What Will Trump Say? Oregon Rampage Killer Was An Immigrant

What Will Trump Say? Oregon Rampage Killer Was An Immigrant

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Oregon rampage killer Chris Harper Mercer was not born in the United States, reports say.

Instead, the 26 year old authorities say killed up to 10 people at an Oregon community college was born in Great Britain.

The Oregon Daily Breeze has released many new details regarding his background overseas.


According to The U.K.’s Mirror:

“A British-born gunman killed at least nine people in a US college before being fatally shot in a stand-off with police.

Chris Harper-Mercer was born in England before moving to the United States as a young boy, according to reports in America.

The 26-year-old, whose social media profiles featured content supporting the IRA, apparently demanded to know his victims’ religious beliefs before opening fire.

The killer burst into Umpqua Community College in Roseburg before slaying nine people and injuring seven.

Terrified students told how they cowered behind desks fearing for their lives as a gun maniac went on a murderous college rampage.”

After Donald Trump came under fire for comments about violent acts committed by immigrants (though Trump was talking about illegals) it will be interesting to see “The Donald’s” reaction to Harper Mercer’s British birth.

Chris Harper Mercer


  1. I really do not care where he was born. Was he on drugs ? Including prescribed ones. Any background of criminal activity ? Were the guns registered to him or were they stolen ?

    • Yes also what social media was he on did he suffer from a metal disorder before what meds if so,but media has to much lacking on this one and I wonder why. Anything else they report it 10 ways till Sunday.

      • Most of the media will report on what they want us to know-they don’t want to insight all of us citizens to over throw the government

    • Common traits:
      Male loner
      Public school
      Seeking fame
      Washington, Oregon, and Colorado allow hallucinogens and legal guns.
      What’s your solution?

      • Not a complete solution but metal detectors, and ARMED campus Police may have stopped this one.
        I haven’t (yet) heard anyone talk about better security this time.

  2. why is it we are only interested in DJT comments…we have sitting Congressman candidates that should take a stand as well..

  3. He is a Black immigrant from England. I think he is also a Muslim, sure doesn’t like Christians that’s for sure. WHITE CHRISTIANS LIVES MATTER!!!

    • He “westernized” his name so much that he may as well have called himself “Super Cowboy USA Hot Dog A-1 Rocket Ship Number 1”

    • in a profile he answered for a dating website “the shooter” (I refuse to say his name) filled out … he listed having interests in “the occult and magick”, and the qualities he sought in a potential girlfriend was that she be interested in “paganism and wicca”. It’s little wonder he had a hate-on for Christians. I wonder if he’s one of Obama’s sons ?

  4. What’s the point of this article? Are they trying to imply that Trump won’t criticize him because he’s not an illegal Mexican immigrant, and therefore Trump is a hypocrite? How ridiculous.

    By the way, how/why did he immigrate here? Did his parents overstay a VISA and was he given “Dream Act” deferred status by Obama? Did his family come here on a fake “refugee” claim? I’d like to know that info, instead of whether or not Trump will mention him.

  5. One, a nut is a nut regardless which tree it falls from. Two, his inquiry of the victims’ Christianity – and the unfortunate result of their answers – could have been a case of his thinking he was doing them a favor and sending them to meet the maker early.

  6. I read (but not confirmed) the gunman did suffer from mental illness (Asperger’s) and his mother, a nurse, took him to gun ranges for therapy. Not a smart combination. Trump 2016!!!!

    • True: “Trump is not anti-immigrant just anti-illegal immigrant. Big difference.” but our dummyCrat, Marxist, Socialist media is so hell-bent on destroying DJT that those writers can’t PYHOOYA long enough to keep their remaining grey cell oxygenated.

  7. The problem it is not even that the illegal is violent, but that he is illegal which means, infringing a law and should be sent away and or sent to jail, that is the point.

  8. I came to this country legally and have family members that are doing the same. The good people have to stand in lines, wait their turn, send documents, pay fees, living by the law…then a person crosses the border and voila. It is wrong.

    • Yes crossing the border without the proper legal documents is against the immigration laws of The U.S.A. That makes you a felonious illegal immigrant, which should be deported immediately. OH Yeah Baby

  9. Who are the Mother and Father of this monster, what is their race and what is their proclivity, e.g. political, religious, etc…?

  10. Morons…it’s not about immigrants. Trump has no problem with legal immigrants. He stated illegal immigrants weren’t just innocents coming over the border but the worst of the worst were being sent here. Upgrade your intelligence.

    Were the parent’s legal immigrants? Yes. Ok, no problem jerks.

  11. Oregon is the place to commit mass murder since he can expect a stern slap on the wrist and a cushy jail cell with three squares per day…..the victims families will go through hell.
    The left will spend more time prosecuting the Second Amendment than the killer……only in Obama’s America…!

  12. This Guy (the creep) has to be a Muslim who else goes around killing people he has never met? So at one point he has to take up the Muslim religion, the religion of PEACE. The Koran is absolutely NOT a religion of peace, the command to kill infidels is prevalent in its pages. Any TRUE believer must take up arms against a world full of Christians. No other religion has this command, this SO Called religion must be banned in America and the world. Wakeup World let Nothing stop you from the outlawing this EVIL. It is not a religion it more like a MURDEROUS CLUB with religious overtones.

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