Huckabee Says Obama Should Be “Ashamed” For His Welcome of Pro-Life Pope...

Huckabee Says Obama Should Be “Ashamed” For His Welcome of Pro-Life Pope Francis

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee blasted Pres. Obama for hosting Pope Francis in an op/ed this week, likening the situation to the President tempting a recovering alcoholic with an open bar.

“Welcoming a pro-life, pro-marriage leader at the White House with a crowd of abortion and gay rights activists is as classy as hosting an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting with an open bar. President Obama should be ashamed of himself,” Huckabee said.

Huckabee, who is running for the Republican nomination for President, also said that he feels sorry the Pope has to deal with Obama during his visit:

I welcome the Pope to America and offer my apologies to him that our president will not offer him the warm, respectful welcome he deserves.

I am not a Catholic, but as a Christian and as an American, I believe the Pope deserves much better. And so do the American people.

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  1. I would have thought the Pope had more brains then to come to our country to be hosted by a Muslim, pro-abortion, pro-gay, so called ‘leader’. Of course, they both agree on distribution of wealth, amnesty, and climate change and both are also Marxist.

    • Christ walked into hell for a heavenly cause. He walked among the sinners, not just the angels. He saved many, including Mary Magdeline, when he said, “He without sin, throw the first stone.” And to her, “Go and sin no more—-.” Saint John Paul ll walked into The Soviet Union for a heavenly cause. Christ walked among all of us….This president supports abortion., Maybe he needed the presence of Pope Francis the most.

      • Great statement, Caroline. Christ said that the whole need not the physician and the sinners needed Christ, therefore, he ate with the publicans. Obama is a sinner with the best of them, and he needed the pope’s influence as much as the prisoners and prostitutes

        • Thanks Dean.. I mean we don’t know if it will do any good? LOL… Meaning if the Pope had an affect on Obama…. But yes, just saying Christ walked among all, and the Pope will try and do what he believes Christ would have wanted him to do.

  2. Mr Obama doesn’t shame – that takes class, an awareness of right & wrong and the ability to feel guilty for trying to denigrate others.

  3. It was a cheap, tawdry, embarrassing, political statement about purposeless perversion in the face of a leader for whom the institution of marriage and family are the fundamental building blocks of human life. Kinky, recreational sex is a basic immorality which has a long history of being anathema in the Christian church, regardless of the incidental occurrences which have tainted some members. Christianity posits that “the chief purpose of man is to glorify God and enjoy him forever.” It is purpose which must be considered with respect to human, sexual behavior as moral and ethical. To impose a belief that “sex happens,” is to abandon the logic of cause and effect and impose effect and the consequences of it on others. This is unjust. Exactly HOW unjust this is, is enumerated in the yearly abortions performed for unwanted pregnancies resulting from “sex happens.” We have abandoned discipline in behavior for the discipline of death. The behavior, the cost and the consequences are avoidable. We need to avoid them and stop politicizing these issues as if they are unavoidable and incorrigible behaviors. Planned Parenthood would do the world a favor if it just killed every woman who needs an abortion. After all, who needs the cost of that kind of woman, except Planned Parenthood? It is the antithesis of “parenthood” and has nothing to do with planning.

    • It’s even more of a Nobamanation as the abortion rate is falling as more women use contraception

  4. Your comments that planned parenthood would do the world a favor if they killed
    Every women who has an abortion is callous.I would dare to say that they are Spiritually wounded as a result of this action,which gave rise to such organizations
    As Rachel’s Vineyard,Silent No More,Priests for Life to name a few for the healing of this wound .Totally inappropriate is your thought sharing here.Think of how many little girls were denied a life ,just like the black lives matter they haven ‘t stopped to think. How many little boys were denied a life Hope this gives you a pause for reflection

  5. Huckabee proves his ignorance of TRUE “Christianity” by his hypocritical statement! He obviously doesn’t know “Christ” or His life, at all! WOW! What a narrow-minded, selfish man Huckabee is! I used to think I could like him!

  6. Maerzie is partly right. I don’t know if he is narrow or selfish, but I think Huck shows forth
    his ignorance of the Gospel and the true “Pope Francis” spirit at lot by this nasty and partisan remark!

    • I kind of thought so too… I like Huck, but he really shouldn’t be saying that about the pope….People don’t realize something. Each of these men who were elected Pope, bring with them many thoughts and traditions of where they each lived …Pope Francis is not an American and I’m sure no doubt may not understand some things here… Even Pope John Paul ll who was from Poland, so he went into Poland, his home land and gave encouragement to the Polish there to fight communism…They’re each product of where they lived. Pope Francis dealt with so many of the poor where he lived, thus his Papacy is concentrated on helping the poor and the ones without.

      • Exactly! we will never know how many lives he touched, and what great work he did just by coming to our nation. I think we all must stand in gratitude for that. Inasmuch as Obama “tied onto” his platform, or used him to further his own pet plans– OK, so what else is new? Any president would do well to make use of an international figure of immense Popularity and ethical wisdom, I think. One cannot fault Obama this time, for doing what any decent US president (or in fact, any decent world figure) would do when faced by a Papal visit such as this one.

  7. yes, the headline is extremely deceptive! As a practicing Roman Catholic, I admire Gov. Huckabee very much, and I lament the fact that orthodox teachings were not featured at the WH, rather than Leftist politics. Mother Teresa had Bill Clinton nervously shaking his water glass when she condemned abortion while speaking in her talk. Pope Francis in his first visit obviously is unfamiliar with our system and he was carefully constrained by our inept RC hierarchy in the U.S. Planned Parenthood’s body parts harvesting and sales, while being funded with our tax dollars, should have been put front and center. Sadly, no mention!

  8. The real ‘Image’ of a “Chicken” welcoming Colonel Sanders–Which I believe the Chicken
    has “No Feathers” since it’s already “Been Plucked”–but in this Case–“The Rooster Crowed
    “How Nice the Warm Oil is for it’s Naked Body” with No Time for National Fries-! “Love of
    Religion” is our Finest Offering on ‘Our U.S. National Menu “It’s finger-Licking Good”–If IT’S
    DONE The Right Way-! “But don’t ask Me to be the Cook–I’M Terrible at Everything–even

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