Chris Christie Booted Off Amtrak: Here’s Why!

Chris Christie Booted Off Amtrak: Here’s Why!

2016 GOP Presidential hopeful New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie found himself in hot water during a recent Amtrak trip.

After appearing on a Sunday morning political show this past weekend, Chrisite boarded the train and started yelling while on a phone call in one of the train’s “quiet cars.”

He was forced to leave after passenger complaints.

According to CNN:

Chris Christie was asked to leave Amtrak’s quiet car Sunday morning after passengers complained to a conductor about the New Jersey governor yelling at his security detail and into his cell phone, according to a rider…

He walked onto the train with a McDonald’s strawberry smoothie, already chewing out someone who was with him, possibly a security officer, about a mix-up in seating arrangements, according to Alexander Mann, a passenger on the same train who detailed the Christie incident to CNN in an email and in photos.

Mann wrote that just before the train departed, Christie boarded behind “two men who appeared to be Secret Service agents” — though that’s unlikely, since Christie doesn’t yet have Secret Service detail; his staff said he traveled Sunday with one New Jersey state trooper — and was “yelling at them about some sort of mixup with the seating arrangements and how they had let it happen.”

Christie took a seat and began making cell phone calls, despite the “quiet car” markings instructing passengers to refrain from loud conversations or phone use in that portion of the train.

Mann wrote: “The details of the conversation were unclear but it was definitely some sort of work phone call. This went on for 5-10 minutes until the conductor, prompted by passenger complaints, asked him to stop using his cell phone or leave the car. He again started yelling at his security detail and huffed off to another train car. He kept repeating ‘frickin’ ridiculous’ and ‘Seriously?! Seriously?!'”



    • This is about Christie…not Hillary!

      Granted, Chris also has a lot of chub.

      And, if he has some “pig” in him, he offends muslims…and that’s a good thing.

  1. I wouldn’t have expected anything better out of this A-Hole. Glad we don’t really have to worry about him getting the Repugniclan nomination. Now if people would wise up to the IDIOT that’s SUPPOSEDLY leading in the polls.

  2. Maybe you should watch FoxNews ONCE in awhile, TJ. This “story” is nothing more than than that and not true.

  3. I’m not a Christie Fan. Nevertheless, I’d like to present what is reported as what really happened. Most of you will probably acknowledge that the the Main Stream Media has their favorites and they will do and say anything to discredit anyone who opposes them. I am also aware that the “rebuttal” could just be “spin”. I think it’s only right to consider what really may have happened. I’m inclined to believe the “rebuttal”.

    “Samantha Smith, Christie’s spokeswoman, confirmed the incident had
    happened but said the governor was not aware that he was sitting in the
    quiet car and left voluntarily when he realized “the serious nature of
    his mistake.”

    Later, a witnesses came to Christie’s defense, saying that the initial scene painted by Mann and Gawker was not accurate.

    Katie Klabusich, who said she is no Christie fan, said that the governor had
    reacted with surprise just as any person would after being informed by
    the conductor that they were sitting in the quiet car.”
    As reported in:
    Capitol Report
    “Chris Christie’s quiet-car adventure”
    Oct 26, 2015 11:15 a.m. ET

  4. Hillary would demand her own railcar and that the train be completely emptied for her personal entourage.

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