Did Cher Just Endorse Donald Trump?

Did Cher Just Endorse Donald Trump?

A few months ago, Cher said she’d bolt to outer space if Donald Trump became President.

Now the singer is praising the GOP Presidential candidate while blasting his rivals, even calling Ted Cruz a “devil.”

According to The Hill:

“Cher appears to be throwing her support behind 2016 Republican front-runner Donald Trump.

In a tweet Friday, the Grammy Award-winning singer tweeted “Never thought I’d say… Donald Trump is a Giant Among Gop front runners!!”

She lambasted other GOP presidential candidates in the same tweet: “Cruz = devil. Rubio = RAGE AGAINST WOMEN. Carson = JUST TELL ME WHY?!”

When Trump first announced his presidential bid in June, Cher called him a “loudmouth bigot” on Twitter and said if he were elected president she would move to Jupiter.”



  1. Cher is a has-been that owed everything to Sonny Bono, who was a much better person than her. She once interfered in a local tax issue in TN, along with Rob Riner, another zero.
    Really would rather that she supported Clinton.

  2. Good! She’s not alone. I refered to him as a clown. Now I stand with him. That’s what happens when people get sick of politians spewing garbage filled with lies.

  3. Now I want have to boycott her. She was really pissing me off with her big mouth. Glad she has come back to sanity. !!!!

  4. Dear Cher

    Limit your politic opinion to yourself or friends. Am not interested in who do you support as you are not interest in who I support. The only difference is you have a bigger audience. So for me you are trying to influence opinion based on your power, so as one of your good liberal democrat friend should say: SHAME ON YOU WHO TRY TO GAIN ADVANTAGE OF YOUR POWER and intent to silence us.

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