Paul Maintains Lead Over Rubio In New Poll

Paul Maintains Lead Over Rubio In New Poll

Photo by Gage Skidmore

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul continues to lead Florida Senator Marco Rubio in the latest Reuters poll, with real estate mogul Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson the race’s frontrunners.

Paul grabs 6.2% of the vote compared to Rubio’s 4.8%. Cruz also grabs a little over 6%, with Trump atop the field at 32.4% followed by Carson at nearly 11%.

Of note: Reuters was named the most accurate polling outfit in a recent academic study.

>>>Here are the full Reuters numbers:
Businessman Donald Trump


Surgeon and author Ben Carson


Former Fla. Gov. Jeb Bush


Former Sen. candidate and business executive Carly Fiorina


Ken. Sen. Rand Paul


Tex. Sen. Ted Cruz


Former Ark. Gov. Mike Huckabee


Fla. Sen. Marco Rubio


NJ Gov. Chris Christie


Former Penn. Sen. Rick Santorum


La. Gov. Bobby Jindal


Ohio Gov. John Kasich


Former Va. Gov. Jim Gilmore


Former NY Gov. George Pataki


SC Sen. Lindsey Graham





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    • I’ll bet English is not your native language, either that or you are extremely stupid. None of the insanely long run-on sentence you have in your rant makes any sense in English. Please have an English speaker preview your rants in the future to avoid looking incredibly dense and thus destroying your own arguments..

  2. I still don’t buy that Jeb “act of love” Bush has 10% ?
    Don’t know anyone who supports him or his positions – especially on immigration and common core.

    Trump surging over 30% is great news !

  3. Rand Paul 2016. The only one who supports the entire bill of rights and won’t run up the deficit even more.

  4. Here is hoping Rand Paul can do it– he is only candidate of either party who is not a complete war-monger! Peace and Liberty

  5. Rubio sealed his own fate when he agreed to be bought by money from the Establishment Republicans. I wouldn’t be surprised if his career ends because of it. I hope he gets primaried by a Conservative. He listened to and trusted party hacks instead of the people.

  6. Jeb Bush 3rd, really? I expected him to be 16th. Nobody wants him. Did you poll his extended family in Mexico?

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