Media Blames Republicans For Oregon Massacre While Obama Ignores Targeting Of Christians

Media Blames Republicans For Oregon Massacre While Obama Ignores Targeting Of Christians

Students, staff and faculty are evacuated from Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Ore. Thursday, Oct. 1, 2015, after a deadly shooting. (Michael Sullivan/The News-Review via AP) MANDATORY CREDIT

The liberal media wasted no time politicizing the Oregon school massacre that killed 10 people yesterday, with Nancy Cordes of CBS blaming Congressional Republicans for gun violence because they oppose gun control measures.

>>>Watch video of Cordes on CBS HERE

Cordes must have been taking a page out of the Obama playbook. Obama belittled terror victims while pushing for gun control in a speech to the nation yesterday.

No word from the White House on the merciless targeting of Christians during the massacre….



  1. Talk about politicizing a tragedy , obozo did that blatantly on TV
    last night. Makes the accusations about the GOP politicizing
    Hillary’s emails look like child’s play.

    • And the hacks comply, taking the focus off of the Syria debacle and obozo’s dithering, inept, foreign policy. Russia, Iran and the JV team are in the process of creating a new world order but, hey, let’s focus on the Republicans. And with this storm coming through, the hacks will have another opportunity to cover for the clown they compared to Lincoln and FDR before he stepped foot in the Oval Office.

  2. Another textbook psycho the media meme paints as typical GOP. Let’s see.

    * 26
    * Student
    * Broken family
    * Lives w/ mother (calls him “baby”)
    * Special Needs school for emotional disorders
    * Loner, “mostly kept to himself” – desperate for recognition
    * Black boots and camo’s
    * Political interest – Neo Nazi, IRA

    And as usual, the loony tuner chooses a “gun free zone” where only the psycho-killer is safe. Were I or other CCW persons present, he’d have been down in seconds. Gun control as violence prevention is a proven statistical and commonsense myth.

  3. Common sense gun control? If you are a felon or domestic abuser and lie about it on you background check form in order to try and buy a gun, you have committed a felony just by falsely filling out the form. How many background checks are denied because of fraudulent information? Quite a few. How many of those who submitted the false information are prosecuted for a felony? Zero.

  4. POS Obama couldn’t get to the podium quick enough! Mass shootings are right up his alley re: gun grabbing. Worst President since Andrew Johnson 1865-1869!

  5. You ever notice that about every 4-6 weeks, a liberal goes out and shoots up a school? Liberals kill school children. What is worse is these sycophants not losing a beat [tears] for the “tools” then attacking their enemies to further there end. So Saul Alinsky

  6. The media is blaming the republicans cause most of the media outlets are controlled by the liberals and that is what our loser president wants

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