Fox Drops Trump From Roster

Fox Drops Trump From Roster

The bitter fight between GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump and the leading cable news outlet Fox News has reignited this week in what could likely be a permanent separation.

In a tweet on Wednesday, Trump claimed he was excusing himself from any further Fox appearances for the “foreseeable future” after being “treated unfairly”.

But Fox responded via a spokesman that it was the other way around, in fact Fox has canceled his appearances after he continued attacking Fox journalists.

Trump was scheduled for a major appearance on the O’Reilly Factor Thursday night despite his repeated criticism of Megyn Kelly and Bill O’Reilly.

O’Reilly commented later that Trump’s behavior on the campaign trail is just an “extension of his reality show…this is just theater right now.”

The feud comes after two previous public truces with Fox News chief Roger Ailes after the meltdown following Trump’s fight with Kelly in the first GOP debate.

The blacklisting from Fox News threatens to impact Trump’s public image among key Republican voters who view the network as the go-to source for election coverage.



  1. Wrong conclusion. Fox News is the network of the Establishment GOP, and that much is clear by how they keep pushing losers like Jeb, Carson, the fat man, and I hate to say it, but Cruz, because that’s what the establishment likes: A well behaved loser (well, maybe not in the fat man’s case). The difference is that Trump doesn’t put up with politically correct b.s. and faux outrage, and so he doesn’t apologize and cow tow like he’s supposed to.

    It’s Fox’s job to cover the candidates, and if they can’t take the heat, then they shouldn’t have set up such a one sided fusillade of questions trying to take down Trump during the first debate. It was embarrassing, right down to the Luntz panel that in no way reflected the percentages seen in poll after poll. Viewers saw right away that they can’t trust Fox’s coverage of Trump (or Paul, if you’re paying attention). They’ll just love Trump all the more for the enemies he makes.

  2. Bill is for bill and lied, I heard Trump called it off, Bill and Miss Piggy (Megyn) and the worse people on Fox, I only watch Hannity. BTW look up the interview with Megyn and Howard Stern, I can’t to stand to look at her botox face.

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