OUTRAGE: School Bans Pro Life Display As “Too Controversial” (You Won’t Believe...

OUTRAGE: School Bans Pro Life Display As “Too Controversial” (You Won’t Believe Why!)

A school is under fire for targeting pro-life activists, denying students the right to post flyers with messages promoting the Right to Life.

None of the flyers at Ryle High School were graphic or obscene, they simply promoted the students views on the abortion issue. That was evidently too much for the school’s Principal.

According to Cincinnati.Com:

“A Boone County high school is under fire from anti-abortion advocates – with lawyers demanding a student be allowed to display fliers they say were initially rejected by school officials.

The case involves seven anti-abortion fliers, six of which were deemed “too controversial” by Larry A. Ryle High School Principal Matthew Turner, according to a release from Students for Life of America, a nationwide anti-abortion organization for youth.”

The article continues:

“The situation stems back to August, the beginning of the school year, when senior Patrick Edwards started posting fliers for the Ryle Students for Life club, according to the release. Turner told Edwards he had to submit the fliers ahead of time for approval, the release states, and six out of seven options were rejected.

The flier that was approved features a quote from Anne Frank: How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world. One of the rejected fliers features a picture of a panda bear holding a sign: Save the baby humans.

Another rejected flier has what looks like a protest scene, with people hoisting posters under a block of text: We are not counter-cultural. We are not the minority. We are not losing.

“Other student clubs and students have been allowed to post fliers taking various positions and I was specifically told my fliers could not be posted because the issue was too controversial,” Edwards said in the release. “I believe it’s important to be able to share positive pro-life messages with my peers, especially with students who may be facing an unplanned pregnancy or know someone who is. Our aim is never to discriminate but to lovingly present the pro-life message and make a positive impact on our school community.”

Students for Life argues that Turner and the school are discriminating against Edwards and violating his rights.”

Senior Patrick Edwards says these posters were rejected

This is the flier that was approved, according to student




  1. Just change the posters to “We Support Murdering Babies” and they’ll get approved in a snap! Or “Transgender is WAY Cool!” Or make it an invitation to a Muslim religious event on school grounds during school hours – no prob!

  2. This is discrimination.Evil .You cannot allow the others and stop these from being shown.These are beautiful and the animals are saying all lives matter.All these people who push the murder of babies are full of the devil

  3. The last thing government schools want is free thinking students who don’t hold with the government line. Many school administrations are very liberal in their thinking and this type of student behavior goes against their liberal/leftist agendas. They cannot tolerate students who don’t drink the “cool-aid”.

    • And how ironic it is that “free thinking” is what brought acceptance to issues like pro-abortion and pro-gay marriage in the first place. Now, “free thinking:” is baaadd.

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