Check Out This Video: Chelsea Clinton Confronted Over Bill’s Teen Sex Rumors

Check Out This Video: Chelsea Clinton Confronted Over Bill’s Teen Sex Rumors

Chelsea Clinton was confronted by a protester at a recent book signing, with the former “first daughter” asked about whether or not her Dad Bill Clinton targets young teen girls.

According to the American Mirror:

“Referring to Clinton’s book being geared towards kids, Morrow asked, “Would you say Bill Clinton also targets teenage girls, except for sexual reasons?”

“I would say my book is really resonating with kids,” Clinton responded. “I was at the Ann Richards School earlier today and I’m so grateful that it’s resonating to the young girls and the young boys that I’ve been talking to across the country.”

“Thank you so much,” the book store staff said repeatedly after Morrow’s question.”

>>>Watch the video below:



    • The question was rude but not inappropriate. She is an adult not a child, and she has benefited richly from her family relationship. Presently she is working in her mother’s campaign. At the very least she has condoned her parents’ crimes. She is entitled to face the consequences and the deserved contempt of the electorate!

    • She was an activist in 2008 giving people hell when they asked her about her mom while SHE WAS campaigning for Killary! She is not nice nor innocent!

    • You’re right Jim, our parents are (supposedly) our role models, and Chelsea got the short end of the stick. We’re all programed from birth on.

      • But we don’t have to follow in their footsteps. She is an adult, with a mind of her own. She is either a moral, good person, or she is not and that is on her. There have been some pretty horrible people through the ages, but their children do not have to be like them. I am sick to death of all the Clintons.

        • Mary, I wonder if you were in Chelsea’s shoes, daughter of POTUS, Sec. of State, etc., wealthy beyond belief, taught the Clinton behavior, got whatever you wanted, that you might turn out just like her. I’m not excusing their behavior, I’m just saying. Yes, I agree with everything you’re saying, but some people are stronger than others. I feel the same about the Clintons and wish they would go away, to jail, but fat chance of that.

          • I never suggested that I would have turned out better. I am simply saying that we are all responsible for our own choices especially when we become adults. I think we have given every evil, criminal, bad behavior, etc a pass in the last 30 years (at least) with the excuse of their upbringing. That may be the reason they act in such a fashion but it can not be an excuse, not in a responsible society.

          • When have you ever seen/heard a Democrat act responsible in society, The Clinton’s may be the worse, but they all are one short of a six pack. The people to be aware of are the one’s voting for them, who do not act in a responsible fashion in society, in my opinion.

      • When she called her Secret Service Detail ”Paid Pigs,” she said that was what her mother and daddy called them. Her parents are an ”ideal” roll model for lying, cheating and being ”nasty!”

        • Isn’t repulsive everytime you hear Hillary tell you how much she cares and all the multiple things she wants to take care of all the people.

  1. Why do Conservative journalists hit below the belt when they don’t have to?
    Very weak and hurts the cause.

    • Sailblazer You may be crazy, go have yourself checked out Sir before you post these kind of posts.Is your head brown from having your head up Hillary rear.

      • Jim, your conclusion is as off base as your crude post. I detest Hillary. Just don’t believe in piling your parents indiscretions on a daughter who had nothing to do with Bill’s antics. I expect Marco Rubio to be our next president.

  2. Chelsea’s just another progressive/socialist/communist bimbo who’ll eventually end up in politics to the detriment of America. Too bad the Hildebeast didn’t have one of the abortions she supports so much for OTHER WOMEN — just another of that old sow’s lengthy list of double standards.

    • Just another night of bad sex,The man was right on about Mr Hubble,bill said he shoot blanks and Hillary turned homo after having this UGLY kid who takes the UG out of UGLY and her baby moma got the LY. Don,t leave much. By the way, who takes care of that grand baby, these morons don,t seems 2 be home much.I have never seen the little bastard.

      • Chelsea and her daddy were in Africa saving elephants when the baby was 10 days old. How many mothers leave a 10 day old baby and run off to Africa to ”save” elephants? Perhaps she was keeping an eye on daddy.

  3. I hate the clintons and all the rest of the socialistic progressives, but what did you expect the little witch to say, my moms a whore and bills a pedafile. They did teach her how not to answer a question using the clinton way of diversion and flat out lying though. The clintons are the masters of smoke and mirrors!

  4. Scum, just like her mother and father. Don’t let the age fool you – her mom was full-fledged scum by the time she was 30.

    • Nottmee Check farther Sir about Webb, it will blow your mind, this bitch was laying with everbody that would have some kind of sex with her, after having this moron kid she turned homo and that is what she is today.She has had more woman than old Bill.

  5. Just when you think things couldn’t get any sleazier.
    I’m no Clinton fan.., but this dude should get his ass kicked.

  6. I understand Chelsea is running the Clinton Foundation and now writing a book about kids when she has no idea how the average kid lives.
    I guess we can only assume her baby is being raised by a variety of nannies and there isn’t much real bonding going on.
    Hillary keeps talking about her granddaughter bur she can’t be doing much bonding because she is consumed with fundraising, defending the mess she made out of her e-mails, flitting all over the Country campaigning and preparing for her testimony at the Benghazi hearings.
    That whole family are hypocritical, corrupt, lying criminals. They are so consumed with themselves and with wealth and power they have become a curse on the U.S.A.

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