Trump Calls NYT Reporter A “Liar” Over South Carolina Coverage

Trump Calls NYT Reporter A “Liar” Over South Carolina Coverage

Donald Trump speaks at the Saginaw/Genesee County Lincoln Day in Michigan (Photo by DarKen Photography)

GOP Presidential front runner Donald Trump called a New York Times reporter covering his campaign stop in South Carolina a “liar” in a Facebook statement this afternoon.

“Dishonest The New York Times reporter Jonathan Martin refused to acknowledge massive crowd surge forward during my speech in South Carolina. Liar! Yesterday was an amazing day in South Carolina. The crowds and enthusiasm were beyond! Will be back soon! ‪#‎MakeAmericaGreatAgain‬

Martin insinuated in an article yesterday that Trump wasn’t drawing the crowds he had hoped to in his visit to the “first in the South” primary state.

Appearing here on Wednesday afternoon at what was billed as an African-American small business meeting, Mr. Trump used his remarks before a largely white audience to argue that his lead in the polls was not being sufficiently covered, repeatedly complained about the high temperature inside the Ronald Reagan Library at last week’s debate, and lamented that any attacks on Carly Fiorina would be depicted as sexist.

And he did so in a convention center ballroom in which about a third of the seats were unfilled.

Mr. Trump found a far larger crowd on Wednesday night at a candidate forum in Columbia hosted by Senator Tim Scott, Republican of South Carolina, filling most of an auditorium’s 2,200 seats on the University of South Carolina campus.



  1. I am on my honeymoon in South Carolina! We would have so gone, had we known he was going to be here yesterday.

    • In the 239 years since 1776, we have gone from having a president who cherishes honesty to a president who cherishes deceit and cunning.

      Let us hope our next president starts the turn back to full circle. My first choice is Cruz, but Trump most certainly will do.

      (I do suppose that I should be mentioning Mike Huckabee at this point, but my choice also needs to be lead us into a battle against the Democrats, and I see Huckabee as too much as a nice guy. All the best to him, all the same.)

        • I don’t trust The Donald. He’s a showboater. His tax plan sounds good in theory. But what about in practice? HOW MUCH WILL IT COST US? Wouldn’t you like to know the answer to that question? I don’t know about you but I would. There are lies of omission and lies of commission. The New York times and ABC Nudes are guilty of the latter. The Donald’s guilty of the former.

          • Can’t argue with you there. Lies are the currency of politicians and, it would seem, politician wanna-be’s. So, I’m open to suggestions: what do we do? Look at the bunch we have running the show right now…

          • Vote for anybody but Trump. If you want to protest, vote for Walker, the former Texas governor, Carson, and if you want, Bush, Rubio, Fiorina, and Paul. I don’t think Trump’s going to be the nominee. Dick Morris’ argument about Fiorina is also true of Trump. Hilliary, Biden, or Sanders, if he’s the Democratic nominee, would run negative ads about Trump if he’s the Republican nominee saying the following: “Donald Trump is another rich out of touch businessman…” Back in the ’70s, then-Boston Mayor Kevin White, ran a campaign ad against his opponent, then-State Senator Joe Timilty, and had an ad that simply asked the question: “Joe Timilty for Mayor?” That was effective. Could you imagine a Democratic ad with the following question: “Donald Trump for President?”

      • You can say that about ANY politician. Doing so about The Donald (or any politician) would be superfluous.

        Now Obama – now HE’s pathological (and Hillary).

  2. Trump does not have a clue what truth is, though he is safe calling the NYT a liar. Trump sees everything through the prism of his own image, a narcissist of the Obama kind, unable to rightly evaluate the true picture.

    • Oh, sorry, I must have missed it….Trump does t have a clue as to what ‘the truth is’ so I eagerly read your post as to what ‘the truth’ IS….but it must have been cut off.
      Next time, how,about sharing it with us so we will, like you, ‘know the truth’.

      • The truth is, Trump is so wrapped up in Trump, hes sees little else. My vision is not so clouded as to not being able to see better options.

        • He sees little else? Trump is one of the few candidates able to see the harm that mass immigration is doing to our country, such as, the numbers of jobs filled since Obama took office equals the number of jobs filled by immigrants, legal and otherwise. Also, the flood of lower-skilled workers into our country promotes income inequality, as the inflated labor supply depresses the wages. The Democrats are responsible for this, and gripe about it, but then expect Republicans to be the ones to do something about it. Fine. Trump says HE will be the ones to do something about it. And he is a man who has had a career of getting things done.

          He is one of the few people that see the harm that our income tax system is doing. He is one of the few candidates that actually has a workable plan to improve it.

          The only better option to Trump is Cruz, but currently, not enough people are seeing this. Trump will more than do. Republicans finally have a number of great candidates running for office. Democrats are attacking us with their Geriatric Battalion, and will take a shellacking this election, too.

    • B Glad… RE The NYT: Consider researching the publishing history of the NYT. Start with a book entitled “Fraudulent Journalism” by Kuhn. There you will learn how a once great news agency transformed itself (circa1960) into an agenda driven propaganda agency for progressive/ liberal values. Bottom line: The NYT does not report the news … they make the news and are proud of it.

  3. NY Chimes in for the lefty communists as usual who do you trust in the press? not many from our end of the American spectrum of patriotism, you’d think the press was afraid of the term PATRIOTS! So ask your self WHY? and see if any of the bums will even attempt an answer!

  4. I been a republican since I was young but now I have to say I am really tired of seeing republicans not use the power the have when they have the majority. I am voting differently this year. News stations and papers are not about the “real truth” any more. It’s all about what makes their people “feel” good and better. Truly if people don’t like the America the way it use to be, they change it, but it is not for the better. It is leaning to communist Germany. My mother said 7 years ago, “this looks too much like home, son”. She commented she hopes to be gone soon. She got her wish.

    • Do you mean Nazi Germany? Russia was then the USSR (communist) I do not understand your voting change because of the press. We do not vote for the press, we read it then evaluate it and try to determine the truth. I am sorry for the loss of your mother, I’m sure you will miss her.

      • Fish & Hunt–Yes, for your Information–both Germany & Soviet Russia were
        both Terrorized by Dictators-! (Hitler & Stalin both “Fit the Mold of Big Abusive
        Governments”-! They Competed with Each Other–at Killing their own Citizens-!
        And recently–the U.S. Government has Followed them with 60 Million Baby
        Abortions & CNN Reports that 307,000 U.S. Veterans Died in the Death-Panel
        Waiting Lists–Awaiting VA Hospitalizations-! Maybe–we’ll take “1st Place” after
        All-! (We haven’t even Counted the “Over One Million who Died from “Fall-out
        Atomic Radiations”–which has “Fallen on every one of the 50 States–as a
        Regular Basis”-! TSA has Added over 50% in Autism (Brain-Damage And
        Sterilizations with over “One Million Exposures” on Kids under 12 years old-!
        If you don’t read the Newspapers–You May have Missed the “Freedom of
        Information Act” Disclosures–ever since 1994–Every Year–it’s been a “Bigger
        Scandal after Scandal” Which has been “Covered Up” by “Top Secret Labels”–
        To “prevent the Numerous Civil Damage Lawsuits that would have Resulted”-!
        Prior to 2008–George Soros ‘Bought the Censorship Interest’ on 30 Major U.S
        TV News Media–& even “Snoops” is under his Control-! You can sometimes
        “Get the Real Poop–Over Seas with London’s “Telegraph” & “Asia International
        News”–That’s being “Censored” from Citizens in the USA-! Hope You’ll Learn-!

    • If you want “America” back and you want to vote for something different, you can have both, VOTE FOR TRUMP

  5. Trump was in Oklahoma City on Friday and I have not seen coverage of that except for Local Stations. Thousands showed up and stood for Hours in the hot sun just to get his message. Go Trump. These idiot Polls the media is feeding us are so wrong. He is not slipping in the polls.

    • As the Fourth Estate, too many in the media believe that it falls upon the press to *direct* this nation, and not to fulfill their Constitutionally protected role to *inform* it. A lie by omission is still a lie.

    • You are dead on about the media!! They never report the truth or maybe half truth.
      I really like Trump’s stand on immigration, way to many haters coming into OUR COUNTRY that wish nothing but death to Americans.

  6. Blair152, What difference does it make?? Trump has a plan, a good one, and there is no reason for him to deceive the people and he has done nothing yet to be called a liar. He us still just a contender. He is rich and loves America! Look at Obama, to this day, he continues to lie about obsmacare, ISIS, Iran, name it! The cowards sre afraid to call him on it simply because he is black! Trump cannot be intimidated nor bullied! Get used to it! He will be the next president. Or do you think the criminal Hillary is a better alternative??

  7. The ever whining liberal wealthy European socialist communist pin worms virtually pay off the American media moguls and are forever set in controlling who sits at the White House breakfast table. Lying is a common denominator of the evil media ends from Europes wealthiest socialist communist chess players! Future Mr. President Donald J. Trump is exactly what the evil Europeon Socialist Communists do not want at the helm of our Countries repair wheel. Mr. Trump can not be controlled like Obama has been since 2009! George Soros and his wealthy Socialist Communist buds want to ruin and run America deep into their privately owned dirty filthy septic tank to better control the One World Agenda!

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