Ben Carson TIED With Trump In Latest Poll

Ben Carson TIED With Trump In Latest Poll

Dr. Ben Carson is statistically tied (given the poll’s margin of error) with Donald Trump in the latest Fox poll of the 2016 GOP Presidential field. Trump is a point ahead with 24% to Carson’s 23%.

According to Fox News:

“Ben Carson is giving Donald Trump a run for his money, according to the latest Fox News national poll.

Support for Carson in the race for the Republican nomination has nearly doubled in the last two months, he is seen by voters as being more ethical than others, and he has the largest number of GOP primary voters who say they would definitely vote for him.

That makes him well-positioned to overtake Trump.

In addition, the poll tested an array of general election match-ups and Carson is the only Republican to get 50 percent support.  In a Carson vs. Hillary Clinton contest, he has the advantage by a 50-39 percent margin.

Running down the GOP race:  Trump remains in the top spot with 24 percent, closely followed by Carson at 23 percent… For now, Carson gets the lowest never-vote-for number of the candidates tested — six percent.”



  1. This Site is so doomed to fail, I’m surprised you morons over here are still taking yourselves seriously….as if The National Review, The Weekly Standard, and FOX News don’t have your points covered in spades. Count me guilty as waiting until tonight to flush you and this site down the $hitter….

          • He is practical about the immigration solution. Trump’s may sound good now, but he would never be able to enforce it. We have to have something enforceable.

          • Trump’s solution is very enforceable. The thing I dont like about Trump is the Eminent Domain crap and that he dont mind the queers.

          • Ted Cruz is the only candidate with an intelligent plan for immigration. His plan is to FIRST secure the border, then work across lines to come up with a bipartisan bill to deal with the illegals already here. Personally I would support a plan that would provide execution for multiple offenders, especially if they commit crimes.

          • Amen, I don’t have a problem with someone who is a queer, but I do have a problem with the fact of the matter being, they feel like their right are the only ones that matter. They think we should honor and bless their sick, deviant behavior. I care not what they do, just get the hell out of my face.

  2. While I like Carson, I dont think your polling numbers are truthful. There is no quantification of people polled , the number polled or statement to the effect of registered voters vs likely voters. As usual FOX is simply trying to weaken Trump knwoing Carson doesn’t really stand a chance against Hillary Clinton, alleged liar and thief of $6 billion.

    • Trump would lose so bad we might lose the House. And if Trump somehow wins that might even be worse. He is a progressive. He’s to the left of Barack Obama on healthcare. He thinks the government should be able to take your house and give it to a rich developer, someone like himself, to develop so the government can get more tax revenue. He’s a wannabe tyrant who doesn’t care about the separation of powers. And he has zero respect for the First Amendment. He wants the Federal government to shutdown his critics. There’s nothing remotely conservative about him. If you support him you need to stop saying calling yourself a conservative.

      • Matthew….bahahahaha you are so full of shit…who do you think would believe all this bs you have put up?…the only point you are making here is how pitifully stupid you are….Trump is nothing like this and you go right ahead and vote for Hillary, just like you did for Ovomit…..probably twice….ahahaha

        • Google Donald Trump and eminent domain. Google Vera Coking. Google Donald Trump and universal healthcare. Do some actual research before you vote. And I’m complaining about Trump because he isn’t conservative and you think I voted for BO and support Hillary?!?!? What the fck is wrong with you? You’re a special kind of stupid aren’t you.

        • Actually bullh, he’s right about Trump on a few points. He is in favor of imminent domain, he is a hot head, Trump is Not a true conservative. The only true conservative in the race is Ted Cruz. It’s not as important who you vote for, as long as it’s not another liberal Dumbocrat. Just get out and vote, for the only true conservative, Ted Cruz.

      • Where ever did you find this information.. Trump wants to “to take your house and give it to a rich developer”? Source please..

        • First reading comprehension. I didn’t say he wants to I said he thinks the government should be able to. Second google Vera Coking, google Donald Trump and eminent domain. Do some research. Google Kelo v New London. Trump tried to get the city to use eminent domain to force Vera Coking to sell her house so he could build a parking lot there. In the Kelo case, which every conservative in the country derided but Trump said he agreed with 100%, the government used eminent domain to take someone’s house and sold it to a rich developer. SCOTUS ruled it was a proper use of eminent domain because the city would get more tax revenue from the rich developer rather than the house. Like I said before every conservative in the country decried the ruling but Trump defended it. In other words he thinks the government should be able to take your house and give it to a rich developer for the purpose of getting more tax revenue. Go to google and do a quick search on the terms I mentioned above. They aren’t hard to find.

      • He is a conservative and has balls and not afraid to call a spade a spade. He will get all the facts before he makes any major move. He is more of an American than any other runner for president and will get respect back in the White House..

        • Do you have any response beyond “you’re wrong?” Or does your asserting that Trump is a conservative make it so? Because that’s how liberals argue. They simply say x is true and that they won the argument.

        • You should put down the crack pipe immy, Trump is a moderate at best, he’s actually closer to the left, than the right. Trump is a RINO. I agree he would be better than anyone of the Dumbocrats.

      • Then you must have this week’s lottery number ? Making stupid statement’s off the wall, when you have no quantification of group polling reflects on your lack of education.

  3. I am glad to see a strong conservative site that is making sense. We have to fight smart, not mad. although I agree with Trump on illegals, I disagree with him on trade where his policies will cause a worldwide Depression. And his “Eminent Domain is wonderful” is just plain Big Gov’t and not conservative at all, like many of his other positions. Ben Carson is a real, principled conservative and deserves his standing.

    • You don’t agree with him on TRADE???? DAMN GOOD thing then that you aren’t in charge or EVER have a chance to be.

      • If you agree with Trump on trade you should just admit you don’t believe in capitalism because free trade is capitalism on a global scale. Do you think trading with your neighboring city will cost people in your city their jobs? What if we expand it to a neighboring state? If someone in Georgia buys something made in Florida does that hurt the Georgia economy? Nobody would say that so why is it suddenly a bad thing if you’re trading with someone in France or South Africa? One of the biggest reasons third world countries remain third world is because they don’t trade. More and freer global trade is probably the main reason the global poverty rate has plummeted over the last fifty years. Free trade is a GREAT thing.

        • Free trade is not always a good thing. We send a few dozen cars to Japan every year, but they sell millions of theirs here, costing American jobs. When their garbage is made over here, all the profits go back to Japan, not helping American companies. China sells billions of dollars here every year, yet we send nothing there, they already have all the crap they need. Free trade would be good, if it were fair and even.

          • What you’re saying is you don’t think capitalism is always a good thing. Free trade is simply capitalism on a global scale. If you think trading with your neighboring city or state is a good thing than trading with another country is also a good thing. Nothing magical happens when goods cross national borders. The truth is if you don’t support free trade you don’t support capitalism.

    • Be Carson better on trade ???? WOW ==how stupid. ,,, Another smooth talking black with a weak personality that would be eaten alive by foreigners ==Sound familiar?

      • Weak? Just because you don’t yell and insult people you are weak?? “Smooth talking black”? You are absolutly an example of what is wrong with a portion of the Republican party.

        • What are you talking about Buzzie? The Republican party? Get a grip Buzzy.The Dumbocrats are the ones keeping blacks in their place. Republicans are touted as the enemy of blacks, and other minorities. That is a lie straight from hell, or the Dumbocratic party, same thing.

      • imbog, I disagree completely with your statement. Dr. Carson does not have a ‘weak’ personality. Strength does not always equal bullying. If anything, having the internal fortitude to hold back, remain calm and make level-headed decisions is a fine example of a strong personality. I personally have a ton more respect for people who have self control and quiet wisdom than I do of outspoken bullies. That being said, while Dr. Carson is my first choice, I DO like Trump and think he brings a lot to the table. I actually would love to see these two on the same ticket but the only thing I fear is that Trump, if he won, would not listen to anyone’s advice or opinion other than his own. I think his bullheadedness is one of his major faults… that, and his thin skin. We cannot run the risk of someone pissing him off, and him declaring war as a result.

      • Don’t not vote for Carson because he’s black, Don’t vote for him, because he’s not up to the task at hand. He’s never had to deal with the things our next president will be faced with. We need an extremely dedicated fighter with a proven track record of taking on the DC thugs in Congress. Ted Cruz is the only one with that kind of record. Above all, we have to ALL get out and vote.

    • Define how Trump would ” cause a worldwide Depression”… Not that I don’t think our enemy’s deserve it. Define, please quote your source.

      • The difference is though, that Dr. Carson believes in personal responsibility and is not all about the freebies that the dims always tout in order to get the vote. I disagree, I think he would make a fine president and believe he could, in fact, be “IT”. Above I mentioned that a Carson/Trump ticket would be great, but I also think an even better one would be Carson/Cruz.

    • Carson will not automatically get the black vote, since he has touted creating jobs, and reducing handouts.

  4. Or statistically, += 10%, TRUMP would have a considerable lead if you want to go that route…..soooooo, give us a break…you trying to demise TRUMP’s lead….for what?…are you being paid to do that?…..then why are you being so stupid….do you think we are stupid and will believe this bull shit?…I dont think so….

    • Going that route you could say Carson has a huge lead. The fact is Trump seems to have hit a ceiling while Carson keeps rising. This poll has them tied. IBD/TIPP has Carson up seven and WSJ has them tied. Other polls have Trump up six, seven, eight points but Trump was at 30 on realclearpolitics not that long ago and now he’s at 24. Carson was at 20 took a small dip and is back on the upswing.

          • Hey Matthew did you know Carson is taking another two weeks of to sell books. No you screamed the loudest because you are the dumbest. Now I could see a Trump Carson ticket. Now back to your soap box.

          • Yes I did but I’m not sure how that’s relevant. Trump has cancelled at least one campaign event because it conflicted with his business schedule. Besides Carson will be meeting with voters and also do some fundraising. And when did I say I was voting for Carson. I’m open to Carson but undecided.

  5. You better think twice of how this country has been run into the ground by regular politicians that just want to line their pockets with cash Trump has the experience to fire a bunch of slackers and run this country to rebuild this nation. If you cant see that your blind. He has no one to repay for all his money its his. He will do a better job because of this fact. Yes he is who he is and that is what this country needs. My vote goes to trump. Wake up people.

    • You need to wake up. Trump’s the one who lined himself with cash. Google eminent domain and Donald Trump. Google Vera Coking. Trump is a cronyist who used the government to make himself rich at the expense of everyone else.

      • Legally, I use the governments laws to keep money in my pockets and so do you! It’s called Tax Time, we all look for the best plan that works for us! He just does it every single day!

      • You could say that about you me and the whole world. Us who work for a living. I was watching a 1940 John Wayne movie The banker said what we need is a business man for president Politicians are running this country into the dirt . I am awake . I also believe you have a right to your thoughts. Have a great life forever JB

  6. You are so right that Fox is still trying to show Trump as slipping in the polls so they can get their good Buddy Bush back in the running. I still believe Trump is way out in the lead. The American People are not stupid.

  7. This is good news. Not because I necessarily support Carson, but because Trump needs to be taken out of the equation. We’ve had a media anointed ideologue with no résumé in charge for 8 years – possibly the worst 8 years out nation has ever endured. The last thing we need is a bombastic reality TV show host to take over. I like Carson’s views on some things (e.g., remove the tax exempt status of CAIR), but other things he has said (e.g., the “prison turns people gay” statement) clearly indicate that Carson is not ready for the big job. I hope whoever the ultimate nominee – and, hopefully, next president – is will give Carson a cabinet post like SecHHS. That would give Carson some much need seasoning and possibly prepare him for another run at the White House somewhere down the road.

  8. I am 84 years old, a veteran, college educated and a former member of Seattle Master Builders for 37 years. I was raised in an industrial area of 90% democrats and it was a lesson i will never forget. I became a republican when i was about 30 years old and started a successful business ,which i had until i retired. I read everything i can and watch some TV and think i am not a radical in any way; We have a daughter who is an ordained minister and we are Christians and proud to be faithful to the word. All that said , there is a lot of confusion as to what “he” said and what “he ” will do if he becomes president… I for one have had it with the smooth talking phonies and will vote for a strong person who will know how to run a country and will stand up to our “so called allies” who only use us for our troops and our money. We had 3 stars in our home window during WW2=== #1 Killed in Action, #2 Missing in Action and #3 Prisoner of War and i was in Korea. No more wars and bring our troops home

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