DISGUSTING: Hillary Uses Benghazi Deaths For DONATIONS!

DISGUSTING: Hillary Uses Benghazi Deaths For DONATIONS!

Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton may have escaped Thursday’s hearing without a “what difference does it make” moment, but Clinton severely over played her hand, actually having the guts to send a fundraising email, raking in campaign donations over the deaths of four dead Americans in Benghazi…

View the email below:





  1. Christina Reynolds should have to beg for forgiveness from the parents of the 4 men that were allowed to be murdered by Hillary Clinton!!! Reynolds is a sorry excuse for an American and Hillary Clinton is indeed the “Butcher of Benghazi”!!

    • don’t worry she will but when she face God no mercy will be given for her Hillary or anyone else involved in the killing of our four Americans and she has the never to ask for a dollar donation ,just a thought that came to me maybe I’ll send her a dollar after I wipe my butt on it

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