O’Malley Attacks Trump: Here’s What He Said

O’Malley Attacks Trump: Here’s What He Said

Former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley, a Democrat running for President, blasted fellow White House hopeful Donald Trump at last night’s debate, pulling no punches as he went after “The Donald.”

According to Breitbart:

“Tuesday at the Democratic presidential debate televised on CNN, former Gov. Martin O’Malley (D-MD) took aim at Republican presidential front runner Donald Trump for his stand on immigration calling him a “xenophobe,” an “immigrant hater” and a “carnival barker.”

Discussing undocumented immigrants getting in-state college tuition, O’Malley said, “A lot of the xenophobes, the immigrant haters, like some that we’ve heard, like Donald Ttrump, that carnival barker in the Republican party tried to mis-characterize it as free tuition for illegal immigrants. But we took our case to the people when it was petitioned to referendum and we won with 58% of the vote. The more our children learn, the more they will earn and that’s true of children who will yet to be naturalized but will become American citizens.”

>>>O’Malley had a so-so performance at the debate, but has received positive response from Dems for his closing statement in which he also attacked Trump.

“I am very very grateful to be on this stage with this distinguished group of candidates tonight. And what you heard tonight … was a very very different debate from the sort of debate that you heard from the two presidential republican debates. On this stage you didn’t hear anyone denigrate women, you didn’t hear anyone make racist comments about new American immigrants.

You didn’t hear anyone speak ill of another American because of their religious beliefs. What you heard was an honest search for the answers that will move our country forward, to move us to a 100 percent clean electric energy grid by 2050.

To take the actions that we have always taken as Americans, so that we can actually attack injustice in our country, employ more of our people, rebuild out cities and towns, educate our children at higher and better levels, and include more of our people in the sociopolitical and economic life of our country.

I truly believe that we are standing on the threshold of a new American progress, unless you become discouraged about our gridlock in Congress, talk to our people under 30. You’ll never find among them people who want to bash immigrants, people who want to deny rights to gay couples. That tells me we are moving to a more connected, generous, compassionate place, and we need to speak to the goodness within our country.”



  1. I just saw selling their souls to keep a job.Maybe all these givers of others money should start with announcing how much of their money will be taken from then.So easy to spend others money

  2. All of you demorats are so out of touch it is not even funny! TRUMP for president in 2016! Why because he is on our side while all of you are up your donors asses so far you can’t see anything but shit!

  3. Selling the country to get illegal votes is criminal and we have people like him who think we should have no laws on immigration . Soon we will be called Northern Mexico== the average Latino family has 7 children ===with 28% of ALL children in 1 st grade schools in America are Latino and it won’t be long [ age 18 ] before they will vote and no one see’s this coming??. We are in big trouble…Wake up America

  4. There is a difference between an immigrant and an illegal alien. One was lawfully admitted for permanent residence and entered through a U.S. Port of Entry. The other, entered unlawfully in a criminal manner. It’s about time the ignorant like O’Malley who errantly use the term “immigrant” in place of illegal alien were put in their place. I spent 25 years with the U.S. Border Patrol, arresting and “repatriating” thousands of illegal aliens. I made excellent money in that profession. The government hired me to enforce the laws created by our legislature in Washington. So, based upon O’Malley’s beliefs, we shouldn’t enforce the laws created by our own government.

    Meaning, he would be an awful president.

    Cruz-Perry 2016

  5. What don’t these people understand? These people entered illegally! Broke the law right off the bat! Why would they be bothered to follow any other of our laws when they’re rewarded for illegally entering our country! Most of them start protesting the minute they get here.
    These are no undocumented citizens! They are criminals! They broke the law!

    • They don’t understand because they lump all Hispanics together, making no distinction between legal and illegal.

  6. Being compassionate doesn’t mean allowing others to break the law. It doesn’t mean giving free rides to illegals! How about showing compassion for the citizens of this country and protect them from this invasion! Trump is right on! The more I hear these other morons the closer I get to trump. And that’s saying a hell of a lot.

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