Trump Just Made A Big Announcement About The Dem Debate

Trump Just Made A Big Announcement About The Dem Debate

Donald Trump speaks at the Saginaw/Genesee County Lincoln Day in Michigan (Photo by DarKen Photography)

2016 GOP Presidential front runner Donald Trump has announced he will “livetweet” tonight’s Democrat debate.

According to The Hill:

“Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump will live-tweet the first Democratic presidential debate, the real estate tycoon announced Tuesday.

“At the request of many, and even though I expect it to be a very boring two hours, I will be covering the Democrat Debate live on twitter!” Trump tweeted.

Trump is a prolific voice on the social media platform, where he has more than 4 million followers, with tweets jabbing presidential rivals often generating headlines.

The businessman has suggested that the Democratic debate Tuesday night in Las Vegas will be a mediocre show without him on stage.

“I think people are going to turn it on for a couple of minutes and then fall asleep,” Trump said Monday on “Fox and Friends,” referring to the debate hosted by CNN.”



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