle of the road). However, as I have stated, the more I learned and observed, I submit that he is NOT as patient as he pretends to be; thinks he is smarter than anyone else ( established by several statements); has no definite ideas and attitudes- but kee s flip flopping on issues; and as with Fiorina, who no longer have their former jobs, are seeking another way or ways to make extra money. Not good for America or Americans. Let me also note, that I am a Spiritual Warrior– and , as such, have to expose works of the darkness which can be manifested through people- at times, appearing as “good” people. Satan comes as an Angel of Light, when needed; and uses people to do the same, so that , through them , he can get a foothold into certain situations, such as into our government. I had been very active in republican politics for many years- even ran for congress in Las Vegas– loved Reagan, had met him several times- and with him, what you saw is what he was– as had also been confirmed by his actions. Carson is NO Reagan- and I pray that the Lord reveal the whole truth about him. God bless you, Steve, judge eve

          • Eve, God has a plan. Abraham sought the Lord to save Sodom, God saved Lot and his family. Moses sought the Lord to have patience with the Children of Israel and God listened. I trust God’s wisdom and His big picture plan. If it fits into God’s plan to have Hilary as POTUS, or Sanders, or Rubio, or Trump, or Carson then who ever God chooses will be president. I believe God gives us the power of FREE WILL. No body would choose a Judas, but it was in God’s plan. If Judas had chosen differently then someone else would have betrayed Jesus. With Free will we can choose God or reject God, we can choose our action or inaction, we choose how we relate to our neighbor. For me I choose Jesus Christ the son of God, and I trust Him. It is not our mission to judge people as to whether they are saved or not saved, however we make judgments every day as to the character of a person from our own perspective. God Bless you Eve. Steve

          • I have no idea whether the picture presented to you of Dr. Carson is accurate or fair or not. If this picture was presented by people with a political agenda, then its credibility is rather less than it otherwise would be. To the extent what you have heard is true ( about this I have no idea) as the campaign goes on, it will probably become more and more widely known. It is quite possible that what you have heard is
            partly or largely true, but that there is more to it and that different
            constructions can be put on some of what you heard.
            I think that Dr. Carson is too inexperienced In pokitical life, especially for a man past his youth ( inexperience AND being long in the tooth are
            not a good combination) to be a good president. One big advantage has is that he is NOT the Donald.

          • Tom as I related to Eve above, I have met Dr. Carson personally and I think he is an honest straight forward person and very intelligent. As far as experience, your right, he may be eaten alive in the Washington political arena. But I think he may surprise a lot of people. I’m of the mind that we have had 60+ years to get where we are politically, economically and socially. Positive change will not happen (short of an all out revolution, and that would be very painful for all) in a 4 year or 8 year term. However, we have to start somewhere. It will be very interesting to see how things turn out. I am so blessed to have been born in America. God bless you Tom in your search for truth. Steve

          • Your explanation for the seventh day belief of SDAs is a bit new to me, and interesting. For reasons far too lengthly to go into here, I
            accept the timing of the Sabbath as it is done in most Protestant, and,
            I think, all Orthodox and Catholic communities. ” In essentials, unity; in non-essentials, liberty; in all things, charity.” I certainly have no problem at all with the custom of SDAs of the Sabbath being the seventh day.


        • Janet I am sorry that you had to go through what you described. I hope God heals you and gives you strength. As I posted earlier, I was raised in the Adventist church. I was also an elder and teacher in the church. In all my 64 years I have never heard or taught that beating your wife, or anyone for that matter, was supported by the Seventh Day Adventist church. I also served as a police officer and have dealt with domestic violence numerous times. Domestic violence is plague upon our society and should never be condoned. Seventh Day Adventist do not condone domestic violence or any other form of abuse. If anything they teach us to turn the other cheek as Jesus did. I am very sorry that you were abused, my heart goes out to you. God bless you and keep you. Steve

        • Misguided men of every religion beat their wives and do almost everything else that many religions believe is wrong. One can not conclude from such behavior that the religion that they profess, sincerely or not, “believe” that such behavior is virtuous or even allowable.

        • The reason that people do such awful things as beat their wives, lie, steal, cheat, and hate is not that their religions tell them that such things are ok. The reason that people do wrong things is rarely that the are told that it is ok to do so. The reason is original sin , our fallen nature.

      • So, that qualifies him to be Commander-in-Chief of our Armed Forces!!! Looks like short vision to me!!! Dr. Ben Carson is more than a “good man.” He is a Statesman and fully able to be Commander-in-Chief of our Armed Armed forces.

            SHOULD BE PAID MORE.
            AND I AGREE WITH THAT.

          • Leo, I think Ben would make a more superior president because of his honest, intellectual and straightforward approach in every question asked by a hostile media. He is just as honest and straight and no different before a packed stadium. The man – Ben Carson – speaks truth and relies on truth as his guide. The Planks in his platform are impeccable in every aspect. And, he is not buying the election because he has the grassroots organization to put him in the oval office. He is not answerable to monopolies, nor the business world since he is running exclusively for all of America.

          • When you communicate orally do you find that speaking very loudly and rolling your eyes and other broad gestures helps you to get your point across ? If you used lower case letters, do you think that you would be less …respected ?

        • Trump went to Military school…He has what it take to be the Commander in Chief…Ther girlie man in our White House has no clue.

      • So you think the way Trump has comported himself makes him a good man? I don’t think Trump is a good man when he attacks fellow Republicans because he imagines they have slighted him. Truth be told, if you look at the attacks closely, the pattern is: if someone looks viable after the debates, he goes after them and you Trumpies buy it with no evidence his attacks even approach being truthful. That’s exactly what we have occupying the White House today: a thin-skinned liar who makes it up as he goes along in order to cover his Ass when he doesn’t have the slightest idea what he is doing.

      • I found that in his book…I am voting Trump for sure. He has what it takes to make the needed changes. He has no ulterior motive to run…The White House is a come down for him and his family..He wishes to serve only because of his love of country….I will vote for him out of my love of country…I hope most Republicans will…He has enough to change the status quo.

    • “Had been anointed as a prophet and seer …”

      The Bible I read tells me to be wary of any one making that claim. Here’s why:


      It seems to me that if that’s a good reason not to be or believe in 7th Day Adventists, it just as good a reason no to believe you.

      • I like your post, but I am troubled by the phrase ” the Bible I read .”
        I think that that phrase and the phrase ” I read in my Bible” are not
        better than the more usual phrase the Bible says, even giving the
        chapter and verse perhaps is better, because it does not carry the
        tone of sneering at the person to whom you are talking.

        • Semantics. I read THE Bible.

          I’m sorry if you think what you picked up on is a “sneering” tone, so let me explain. It’s not actually “sneering”. It’s just good old fashion lack of respect for a pontificating phony claiming and pretending to be a prophet of God who hangs out with angels. Of course, if you think such people should be respected, as if they some how do God service, I suppose that’s a matter of opinion.

    • How much are you paid by the “trumpie trolls” to write this stuff? Here’s a memo: The reason I can’t support Trump is because, just like our president today, he has proved to be a bully and too thin-skinned to be POTUS.
      He has taken up all the air in the room with these ridiculous statements and accusations against anyone who is giving him some competition, but what else, other than hot air, has he really offered to the American people? Food for thought for those on the Trump Trolley ride.

      • I am NOT paid by anyone nor do I know what you mean when you say “trumpie trolls.” I see in Trump what I had seen in Reagan- someone who does not need this job– but will do it as he really wants to make America great again! Wouldn’t you like that?, Trump is not thin skinned- he is a great negotiator and knows how to speak forth things, that so many of us think== and has a way of showing the weaknesses of his opponents. If you listen to Trump you will hear how he will close the borders , reduce taxes, get better deals with foreign countries, bring jobs back to America- and will be able to work with congress, to get things done. He is a leader and we need a leader, who cares. judge eve

        • Dopes Mr. Trump also claim t see into peoples’ hearts and to know better than a person himself knows what that person really believes? Or are you more gifted than he is in that regard ?

    • Unless one is quoting authoritative texts, explaining what other people believe
      is open to much error. I have heard and read many people explain to me what Catholics believe, usually inaccurately. Almost never have I have I had someone ASK me what I believe. They always tell me, as if they know better than I know what I believe


      • You seem to think that you can see into the hearts and souls of people who are strangers to you, knowing, for example, that Mr. Carter and Mr. Obama falsely claim that they are Protestant Christians. Do you have any evidence for the
        rather extravagant claim that you can see into the hearts of strangers ? Are you attempting to make some obscure point through humor ?

    • If you are not an SDA, then are you the right person to be telling everyone what they
      believe? If you are really interested in what the SDA church believes, you can easily look that up online or ask an SDA believer. Even better those who want to know what Dr.
      Carson can ask him directly, as different members of the SDA church may have different
      takes on their doctrine. Many non-Catholics have held forth on similar discussion boards about what Catholics believe. Almost always they are inaccurate. I never detected that any of them even wanted to know what Catholics actually believed. They mostly wanted to make some further point and their inaccurate take on Catholic doctrine was merely a step in their arguments. One thing I do know is that, unlike Jehovah’s Witnesses,
      SDAs use pretty much the same Bible as other Protestant Christians use.

      • Thank you for your well put comment. I have replied to another post, which, in part answers your question. However, if you are an SDA I would like to hear from you, as to what YOU believe. Let me note Jehovah’s Witnesses are considered to be a cult, and you should read about their history and their beliefs. Thank you , judge eve cohen ellingwood, ret. I had asked in the other post and maybe you can explain what is THE CLEAR WORD BIBLE, which is reported to be used by the SDA>

    • I personally heard Ben Carson say: I believe in Jesus Christ as the Savior of the world. Judge eve cohen, you seem to have some sort of outside problem in dealing with fact. I’ve known Trump for 35 to 40 years and wonder why I never heard him mention a belief in God a single time. I think Trump may have donned a sheep skin coat when making that statement.

      • Yes, SDA followers SAY they believe in Jesus Christ, but they ALSO EQUATE ARCHANGEL MICHAEL, with Jesus; and they do NOT believe in the afterlife. That sect was created by Miller in 1844, who had also stated that Jesus was returning to earth, at around that time. When that event did not take place, an SDA prophet, White, stated the reason for that failure was that Jesus had returned to heaven– not only nonsensical, BUT TOTALLY AGAINST THE BIBLE. Trump, on the other hand, has recently stated PUBLICLY that he is a COMMITTED CHRISTIAN. Also, REAGAN, whom I had met several times, had never publicly stated his belief in Jesus Christ– but was a COMMITTED CHRISTIAN- and lived by His tenets, and was as wonderful in private as he was in public. Trump is running for president out of a SINCERE desire to make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. He does not need to do so, and does even like to come in second in anything– he will then do his utmost to achieve his goal- and will be great for us all. As I have stated in other posts- I see FALSE HUMILITY in CARSON– which conclusion is supported by the facts, that he was NOT HONEST about his relationship with MANATECH; nor in his medical practice, when he had hardly given patients the time of day to explain their ailments; and finally resigned that position, after making some serious medical errors. Also, his selling his own book in the middle of a campaign, so as to maximize his profit, shows he is MORE INTERESTED IN MAKING MONEY than in helping Americans. We need to think things out carefully– and make deep and honest inquiries about the backgrounds of each candidate whom we consider for office, especially one as important as president. God bless, judge eve

  8. Dr. Carson seems like a decent person but his instinctive answer to every question from illegal immigration to gun control is liberal . Then afterward he has to reissue the statements to be more in line to appeal to the conservative base. The one thing I don’t really like is why would a good man like him cozy up to persons like Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakan ?

      • I think that you mistake the purpose of this discussion board. It is not devoted to
        works of imagination and irony. It is about the actual prosaic facts of the everyday world. Have you simply read someone saying that Minister Farrakan and the oh-so-reverend Al are on stage with Dr. Carson, or did you actually see this? If you saw it when and where did you see this ? Can you supply some …evidence
        for your rather remarkable … accusation ?

        • From what I am reading and my reactions, I would say the oh so nice Dr Carson is more likely to be revealed in the future as said wolf in sheeps clothing….

      • One of many things that appear odd and even hard to believe about the
        ‘always at his side’ report is that their schedules are that free. The extremely reverend Al used to be very busy race-baiting and inciting to riot and other

    • azrajo, yes he is a decent person for sure and his relation to Al Sharpton and Farrakan is purely on a human level and not on a philosophic level. He doesn’t believe in the works of those revolutionaries any more than I. It looks like you and some others on this page have some sort of axe to grind against Christianity. Furthermore, his “instinctive” answers are not liberal, they conform to truth in all respects And again, people who have truth under their belt have ready answers. It’s only liars who have to stop and carefully frame their answers, lest they be found out for who they really are.

      • I like Trump and would vote for him! At first I thought this post had some of Trumps paid staffers making comments. After which I came to think that Trump himself would not endorse these types of statements! All is fair when calling out ones political views, but it is dangerous ground to claim to know what’s in the heart of a man….

      • Farrakan and Sharpton are not the same. Minister Farrakan is a bigot,
        but he not a criminal who makes his living dishonestly and he has not incited to riot. Sharpton ia worse by far then Jesse or Farrakan

      • I am turned off by all things black after we have so suffered by the POS in our White House…I will not be voting black for a great number of years, and yet I would have voted for the black candidate years past if he had made it to the ballot…He did not make it…So it is not just color…But it is the racial thing itself that has me spooked…We just had our first and only black president for a long long time…Thank Oprah for that…

      • God has spoken of Donald Trump in clear terms. He has said that Donald Trump is his Trumpet…If he is good enough for that, he is good enough for me…God will be guiding Trump in office…You can count on it This is fresh, it just now came to me…

        • Amen to that– also Reagan had never publicly discussed his belief in Jesus Christ, but was a committed follower of Jesus and his teachings; and having met Reagan personally, several times, I can tell you that what we saw is what he was, a wonderful person. I think we will learn to love Trump in the same way– and Trump has publicly said that he is a
          COMMITTED CHRISTIAN. Think about it— Trump needs to run for office, like a hole in the head; he also does not like to lose; therefore, when he says he wants to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, we WILL see HIM SUCCEED IN DOING SO. Judge eve

    • Azrajo If you are going to vote, you must be fully informed. You apparently do not follow the candidates very closely. You cannot just hear the talking points or watch a little news here and there. You must study all those running for office and separate fact from fiction.

      • Thank you for your uninformed and insulting comments on my political knowledge. For your information I have been doing political research both For local Republican candidates and on a notional level and have done so for well over 35 years .

        • Azrajo sorry I did not mean to insult you. I was merely trying to educate you. The statements you made of Dr Carson are not true and if you did some serious research you would find the truth. Dr Carson is a true conservative as evidenced by his stand on the issues and the Constitution. You will come to understand this when he is elected in Nov 16. Yes I am for Dr Carson, because he stands for the principals that made this nation great. Again, my intention was not to insult you, but I have been on the earth for 63 years and I have come to recognize a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I saw this in Obama . I see this in Trump and many other candidates. May God bless you.

          • sorry you see the wolf i sheeps clothing in the wrong person that woulde Carson he is an Obama want to be he has no right even running he has not knowledge in ecomony Trump does he has not balls to handle foreigners negotiation Trump does Carson wants to give amnesty to all the illegals and let them come in and take all Americans jobs as they are doing now and liing off the American epople they don’t pay taxes are do any thing for America ut lie of all the free stuff . Carsonmakes me nausea and want to vomit he tands up and tells so many lies and if he is honorable why does he have Sharpton and Farkken at all his speaches on stage with him yo vote for hm and you will regret it as Hillary will win but then it wont matter to Carson as he wants the same thing Hillary wants he is a liberal posing as conservative

          • Please direct me to any video that he has Sharpton and Farrakan at all his speeches. On stage with him no less. Where do all you people get your info?

          • Exactly I think people are blind like they were with
            Obama (and some still are) if they would spend more
            time doing research we wouldn’t be in this position I
            think Ben Carson is a nice guy but NICE DON’T GET
            THINGS DONE!
            TRUMP/CRUZ 2016

          • Carson has the greatest organization, at the voting level than any other candidate. You should google the planks in his platform for they are solid at all levels. The man is an intellectual, he is honest, he abhors “political correctness” for the lie that it is. His campaign is fueled by the grass roots of America — not the corporations, not the monopolies, not political machines but, by we the people. It is a strong, thriving and fast moving cohesive support at our level. His answers confound the media trap efforts. Why. When one operates with truth under his belt, he doesn’t have to hem and haw for answers. They are readily available and he isn’t intimidated when answering

          • I respect your opinion but I do not agree my
            opinion is TRUMP and CRUZ are the only
            ones that can handle this job and save America
            from people like Obama!

          • I see this wolf in sheeps clothing in Carson so, one of us is wrong it seems…I cannot trust the black man at this time…I have no interest in reading his books…I read Trumps book and I like what I read..I will vote for the big bad wolf if he will send the illegals out of America and keep them out…That is what is needed right now..I moved from one state because of illegals I am getting too old to move everytime the illegals take the state.

          • Mary Ann, you need to get your glasses changed. Look at the man’s record of accomplishments. His entire history is doesn’t include “sheep’s clothing.” Like Abe Lincoln, Carson can’t tell a lie, and like Teddy Roosevelt, he speaks softly and carry’s as BIG stick. The stick of truth and THAT is why the entire establishment is out to skin him alive. Without truth no one knows how to progress. Lies and deceptions keep people imprisoned and that’s where America is today. Imprisoned by controlling politicians who are wearing sheep’s clothing. Carson is the only hope out there in the line-up.

        • I think that you may not have understood the post to which you replied in a … rather insulting way. I read it as urging you to look further into Dr. Carson’s qualifications. Someone who has read widely in politics may still be unfamiliar with a man little in the public eye until the past few months. Most other candidates have been in the public eye for years ( Ms. Fiorina and Sen. Sanders, not so much ).

      • I should think that Dr. Carson’s own books over the years would be a fair indication of his policy positions. Besides touting his own (admittedly impressive) achievements in repeated instances of false modesty, his positions on the ISSUES, in the four of his books that I have read, are approximately those of Jimmy Carter.

        He seems like a very, very nice fellow (as Carter also did back in the day) but Ben Carson is certainly no more qualified to be president than is Trump — and neither of them is as qualified on the issues as Ted Cruz or Rand Paul. But of course, qualifications don’t matter; I assure you, if Carson was white, he’d never have gotten more than 1% in any poll.

        I should think that bleeding-heart moderates and guilt-ridden GOP types would recognize how disastrous it was to treat a presidential candidate with kid gloves just because of skin pigmentation.

        Clinton, Nixon, and Woodrow Wilson were academically gifted men — and scoundrels. Dr. Carson is intelligent and a gifted surgeon, but such attainments in no way suit him for the presidency. His rocket-sled ride on the TEA Party express so far is almost entirely reactionary: “Let’s get another Black guy in there, but this time a conservative! The donkeys can’t beat that!”

        If that’s all that matters, Hillary would beat Carson far more handily than she would do against Trump.

        • President Carter was highly intelligent, probably a patriot and a nice guy, and a disaster as president. Dr. Carson is, I suspect, a very impressive person. But he is not just entirely inexperienced, he is quite old and inexperienced. What could possibly go wrong ?

      • I have not enough interest in Carson to study him..I will not vote for him, period. I have been there and seen that with the color card.

    • I don’t know why he would cozy up to Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakan but this is very troubling and the voters were blinded before. Maybe race comes first? I don’t know but it would be a good question for him to answer. Will anyone ask him? I bet not unless it becomes a big news story.

    • When the NOI did not like what Malcom X was saying, they killed him.
      That is not the way we do things in this country. No one in public life should give
      Farrakan the time of day.

  9. Carson is being supported by individual donations and not a Super Pac. He is simply liked by the American people and this is reflected in donations.

    • sorry Kim he is being supported by a big super pac I suggest you start reading and checking Trump’s lawyer has already discovered the super pac and sent a letter to them because of all the untruths sprewed about Trump He is with the super pac and also remember AL SHARPTON IS RIGHT BY HIS SIDE sheesh

    • No Carson is supported by several Black Super Pacs. How do I know? I am Black and I receive their emails 2-3 times a week begging me for money. Sorry Carson is not and would not be good for Black Americans as his positions on immigration related issues are the same as Obama’s. Even how he has stated he will address the budget will put thousands out of work. I guarantee you Trump has more of the Black vote than Carson has.
      TRUMP 2016

      • If you are right ( and I am quite open to the idea that you are),
        then the light of publicity shone on all candidates with significant support will make this public. If Dr. Carson is a friend and ally
        of the reverend Al or Minister Farrakan, then I would probably not be able to vote for him, although against Secretary Clinton, I don’t know.

  10. Kinda sounds similar to “I’m just business man” promising a ‘donation’ to a ”certain” southern state if this ”Billionaire” ”business man” could have one of his Gambling Casinos (aka: SuperPac) established in that state.. & when ‘BLUNTLY’ confronted he’d made the ‘donation’ offer.. he BLUNTLY denied..several times that ‘NEVER HAPPENED’..on LIVE less..& also says he’s a ‘businessman’..NOT a Politician..
    just like ‘MANURE’ is ODER FREE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU BETCHA LOL

  11. I have a problem with a doctor becoming president. Sorry but I just don’t see where that skill prepares him for the rest of the job! But I like some of his ideas and his grit. The religious part again is only important to show your moral character, not your presidential qualifications.

      • Does a Chicago thug activist background with his sealed records unavailable for scrutiny to anyone sound like a good skill set? Who knows what he has accomplished or not, we only have what he says now to judge. I did not vote for him either time but a lot of folks did and we got an arrogant narcissistic sociopath. He has done a number on this country. So, I do think for his fundamental destruction of this country, he apparently was well suited. That is if you like his reengineering job and I don’t along with most of this country’s legal citizens.

      • After seven years we do know. But having had someone with no relevant experience for seven years, are we sure that we want four more years of that ?

      • Not any that I remember! BUT being the first Black pres. I REALLY hoped he would do well…………….didn’t happen.

  12. I think more research about Seventh Day Adventist needs to be done. I am a fourth generation SDA and have attended Seventh Day Adventist school up to and through college. SDAs most definitely believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and that Jesus is equal to God the Father and the Holy Spirit, and those who choose Jesus will have life after this sinful world is done. Sometimes things get confused when people say this or that and don’t check the facts. Seventh Day Adventist believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God. Many times Jesus stated His relationship with the Father in heaven and He talked about life after this sinful world is made new. “Truth never changes, however, our perception of Truth is in a constant state of change.” Hope this helps to shine some light on the subject, and may God bless you in your search for truth. I am still searching, and will be for a long time. There is so much to learn about God and His creation. If anyone has any questions I will try to answer as best I can.

    • Thank you. I too am Seventh Day Adventist…and it hurts when I see folks saying false things about SDA without studying the Bible and not doing extensive research. Truth will prevail and most Importantly God will prevail…please read Revelation. Bless each person that will go to the Bible for answers and refuses to believe lies being put on line by disgruntles.

  13. Fact is: Donald Trump is not a fit for the Oval Office. As stated before, he would be more outfitted for Court Jester than the Oval Office.

    • A year ago I laughed at the prospect of Trump running for president. But he is the only candidate that will talk about the elephant in the living room. I give him credit for that. And if it come between him and a democrat I will not hesitate to vote for him.

  14. Dr Carson was a Democrat prior to October 31st, 2014. Trump is the only one that can get this country up and going again. He is not owned by any Pacs or the Republican Establishment.

  15. Trump needs to go, his goals do not coincide with the goals of most Americans for this great country.He has been on every side of every issue at one time or another. We need someone like Ben Carson who is running for all the right reasons and will lead us out of the darkness that has been cast upon us by the current regime and several before it.

  16. Judge Eve There is one major problem with Trump. With the words that he uses toward the other candidates does not sound like the words of a Christian. We are to “judge by their fruit”. Well his fruit doesn’t seem like the fruit of a Christian. He has also said that he has never felt a need to ask God for forgiveness. One more thing, For a man to amass 10 billion dollars, he has had to step on many people and lie. You cannot make that much money and not commit many sins, which he should feel a need to ask for the forgiveness of almighty God, but then he is almighty Trump, right.

    • ” For a man to amass 10 billion dollars, he has had to step on many people
      and lie.” Maybe. Most people with fortunes that large – and there aren’t many- started with a lot of inherited wealth ( Trump), or invented something very useful to
      many millions ( Edison, Gates, Paul Allen) or was fabulously successful in show business ( authors, actors, composers, singers, producers ..), or use the force of
      government to amass riches ( say, Putin and his friends). Only the final category involves stepping on people or …sins. Others invest successfully for many years consistently ( which impoverishes no one and defrauds no one) or runs a large company very well.

  17. Did Jesus lecture Pontius Pilate about his
    pagan and corrupt political ties? Did the Apostles Paul, Peter, John,
    etc. encourage early Christians to boycott vehemently anti-Christian Roman
    leadership like Nero whom would literally do things like burn alive Christian
    men, women and children? Did these early
    Christians attempt to politicize (i.e. use for political gain/power) their
    beliefs in order to impose morality on an extremely anti-Christian society?

    The answer is a resounding NO. The reason is that -from the perspective of
    Jesus and early Christians- being a follower of Christ, spreading the Gospel of
    salvation and transforming lives TRANCENDED politics and even and specifically
    when under extreme persecution from a corrupt and evil Roman government, from
    the “religious right” of that period (Pharisees, etc.), and from a pagan

    It wasn’t until the 3rd century that
    Christianity became politicized (used for political gain/power) under
    Constantine which then morphed into a powerful religious entity(s) that exists
    to this day. One that is more about
    power or money or control or all combined (both protestant and Catholic) than
    salvation through Christ.

    Back to this present day context as Christians,
    REAL “hope and change” doesn’t come through whom voters put in the
    Whitehouse. Case in point: how has that
    worked out for us in the past 8 years?
    Conversely, real hope and change also doesn’t come through morality
    forced upon an sinful society via laws.
    Case in point: how has that worked out for us so far? Has the United States continued to get better
    or has this country continued to decline?
    The answer is obvious.

    Real hope and change comes ONLY from
    individuals, families, communities, etc. being transformed by believing in the
    Lord Jesus Christ! So as Christians, I
    wouldn’t get too caught up on who is running for president or what their
    specific beliefs are or what denomination they do or don’t associate with as
    ultimately: it doesn’t matter because its politics. Republicans are just like Democrats, only
    they’re going downhill at a slower rate and nations and political powers have
    risen and fallen in the past 2,000 years since the birth of Christ yet His
    message, His Gospel lives and will continue to live on!

  18. Aside from being friends with Sharpton and Armstrong Williams, promoter of Farrakhan, Carson is playing the race card. He said that people who don’t like his policies is because he is black.

  19. Yes and others too…TRUMP IS THE ONLY one that can actually DO SOMETHING. The rest will be business as usuall and you know what that means. I don’t have to say it! We all know from the last 7 years that we have been buried in crap like a stain on the sheets!

    Vote TRUMP

    • Even as a candidate Mr. Trump feels no need to do his homework, for example,
      to prepare for debates. I don’t mind during a campaign, but an uninvolved, above it all
      president ? What could possibly go wrong ?

  20. Dr.Carson is a disguised Liberal & should stick to medicine, he does not belong in politics. Take that to the bank!!!

    • I believe that Dr. Carson is retired. People his age may no longer have the steady hands that delicate surgery requires.

  21. Haven’t seen Dr Carson ” cozy” up to anyone .he is trying very hard to make the black community understand that the democrats are not doing them any favors . Best is to work keep family together and live your own life . Not to be indebted to the government for a hand out !

  22. It used to be that any citizen could aspire to be president of America, but not anymore. Now the money controls it all. It should not be allowed. Money has no place in chosing our president or even our representatives…Take the super pacs out…Vote for the candidate with no other persons money behind them…Look at the spoiled little boy Jeb Bush..
    Everything was handed to Bush by his father and he was cherised as their Golden Child. He was the parents choice for president and not George W…But we have rejected the spoiled little boy Jeb…He cannot handle that rejection. He evidently also thought he was Golden…Most spoiled brats do.

  23. I do not know the truth of Seventh Day Adventists, but I do not like what I know. I will not be voting for a Vegan…I did that sorry diet for 5 miserable and sick months. Presbyterian does not give me inspiration either although I have some in the family. I follow Christ himself and no sect. I am part of the remnant of God and will vote for the man that can get the things done. My guidance come from the almighty and if I am wrong, he will let me know….

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