New Frontrunner? Carson Hot On Trump’s Trail

New Frontrunner? Carson Hot On Trump’s Trail

Dr. Ben Carson’s positive poll numbers are reason to celebrate for the popular, soft spoken Doctor, with some polls even having the 2016 GOP Presidential hopeful in a dead heat with Donald Trump.

According to the Washington Post, even though less people know of Carson than say, Donald Trump or Carly Fiorina, he still beats them when it comes to who voters views as more favorable.

“Dr. Ben Carson is better liked than fellow political outsiders Donald Trump or Carly Fiorina among both Republicans and political independents in a new Washington Post-ABC News poll, even as many have not heard of the famed pediatric neurosurgeon.

Carson’s image with the public overall is positive — 45 percent favorable to 27 percent unfavorable — following a surge in support since the first Republican debate and controversy over his statement that he would oppose a Muslim becoming president of the United States. Two other candidates capturing the GOP’s attention — Trump and Fiorina — get more mixed reviews from the public at large.

Trump’s ratings are upside-down at 35 percent favorable and 60 percent unfavorable, while Fiorina receives a 35-30 favorable-unfavorable split. More than one-third have no opinion of Fiorina (35 percent) at this point.

Carson has stellar ratings among self-identified Republicans; 68 percent have a favorable impression of him, while a mere 14 percent are unfavorable. Trump nearly matches Carson on positive ratings (62 percent), but his unfavorable ratings are about twice as high (34). Republicans give Fiorina a narrower positive split (47-27),  though over one-quarter still have no opinion on the former Hewlett-Packard chief executive.”

The article also says “Fiorina does better among blacks, and Carson does better among women. And both probably do a little better than your average Republican, though it’s not clear whether it would make a difference in the general election.”



    • How about writing the truth CI ?

      Since the second debate, there has been a full frontal attack to move Trump & Carson down in the “polls” and Carly and Rubio up by hook or crook. Despite the relentless effort by the establishment and media, it is not panning out. In the larger [ RCP ] avg of polls

      Trump = 23.3%
      Carson = 16.3% tot = 39.6%
      Carly = 11.8%
      Rubio = 9.8%

      Trump = 27.3%
      Carson = 21.3% tot = 48.6%
      Carly = 6.8%
      Rubio = 5.8%

      Trump = 25.3%
      Carson = 14.3% tot = 39.6%
      Carly = 11.3%
      Rubio = 5.0%

      South Carolina:
      Trump = 34.3%
      Carson = 19.0% tot = 53.3%
      Carly = 4.3%
      Rubio = 4.3%

      RNC Chair Priebus is so upset that they can’t get the primary state numbers to move he has said they plan on changing the primary state sequence next time around. I think this points to a deep seated frustration at RNC that they can’t push their RINO candidates on the people in those states…

  1. How can Carson be the new front runner when he is on the heels of Trump? Nationally, Trump leads in all the polls.

  2. Carly will wear thin as people get to know her. She was soundly beaten in CA. Her professional career represents more baggage than positive. The Dems would demolish her.

  3. POLLS>>>SMOLLS>> I’m HIGHLY Enthusiastic as to HOW GREAT Dr. Carson’s capabilities to CALMLY address ANY CHALLENGES & to RESOLVE them..Growing up in the Detroit Ghetto, During early years of school & Preparing HIMSELF to achieve his
    life’s DREAM of becoming a Pediatric Neurosurgeon..Undoubtedly one of the most gracious & successful among his peers. THAT Intellect, & those Ethical, Moral, FAITH & Constitutional Based Characteristics are EXACTLY what OUR Country MUST have to BEGIN OUR RESTORATION of OUR REPUBLIC !
    My “A” Team is CRUZ & CARSON..BOTH Synonimous (sp) in their character..!

  4. I’d be happy with either of these men as the nominee. Aside from Ted Cruz, to a lesser extent, I believe Carson and Trump are the only two who are actually working to better America as opposed to lining their pockets with that dirty dirty lobbyist money.

  5. Dump Trump. I don’t want to go through 4-8 years wondering what he means by what he says.
    Carson has character and stands by his guns.

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